The New Poshmark Ambassador Program

Poshmark Ambassador Program

Poshmark has long been promising an update to the Suggested User Program. Today Suggested Users (and possibly others) received an email from the Poshmark CEO informing us that they that they are rolling out the new Poshmark Ambassador Program. I am updating this post as we find out more!

What we know about the Poshmark Ambassador Program:

  • Current Suggested Users are grandfathered in to the program.
  • There are clear guidelines on how to become one.
  • You keep Ambassador status by achieving monthly goals and can view your personal stats.
  • Better closet matches for following and shopping purposes.
  • It is all regulated by the algorithm.


What we don’t know about the Poshmark Ambassador Program:

  • Will our status be visible to others? Please please please!
  • How often we will be suggested and how. Maybe it will be more consistent and even?
  • How the algorithm works. Who the heck really knows.
  • How to become an Ambassador if not already an SU. Ummmmmmmm…


This is be rolling out in the next few days so we will learn more as it does…

but to read all the details and qualifications, be sure to check out the Official Poshmark Blog.


They have just added the feature in the app! If you are not currently a Suggested User, here are screen shots of what it will look like and the goals to hit! Get your closets ready!



So as you can see, the goals seem really achievable! As long as you are active in the app and an honest seller you should be good!

If you are not an SU/Ambassador, here is what it may look like in your stats:


It lets you know what to do to qualify and then how much activity and ratings/score you must maintain to keep the status.


Personally, as a seller I am really excited about these new changes. Anytime that you can be matched up with users/buyers who may actually want to shop your closet its a good thing! I have always felt that it would be more beneficial to have 1,000 followers who might enjoy and actually shop from my closet that 1,000,000 followers who are only following to try to increase their follower number.

As a buyer, I am looking forward to be matched up with closets that are hopefully my size and style- as much as I love to sell on Poshmark, I love to shop there too!



What do you think about the new Poshmark Ambassador Program?

Love the idea or hate it?








57 thoughts on “The New Poshmark Ambassador Program

  1. I love it! I felt like there were way too many suggested users that it became commonplace to be one. I want to stand out amongst others, so this sounds like it does that. I’m excited to see how it unfolds over the next few days. Thanks for the immediate post talking about this, Elle! 💓

  2. I am currently on the fence about it. What can I say? I am a born skeptic!
    It will be nice to have more buyers automatically matched to you, however I am concerned about the buyers that are not my size, because most of the things I sell are not my size.
    I am already a suggested user and therefore will be grandfathered into the program. However, it would be nice to find out quickly what the criteria will be to retain that status in the future. I do think it is good there will be defined criteria for being a Poshmark Ambassador.
    As with all changes, I am sure there will be glitches in the system and we must remain patient while they get them ironed out. I am hoping these changes will have a positive impact on our sales as the holiday draws near.

  3. Another born skeptic? I’m all for it until we get to the ‘meet monthly criteria’ part. As my daughter would say: WHAT THE WHAT?
    This is MY business I’m competing with ME!
    My biggest question…compare me to who, what and why? I’ve been around long enough to qualify as an ambassador with the newer guidelines (even if I am already an SU from the days you couldn’t just ASK for it, you were chosen)
    My patience is very short when someone talks about giving me GOALS to meet. They don’t know my life circumstances or why I Posh. Somebody better say something extremely amenable VERY quickly. I’m not a boutique, I don’t want a huge closet and I’m already angry about a Posher trying to extort a purchase acceptance outta me before she even mailed the item! So, I want answers quick fast and in a hurry because I don’t respond well to ‘authority’ mandates. That’s why I’ve worked for myself for over 20 years😕. Sorry Elle, rant over😢

  4. I was thrilled to receive the email & to be Grandfathered into the new Ambassador Program! I’m excited to see how it will work & if sales will increase. Changes are always met with uncertainty, but I’m open to new opportunities!
    Thanks so much for your Blog & For keeping us informed. 🌸

  5. I agree with an above comment about being an SU- it seems like everyone is now. I was always under the impression that to gain SU status you had to be not only an honorable seller- but an active sharer. But I swear everytime I look to see what month/yr the wheel is on I see more people than not with over 100k followers and like 2 shares (give or take lol). Someone told me recently that only users who were actively using the Dressing Room were getting frequent wheel showcasing but I have no idea if that’s true. I do know I went up 2x in one week than it was about 6 wks before I was up again.. And I’m EXTREMELY active. It’s interesting for sure- and I was so looking forward to your new blog 😻😻😻 ✌💕

  6. I’m looking forward to the new programs, but really don’t want the added stress if meeting monthly goals, yes I M grandfathered in so there is that, I never understood the organized randomness of the wheel so I. Hope that goes away….love the style part if the dressing room , so if being an ambassador helps me style more and sell more , I’m game… Posh on girlfriend;)

  7. Hi all, I’m adding my two cents into the ring because I’m did not previously have SU status. When it changed, over I had all greens in ever category with 100% completed – so if I’ve already achieved Posh standards, shouldn’t I be an Ambassador? I’m not sure if the system is meant to be automatic or not but wanted to add that in. Also, I like that there are standards to stay an Ambassador. As we all know, SU’s who left Posh were constantly showing up on the wheel. This weeds those people out. I think these goals are actually pretty low, so if you are selling it would only take you a few days to hit the mark. I’m always excited by change but I’m not totally onboard; I don’t really see the benefits quite yet but I’m sure we will discover it all together!!

    1. Thanks for adding! Will you keep us posted in the coming days if you get contacted that you made Ambassador or if it alerts you in the app? Still unsure of what happens when you meet criteria and how that’s handled or if you still have to request like the SU program…

      1. Absolutely! Ironically, the week before Poshfest I requested to be in the SU program. There are a few other girls on Instagram who are in my boat so I’ll be stalking them to see how it plays out.

          1. It looks like they sent a notification out to everyone who was 100% and invited those to be a Posh Ambassador. I think it will be automatic once people hit 100% or at least it will push an alert to someone at Poshmark to review the accounts and send an invite.

    2. I am in the same boat as you! I JUST now got a notification saying that I’m qualified to be an ambassador, and then I had to accept the invitation to be one. I had actually also emailed Poshmark to request to be a SU about a month ago, so I’m pretty happy to not have to wait months for them to review my closet. So excited to be hopefully be able to get my closet out to more people!!

  8. I love it! As a newbie to Poshmark, it helps direct my goals and motivates me. I love the sense of community that Poshmark creates. Great and helpful blog, Elle! Thanks!

  9. Random question.. on someone’s comment they talked about posters who left being on a wheel.. what wheel? Still learning all things Posh

  10. All day today, I’ve seen more follows (not like the mass onslaught all at once when you are displayed) consistently coming in. I think it means I am being matched, so I think this will be a good thing for sellers to get more consistent and better interaction with buyers, rather than just a mass dump.

    I think the requirements are pretty easy to meet, so I am not sure how that will affect status and less matching rotation in the future. However, it’s a smart move by Posh to increase user time/retention and allow ratings to incentivize positive experiences in their platform.

    1. I had not realized it until you just mentioned it, but I had the same experience today! I saw a couple hundred new follows but didn’t realize at first that they were staggered throughout the day versus in a one hour time span. Also maybe I missed something but I didn’t receive an email?? Maybe it’s a fluke, I was already a suggested user and I have the same ambassador view as the screenshots here. Also I agree that it’s nice to have specific criteria, not only to become an ambassador in the first place, but also continuous “goals” to make sure all ambassadors are active poshers (versus SUs who haven’t even been on posh in months). I’m curious to learn more about this new program, keep us posted Elle! (I know you always figure out the tiny details before the rest of us!). Oh and I also agree that it’ll be nice if it somehow helps match us with followers who are more likely to buy.

  11. One more thought… I looked at several PFFs closets, all of whom are suggested users under the old program, and I didn’t find anywhere that it showed them being an ambassador (unless they had added it with their name). I hope this changes, as it would be nice to have it displayed for everyone to see.

  12. So, I applied to be a suggested user a couple months ago and was feeling ignored. Than today I woke up and found out I was a Poshmark Ambassador. In some ways I feel cheated. I have worked very hard to share ( my shares out number my followers and those who are following me. As an added extra to not being “rewarded ” for my dedication. I seen on my feed that several other’s were “honored ” with this new dubious distinction. 😂. I did notice that new poshers were following me and I graciously followed back. (I even reached out to some to welcome them and offer my assistance). I do not believe in soliciting my own closet to “newbie’s to purchase from my closet. What I have noticed that alarms 🚨 me is all of a sudden I have people with (guest) in their name following me. I was so busy automatically doing my follow those who follow me thing that it took a while for me to realize they were “undesirables”. Probably the same person. To be frank, I have been doing fine on my own without a “dubious distinction ” from Poshmark. I just started selling in June of 2017, I do my own following and sharing with people I pick out myself. I suppose if I could pick my biggest pet peeve that I would like Poshmark to do it would be to not expose my account to scammers. If you would like to checkout my account to see how well I have been doing before this new rollout my I’d is @bettyboony. This is by no means a way to draw anyone to my closet, I just want to let others know that it is possible to sell without Poshmark’s help. One thing I have noticed unrelated to this new feature is that it seems the same people are in charge of “parties”. I have had more than my fair share of host picks (I worked really hard for them), but it seems like there is an OLD GUARD mentality. A theme is picked, but, the host picks , especially from their own closets, do not seem to fit the theme. Well, these are my thoughts. I enjoy reading your blog. Long time lurker, first time poster 😊👍

  13. Well I’m thoroughly confused now. The requirements seem to be the super bare minimum (as far as shares). I’ve gotten hundreds of new followers however, I don’t see an algorithm yet; 95% of my new (brand new users) followers have been males- but i literally have 6 mens items for sale in a closet of over 2,000. I’ve also been receiving “style requests” on a very regular basis since this past weekend and I’ve completed them all in 30 min or less and haven’t even received a reply from anyone. That I can understand to a degree but I’m scratching my head about the other. I’ve been an SU for over a year and the wheel was hard to pinpoint too lol, but I RARELY if ever got male followers unless they were making a purchase. I think I’m getting lumped into the automatic “following” group when you first sign up. Im I’m looking forward to more of your notes Elle! ✌💕

  14. Today I was going to become eligible to request SU status because the only thing I had left to check off was the three month mark. Then two days ago they changed to ambassador and the finish line scooted further away. That’s a little irritating. It also just seems very strange. Like we’re measured on oranges then they change it to apples. What about all of those oranges out there who don’t post that they’re now apples, you know? Get a set of parameters and terminology that we all can learn and stick to it. It’s very hard to keep interest when it’s so flaky.

  15. Renee, same. I’m getting tons of new followers too, which is great, but it definitely hasn’t translated into sales yet. Trying not to get worried, but changes always concern me because it’s not possible to predict all the possible outcomes (even for TPTB, sometimes). I’ve sold on eBay for 10 years, full time for the last 4, and I know this is just how it goes with online platforms. We are 100% in their world and they decide how it works, changing it as they see fit. I do know that with eBay, assuming changes are good is not a thing.

    On the surface, this does sound good, to weed out “suggested users” who are barely doing anything but are locked in forever. At the same time, the bare minimums look like a bit of a joke to me, since I wouldn’t even bother being on Posh if that is all I was doing.

    Fingers crossed, since that’s exactly what we have the power to do about it! 😉

  16. Hi Renee,
    I’m soooo with you!
    I have a list of closets w/90% + sold listings – w/ZERO shares!!!! HOW????
    and not many followers.
    Are they celebrities? or may know the secret to selling on posh?
    Frustrating !

  17. Hi Elle,
    I have mentioned before that I record the dates that my closet is on the wheel, how many followers I get, time and day.
    It was almost consistent to every two weeks, (the past six times) then it stopped, I was expecting it after two weeks, every day waiting for the warning you have mentioned that give me the sign to be prepared for the next hour to share share share my closet.
    Three weeks later – right when the program changed – I got MANY MANY followers throughout the day, thinking the next hour will be it! I WAS NEVER ON THE WHEEL!! checked every hour ! however that day I got about thousands of followers (triple the number I will get in being on the wheel and throughout the day)
    One more thing I’ve noticed lots of new followers who a minute before signed in, MALE! (I have only two listings for man)
    No increase in sales, but yes increase in shares after thinking that I’m being punished for sharing too much – would not get any shares or likes, now I get a lot of shares so I think my jail time is over!

    I still do not understand how poshers get sales??? I share a tone, have a great closet great pic, and do all the “tricks”that are recommended.

    The only thing I dont have is over 500 of active listings, but I’m not sure how that plays, since the list of closet who sold over 90% of their listings have less much less than 100

    I’m puzzled! HELPPPPPPPP

    1. Hey! I think strategy, sharing, followers etc is all a small fraction of the making sales equation. It boils down to having what someone wants and at the right size and price. I am Still trying to figure out what to list and brands that sell well which is why I don’t talk much about it…

  18. I got the email this weekend about becoming a PA. I noticed I got a lot of new follows & style requests. My only problem (and maybe there is an easy solution) is that I can’t remember who all asked to be styled and for what. When I go to my dressing room I can scroll through and see who asked to be styled, but it doesn’t say what for. How am I supposed to remember? And how do I keep up with it? Is it a one time deal to ‘style’ someone? Because I certainly can’t keep track of the people over the past few months who have asked to be styled.

  19. Elle, I feel like I’m now officially in the “hate it” category now. Yes my my followers have grown by the thousands in a couple of days, but where I used to feel a sense of accomplishment in working hard to have things people like and purchase, it’s taken away from everything I loved about Posh. Now, I’m not “competing” against myself, I almost feel pitted against other Poshers. I’m getting 95% male followers with “muscle bathroom pics” and have 5 men’s listings out of over 2,000. I’ve seen a lot of screen names that are offensive- some outright racist- and I’m NOT DOWN WITH THAT. I feel like Posh has taken away why I loved it by trying to do too much….but will I change platforms? Not anytime soon, it’s too much work lol ✌💕

  20. Hi Renee – same thing is happening with many of my new followers since becoming an Ambassador – lots of
    offensive screen names and pics from males. One was so inappropriate toward women I reported and blocked him. This began once I became an Ambassador. I have a few men’s items in my closet so I welcome new male followers but not the onslaught of followers that appear to be trolls on poshmark. I got the muscle bathroom pic person too. Ugh!

  21. I have no complaints about the new Ambassador program. Probably because I had requested to be a Suggested User a couple of months ago and I was patiently hoping and waiting. So when I got the email (which I almost missed) about being invited into the Ambassador program, I was so excited I almost peed a little!!!!!!! (sorry) My frame of reference is not that of a former Suggested User so I can’t compare. But so far, I’m really happy with the Ambassador program, as I had also noticed some of the Suggested Users had been inactive for quite a while and others had very few shares, my followers have increased significantly and activity from potential buyers has increased as well. I’m very interested to see how Posh works out all the kinks that (inevitably always) accompany a major change like that of the Suggested User to Posh Ambassador transition. 🌹😊 Here’s to everyone reaching their Posh Goals, no matter what the title.

  22. Hello, I read an earlier reply that asked what the “wheel” is and how to find it? Is this something that comes into play after receiving a ton of followers? A time period in which I as a seller share my closet and somehow my items end up on this wheel? I am totally confused. And it’s not the first time. Posh isn’t the best with communication. where are you all gleaning any, all information? Feels like a secret club. I’m in but lost!

    1. Hi Kristine! There are several places to gather official info – I always read Poshmark’s official blog and make sure to read the contents of the terms & conditions/ FAQs/ and every single tab within the app. But a lot of knowledge just comes in time 😊 The “wheel” is basically the nickname users have for list of people under “find people” within the app. It was one 1 hour rotations when it was the suggested user program but changes constantly with the Ambassador program. Not sure how long you have been on Poshmark but I agree, it seems like a ton of information when you first join! Feel free to ask any other questions you have!

  23. Since I am still learning all things Poshmark.. so since the wheel is ambassadors, which helps them increase followers, in turn helps sales… does it seem that Poshmark 1# target group are the ambassadors and us non ambassador status Poshers just get have to where we fit in, some nice we don’t get the same exposure?

    1. The biggest draw of being an ambassador is steady followers. But like a lot of new “ambassadors” are learning followers do not equal sales. They can help with exposure but if you have listings that people want (great brands, styles, quality) and they are represented by good photos- you will get sales. It’s all about what items you have to offer. There are plenty of sellers who have a fraction of the amount of followers I have who sell in circles around me 🙂

  24. Because when I look at some closets the items look dingy and really worn, but they are selling like hot cakes.. then I look at others (including mine) where the items are nice and gently used and making a sale every 3-4weeks and doing all the right things.. just trying to understand, that’s all!

  25. Nobody seems to be super stoked about Posh Ambassador but it’s working great for me. I’m getting WAY more followers and interaction with my listings as well as sales. Yes, I’m getting dumb guy accounts that aren’t gonna buy anything from me, but I’ve had consistent offers and sales since they changed the platform. I was a suggested user before this and had over 35k followers, but things were always super slow. Now things are much more active which I really enjoy.

  26. Mariel, I am really happy it is working well for you. It does seem to be for some Poshers and for others not so much. The rules of the algorithm have changed; so many that were doing well are not doing as well under the new set of calculations they are now using. I know they are testing out a lot of things so only time will tell. I hope things will start to be a little more evenly distributed so that all Poshers can share in the wealth. I guess it is just like life, which is not fair. Happy Poshing!

    1. Hopefully I didn’t come off as rubbing it in others’ faces! Just wanted to be devil’s advocate. Of course, as soon as I posted how well I was doing, things slowed down to a trickle. Guess I forgot to knock on wood!

  27. Elle brought up a good point, which I guess I just read. lol You do need to have the items that people want. I think that changes often. Fashion is ever evolving. We all need to stay on top of fashion trends.

  28. Elle i think that the followers may be being matched based off of what you just shared! That’s my theory after observing miserably for a few days lol.

  29. Hello! Sorry if this was already discussed on here but I noticed in the posh ambassador stats that there’s a “love notes given” area requiring a minimum of one. Does that mean you have to buy something in order to become an ambassador? I don’t see that there’s any way to leave a love note but I could be wrong and just missing it! Thanks!

    1. Hi Chelsea! Nope, you didn’t miss this- you are the first to bring it up! Yes, to leave a “love note” you have to make a purchase and Love Notes are the comments given if you rate the transaction as a 5-Star!

  30. I was initially excited about this, but the “love notes given” part just about plummeted my excitement.

    Firstly, does this mean one love note per month? Bc thats not okay to basically demand we make at least 1 purchase a month and secondly, I don’t believe it’s ok to extort a good review.

    To date I’ve been on Poshmark about 11 months, made suggested user about 4 months into selling and have made ONE purchase. Problem is my purchase was a mess, the girl ignored the purchase for over a week, then stated it had shipped when it didnt go out for another week and did this to jusy about EVERYONE she sold to, most of her listings that was sold had comments of “have you shipped yet?” With convos that ultimately ended in them getting their items a couple weeks past the time it was expected.

    To my disappointment, I contacted posh and they came to my rescue and ALSO closed the account of that girl, her whole closet was wiped on all listings both sold and not sold and I was and am unable to rate her even if I could have, it wouldn’t of likely been 5 stars anyway. *However* had that same situation played out and the ambassador program was already rolled out, I would be tempted to just 5 star n love note bc I would feel forced to just to stay a PA… this is unethical and unfair.

    Not only that, but I’m a SELLER and while I truly appreciate those who do a bit of both, I did this to bring in side money that sometimes provides that one extra meal on the table in a tight week. I’m not a closet with hundreds of listings, this whole month brought in a whopping total of TWELVE bucks in profit, to date I just above 500 in profit but for 11 months of work theres no way Im going to be able to spend my earnings on more fashion items just so I can give love notes to meet a goal.

    My participation, thousands of shares, welcome notes to new Poshers and willingness to help others set up their closets along with being a 5 star seller with a 1 day ship time should be enough in my opinion to be a Posh Ambassador. The other goals are fine but this one has me feeling like Poshmark is using the PA title as a way to generate more money FROM us sellers while also taking away our right to a fair review process by dangling the love note requirement.

    1. Hi Melissa! Ugh, that’s awful that your first purchase was a mess! I do not know the for sure answer- but I believe it is only one love note given- not monthly. I say this because although I was “grandfathered” into the program- I did not give out a love note in months! To be honest- although I do shop on Poshmark and usually give 5 stars- I rarely write Love Notes only because they will show up visible in my account and I like purchase privacy 🙂 I would encourage you to reach out to Poshmark Support with your concerns though- I’m sure they would like to hear all feedback!

  31. I’m grandfathered in too and have not given any love notes as of yet and am still an active Ambassador so I’m thinking they just have not yet strictly enforced anything which is why Im wondering if it’s a monthly thing. I can understand a one time purchase just so we are how things work on the other end but if it’s monthly with a stipulation of a love note that just seems unreasonable.

    I totally get what you mean about the privacy as well. It isn’t private and others know what you’ve spent on a purchase and I too find that unfair. One of the things I would buy would be a unique gift that perhaps can’t be found anywhere near me, but then as a gift my purchase is open to all eyes… I’m not in anyway against shopping poshmark but dont feel people who are there to solely sell shouldn’t be kicked off a program that basically highlights and promotes safe and trusted SELLERS. I have a good reputation as a seller, I’ve invested in adorable packaging supplies, freebies and so on for my customers but if I’ve got to buy monthly I will be losing money unless I go no frills which cuts into my feedback. Thanks for suggesting reaching out to Posh, I will do that and if I find out if it’s a monthly vs. lifetime requirement I will update here as well 🙂

  32. Aloha, I am wanting to learn all things Posh. 94% away/ towards from being a Posh Ambassador. The only progress I am lacking is 5,000 self shares. I am not a super huge fan of self promoting. Any tips, tricks or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also, I am curious about the do’s and don’ts of Trading. How exactly does that work? Many thanks in advance. Cheers! Much Posh love from Colorado 🌺❤️🌸

  33. Hmmm… so PM did not come through with any solid answer even after a total of 6 emails back and forth.

    First email I asked if the love note would be a requirement as a one time thing or a monthly thing and since I haven’t given one, would that put me in jeopardy of losing ambassador status.

    PM responded by only addressing the last half of my question by saying they are not enforcing the 30 day rolling goals at this time and encouraged me to just keep it in mind and try to work towards that as a goal in the future.

    I responded back asking for clarification of this would be a monthly goal or a once per lifetime of our history and their responce
    was the criteria is one love note as of now but may change in the future (again they did not state whether it was once a month or not)

    By my third email I just asked point blank do we have to leave a love note monthly or just once to meet the criteria and was told that they do not have any other information and that they are still working out the details.

    So bottom line, those of us who are grandfathered in are not required as of yet to meet the monthly goals and the program is definitely too new for anyone to really know what it is going to require when it does come to them making the goals a requirement.

  34. Thank you for this blog! I just recently ran across it, and it’s so helpful! I also recently became PA, so still figuring that all out as well. Thank you again! 😃

  35. Why does and report isting button not remove the Published Prohibited Items ex: FURS. There are 100’s listed if you search Furs. This is not fair to the sellers that play by the rules.
    Should we just pretend we do not see these listings.
    Had Poshmark rather make the money on these high-end sales verses making some of the sellers mad by removing Prohibited items.
    Solution: why doesn’t someone share all the prohibited items to one corporate site and add a friendly banner that says Furs are Prohibited. You may want to familiarize your self by re-reading the Approved items to sell list! Give folks 24 hours to remove. Remove prohibited items after time limit. Rules should apply to ALL sellers.

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