Poshmark Basics: Shipping

Shipping on Poshmark

I distinctly remember my first Poshmark sale. Now, I don’t remember getting the “Congrats!” alert or even how much it sold for off the top of my head… what I do remember is the anxiety of shipping. What do I do?!?!

Seems silly now, but from comments and questions I get (even from my friends making their first sale) I know I am not alone in the immediate panic.

But take a deep breath… it’s super easy! Right?

  •  Print the label Poshmark emailed you
  • Put item in box or mailer
  • Attach label to outside
  • Take to post office

What could possibly go wrong???

Not a whole lot, but beyond the basics of how it works, there are many extras you can do and it can be confusing what is required.

So here are the Required, the Extras, and the Gray Area.

Poshmark Basics: Shipping

Of course these are based on my opinion, you may feel differently and would love to hear about it in the comments below!



1. Shipping within 7 days. If you don’t mail the package within 7 days, the customer has the ability to cancel the purchase.

2. Appropriate boxes. The list of what is appropriate has expanded. As of March 2018, you can use PRIORITY, FLAT RATE, and REGIONAL RATE boxes. All are free from the post office or from their website. Additionally you can use your own shipping boxes or poly mailers. The only catch is to keep it under 5lbs or you will need to contact Posh (and pay) for an upgraded label. Here is the official Poshmark Blog with details.

3. Protect the item. While it’s not stated in the instructions, it should be. If you are shipping something that could possibly get damaged or crushed (sunglasses, a hat, handbag, etc) make sure to protect it from being trashed while shipping. I just assume that someone is going to be throwing the item and/or crushing it with a larger 75lb box and pack it accordingly.




1. Elaborate Packaging. If you want to “wow” your customer and make a lasting impression- your packaging is a great way to do it! However, getting super cute, creative, and elaborate is extra. Now, a good deal of the Poshmark community will consider this a requirement- I don’t. Nice, neat, and protected to me are the no-brainers. Let your packaging be a reflection of your style and personality! I chose simple… but that’s just me.

2. Free Gifts. You may have received or heard about sellers giving away free gifts with purchase. This is TOTALLY up to you.


Gray Area:

1. Thank You Notes. Yes, it’s required and no, it’s not. That’s why this is filed under Gray Area.

Ok, hear me out, yes, it is in the step by step instructions on your printed label:

Poshmark says to do it- so that can be considered a requirement. But how you choose to thank your customer to is entirely up to you! That’s the Gray Area! Some people jot a thank you on the package wrapping or on the outside of the box. Some go green and thank the buyer by tagging them in the listing. Most will write a heartfelt thank you note on a cute card or stationery… and then there are the pre-printed notes or business cards.

Do what feels right, but it’s always polite to say THANK YOU.

2. Shipping fast. I have this in gray area because within 7 days is REQUIRED. But I don’t feel like faster shipping is going above and beyond either. Most expect it- and it will only help your ratings. What you consider to be fast is up to you and sometimes determined by your personal schedule. The way I look at it, we live in a “prime” world where 2-day shipping means two days after purchase. I try for same day or next day shipping- but that’s just me and works with my schedule.


Regardless of what you decide, you won’t be wrong. If you are doing this for fun- then DO WHAT YOU ENJOY DOING!

If this is a business for you, do what makes sense for your business and your bottom line. You are representing your brand and as a business owner you get to set your own rules.



8 thoughts on “Poshmark Basics: Shipping

  1. Yes, I am glad you addressed the topic of giving a free gift! I think it is a nice gesture, but people should not feel like they have to! I received a low rating once because the customer said she did not get a gift. I didn’t have a gift to give at that time, so I did not send one. Don’t make people feel bad if they don’t have one to send.

  2. I’m an old timer on Posh (5 years). I used to freak out whenever I didn’t have a gift to include along with a buyer’s purchase because I thought it might affect the rating I’d get. Since Poshmark implemented the rating system and the buyers option to leave a “love note”, I really started to pay attention to see if giving a gift made a difference in the buyers ratings. It really didn’t at all. I’d say for every 10 sales I get, maybe 4-5 buyers will actually go thru the process of leaving 5 stars AND a comment (which triggers the showing of the love notes for others to see) The rest of the buyers only leave the 5 stars which don’t appear at all except for our eyes only in our personal stats. I think Posh should show all the 5 star ratings with & without the comments. The one thing I’ve always done is include a Thank You card. On rare occasions when I run out, I’ll leave a nice note and tape it onto the item purchased. On the flip side, when I make a purchase, what matters to me is that the item was as described, and that the item was mailed & packaged properly and is clean. Sometimes I’ll get a thank you card & gift, other times neither but it doesn’t affect how I rate the seller. I’m actually a softie- most get their 5 stars from me anyway, lol😉

  3. Hi, I love reading your blog and it has really helped me as a new posher:) I currently have a “lost” package that I sent out and am not receiving any updates from USPS tracking. I was told by them it was probably because I shipped in a flat rate box and it would either be returned to me or the girl that bought it would have to pay extra for it. Where did you find the information that flat rate boxes are ok? I’ve been looking for more shipping information on Poshmark but haven’t found much. Thanks!

  4. It was by USPS and it’s been a week. I thought it was because I used a flat rate box but now I’m thinking they just lost it:/

  5. Hi! I am really enjoying your Poshmark tips. I have a question about shipping bundles. If a customer orders 5 or more items it may cause me to upgrade my label. Do I have to eat those costs or can I include a $4 charge with the bundle price? When a buyer makes their own bundle and makes a purchase, the sale is automatic and there is no chance to add postage after that. Is the only chance I have to make my own offer once a customer creates their own bundle?

    1. Hi! Anytime I have had to purchase a large weight label- the cost has come from my profits. I would weigh the items together if you can before negotiating the price. Typically if I’m selling that many items I don’t mind the cost because it’s a large purchase. I hope that helps! If you need more info on the process I would definitely reach out to Poshmark support in case anything has changed ❤️

      1. Thanks! That’s pretty much what I figured. I don’t anticipate someone ordering 10 lbs of items at one time but you never know. I would hate for that to happen with items I am only making a few dollars on as it is 😕

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