Poshmark Basics: Likes on Poshmark

Likes on Poshmark

One of the most basic of all functions and often the most misunderstood are Likes on Poshmark.

New sellers may be baffled: Are they about to purchase? Should I thank them? Should I wait around to see if they have questions?

Before you can decide what to do when you receive a like on your listing, first we have to discuss the basic functionality and then possible reasons someone may be liking an item.

Functionality of Liking a Listing:

  • When you like a listing it saves it in your likes.
  • If a listing you have liked is marked down by 10% you will receive an alert.
  • You can sort your likes.
  • Within the dressing room, all of your likes in a particular closet are accessible so you can bundle if you choose.


I am often asked about likes and whether or not to thank the potential buyer or tell them all about their closet’s promotions to close the sale. However, there are a million reasons someone may like a listing. Since this is all based on my experience, here are a few reasons that I might like something.

Feel free to add additional reasons in the comments!

Reasons I may like a listings:

  1.  I honestly just like the picture.
  2. I am bookmarking it to compare prices as I shop.
  3. I might be selling the exact same thing and am watching to see what similar items sell for.
  4. I am genuinely interested, but am just thinking. Perhaps I will purchase later.
  5. No reason other than a compliment, much like on Instagram.
  6. Saving it if I am hosting a party- possible host pick.
  7. Some people use their saved likes as a share list and constantly share their likes.
  8. Inspiration. Maybe your cover shot inspired me for an outfit.


As you can see that at least for me, only a fraction of the time I like something am I actually even have purchasing on my mind.

Even still, there are some sellers who get highly annoyed by likes. I’m not quite sure why… I personally want all the likes I can get- regardless of why!


Why You Want Likes:

  • Shows popularity. It creates the perception that it’s a sought after item and can cause urgency in a buyer. “There are 58 others who have liked this! I must purchase while I can!”
  • It has been thought that the more likes you get the more visibility you get within the Poshmark App. I can neither confirm or deny this but if it’s true, give me all the likes. This is also why a lot of users will “like” their own listings.
  • When you price drop you want to have as many people as possible alerted of the drop. Regardless if they really are interested- they may share it. Plus, if the customer receives the alert via email, it will tell them how many others were alerted.

Don’t worry about those users who like everything in your closet (spam likes) – they may be helping you out!

Back to the big debate: Should you comment/acknowledge when you receive a like? Personally I do not. But there are tons of people who reach out each time. I can only assume that sometimes it must work and cause a sale or people wouldn’t do it. I don’t see a huge value in it and don’t want to waste time on something that doesn’t give a high ROI.

Again, there are so many reasons that make Poshmark users click on that little like button, that I cannot say enough: Likes do not mean guaranteed sales. But they never hurt and it’s always nice to know that someone saw your listing and took the time to acknowledge it.


What are your thoughts about Likes?



6 thoughts on “Poshmark Basics: Likes on Poshmark

  1. Elle,
    Thank you so much for another enlightening post! You included a couple of reasons for “likes” that I never thought of.

    Most of the reasons I “like” a listing are included below:
    1. Inspiration for a listing I am about to create that is almost the same item. Either I like the photo or the description (or both). And I want to watch how my item and price compares to theirs once listed.
    2. Inspiration for photo positions/props/lighting for somewhat similar items to list someday in the future.
    3. I like the posh tips or sales announcement layout that are in a listing. I want to save them as reminders.
    4. I am bookmarking it to compare prices as I shop.
    5. I am interested, but I’m a slow deliberate purchaser.

    As I clean out my closet, my reasons for “liking” are more weighted toward selling than shopping right now. As a relative newbie to Poshmark, I am trying to learn as much as possible from experienced PM sellers. Thank you to all you sellers who are teaching me new things all the time!


  2. Remember a like does not mean a sale. So when it comes to resisting something don’t let the amount of likes keep you from resisting…. just do it and maybe you will sell it today.

  3. Hi! I’ve been on Poshmark since September and love reading your blog posts, they’ve helped tremendously!

    This has nothing to do with this particular post (sorry!) but I have to know, is anyone else experiencing a huge drop in activity this past week?! I’ve been posting a ton of new listings, sharing like crazy, and following people like I normally do, but I’m getting hardly any response back. Usually I will share a ton before I go to bed and wake up to 200-300 notifications, but lately I’m waking up to like…80.

    I think I remember seeing this discussed on your blog before, that sometimes being “overly active” will get you put into a sort of Poshmark time-out…any ideas?

  4. I “liked” a lot of things but then feel bad when I get an offer. So then I “unlike” the item but then I am concerned that I’ve offended the seller.

    Any thoughts?

    BTW love your site. How do I follow you?

    1. Hi Salina! I wouldn’t feel bad at all! Think about if you were walking into a store and tried on shoes. The sales person may say to you “Today we are have 20% off!” If you said “I’m going to keep these in mind, but not today.” You probably wouldn’t feel bad, the purchase is up to you! I think some people get confused by etiquette online and I like to revert to how things are handled and responded to in person- if that makes sense. I send out tons of offers and 99% of the time have no clue who and how many were sent. I NEVER get offended if anyone declines or doesn’t respond. Everyone is different but I hope that perspective helps!
      To follow this blog, there is an email subscribe at the bottom of main page and to follow me on Poshmark my closet is @ grayasparagus ❤️ thanks for reading!!!

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