Poshmark Basics: Listing on Poshmark

Poshmark Basics Listing on Poshmark

Listing on Poshmark is easy they say. Poshmark advertises that it takes 60 seconds. I haven’t timed myself but I probably could throw a basic listing up in a minute. Poshmark walks you through how to list- and it really is just taking a few pictures and filling in the blanks- no major decisions about shipping choices or anything of that sort. It IS simple and easy.

But, if you have stumbled onto this blog, I would guess you want to know how to take it to the next level.

Listing on Poshmark is simple…

While it is mostly fill in the blanks there are the two major areas where you have total control and honestly most new Poshers do not use them to their full potential. While photos are definitely a big deal, we will talk about the visual aspect in another post.

Here are two major areas that can make or break the sale…


You get 50 characters (including spaces). Use them.


I cannot tell you have many times I have seen the following used as a title:

“Pretty Dress”

“New shoes”

“Green shirt”

“Don’t want anymore”


Why don’t these work? Outside of the obvious, it’s because of the search engine.

Think about a clothing item you currently want… You want a pair of black patent leather open toe pumps- maybe you don’t care what brand. What are you going to enter into the search bar?

New shoes? Don’t want anymore?

Of course not! You will search “black-patent-open- toe- pumps- heels- stilettos…..” Get the picture?

When entering the title, if you don’t know the exact name of style of the clothing item (and even of you do) use ALL the space in the title with words that directly describe the item. These are called KEYWORDS.

Think about how someone would describe the item if you were talking on the phone and telling your friend about the item and use those words.

50 characters not enough?

Don’t worry…


One thing that is very important to know is that your DESCRIPTION is also searchable. So you want to include any and all keywords that do not fit into your title. Are you listing a top that has a HOOD, a dress with POCKETS, or an active jacket with THUMB HOLES? All are important and perhaps features that someone may be looking for.

Your description is your sales pitch to the potential customer. It is what will close the sale.

If you walk into a store, chances are a sales associate will walk up to you. They will be there to assist you with all of your questions. Now, if someone “walks” into your store- they may not ask questions and obviously you can’t see them to approach them. Your description should cover any basic questions they may have.

Don’t know where to start?

The following are not required, but are helpful to have in your description:

  • Condition– New? Used? Any flaws? Be upfront with any issues. Yes, you may show a flaw in a photo- but point it out in the description too!
  • Size– You have already listed the size but it’s good to reiterate especially if it’s a EU size or if it runs larger or smaller.
  • Color– Yes, I know there is a photo… but trust me on this.
  • Measurements– definitely not required and totally up to you. It adds time to the whole listing process but it can truly make or break the impulse purchase and you won’t get as many questions about fit.
  • Materials– again, up to you, I like to take a photo of the tag… some people have sensitive skin or like the feel of certain fabrics. Again, like measurements, you will not have to answer these questions over and over.
  • Care instructions– some people want to know.


It is important to be very clear in your description. If it’s not correct or not described properly- the buyer may have grounds to contact Poshmark to request a return. This helps both seller and buyer, and most importantly ensures that the buyer will be happy and satisfied with their purchase. After all, don’t we want happy customers?


Other random notes on listing:

  1. Only list under the tagged brand to avoid issues.
  2. Do NOT list under a brand for “exposure.” Just because your Charlotte Russe top may appeal to a Free People shopper- it’s still Charlotte Russe and should be listed as that- use other keywords to describe the style that will help the shopper find it.
  3. If you can’t find a category for it- make sure it’s allowed! Items like cell phones, DVDs, nail polish, and flat irons are not allowed.
  4. Only list what you know is AUTHENTIC.

If you want to read more in-depth about descriptions, click here.

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