Poshing Around the Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again! I absolutely love the holiday season. I love the weather getting colder, the excitement in the air, and all of the festivities! We all know that with the holidays comes stress too… long lines, traffic, and a few Scrooges.

But what does Christmas, Hanukkah, and the whole holiday season mean for your Poshmark closet?

I gave tons of tips last year in the post How to Posh During the Holidays without Losing Your Mind

Everything from strategy to winterizing your packaging…

I was optimistic last year, but this year I think that sales will be even better!

Why do I feel this way?

This year is all about the SHOPPERS.

Poshing Around the Christmas Tree

For starters, I love that Poshmark is promoting “Supporting your PFFs” by shopping this holiday season. I think that sometimes we focus too much on the selling aspect and need to remember to promote shopping more! Sure, it’s fun to post pics of all the boxes we are shipping on Mondays but we gotta promote what we BUY on Poshmark too!

You can visit Poshmark on social media and screenshot a fun image to remind others to shop!


But, what would you actually BUY for your friends/family from Poshmark? Ummmm, everything!

Here are some gift ideas in a few of my PFF’s closets!

@BrieWinePosh always has NWT scarves and accessories, also some amazing party dresses!

@angel10 stocks amazing statement shoes among other gorgeous pieces

@goodchic has beautiful jewelry for gifts or to wear to gatherings

Oh, and @Icravebargains offers her own line of graphic tees, hats, and accessories with her BYDY message!

Get Creative

You never know what you will find on Posh, you might find the perfect nostalgic clothing item or accessory that your best friend will love!

Last year my sister-in-law mentioned she wanted a cardigan to match my 2-year-old nephew’s… I found an almost exact adult version on Poshmark for her!

Here’s another idea, thinking outside the box… do you have Poshmark wholesale portal access? If you need a couple of gifts (think co-workers or teacher gifts) why not buy in bulk for YOURSELF? No one says you HAVE to sell all of your wholesale purchases… Gift a few and sell a few. If you find something you only need one of, then definitely buy from your friends!

Other things you (and other Poshers) might be shopping for this year:

  • Gifts for MEN
  • Kids clothes and accessories
  • Party dresses

The list goes on!

Be Strategic with the New Features

It’s now easier than ever to shop…  we can zoom in on pictures and be more confident with our purchases. Also, now you can make bundle offers… you won’t have to worry about the time-consuming task of making a bundle and then the customer disappearing!

This is a Posh Tip you won’t want to miss… There is a new way to sort by price when you are shopping!

Here are the price brackets:


Think about these when you set your prices. Let’s say you are selling a pair of shoes. When someone is searching for shoes, a couple of dollars can make a world of difference in which search it shows up in. If you are wanting around $25 for them- do you want to be the most expensive in the under $25 bracket OR the best deal in the $25-50 assortment?  You have to take into consideration the brand and condition of course… but the difference in pricing at $24 or $26 can make a MAJOR difference to which shopper sees it!

Is your closet ready?

I seriously cannot stress enough about how vital your items descriptions are to your sales. I even wrote an entire post about The Importance of Descriptions on Poshmark. If you do not have the time to read it- basically in a nutshell, describing your item down to the smallest details (noticeable wear, description of color, measurements, and unique features) can increase your chances of an impulse purchase. You want your items to sell themselves while you sleep!

The most important thing is to have fun this holiday season! Don’t let your closet be a source of stress… get your closet holiday ready now and spend that extra time with family and friends!

As you may already know, I have temporarily “closed” my Poshmark closet… BUT I am still logging in daily. I will definitely be supporting my PFFs this holiday season by shopping and sharing! So, make you list and check it twice and see what you can buy from Poshmark!


I want to encourage everyone to get out on social media

and post those #PoshHoliday purchases!


Follow along on Instagram where I will be sure to post all of mine!
















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  1. I always look forward to your “price drop” announcement that you have a new post….I get so excited! This was another spot-on post. I do agree that the shopping other PFF closets is a great way to help each other this year. A genius promotion of Poshmark. And YES to holiday wrapping….I love making each package unique and festive!! -Joy (@breezymoments)

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