The Poshmark Dressing Room

Poshmark Dressing Room

For this first time, the PMHQ ladies hosted a webinar especially for Suggested Users! It was a quick 20 minute presentation this past weekend about the latest feature coming our way on Poshmark.



Makes no sense right? It’s ONLINE… how can you try on clothes?

Well, you can’t. It’s not about trying on clothes.

Yeah, it took me like the entire 20 minutes to stop scratching my head.

I held off posting about this until it went live. Now it’s here.


What is a Poshmark Dressing Room?

It’s a new tabbed section in a users closet. In yours and in theirs.

In my closet its a little hanger beside my “likes” and it’s in other closets in the same place.

Yes, I know I need to charge my phone.

Click on the hanger and this is what you see and options you have…

As a buyer…

  • I can go to my dressing room and see all the likes and bundles I have made grouped by closets.
  • You can specifically ask the seller to make recommendations and request to be “styled”- these will go to the same section.

These are closets I have liked items in and have made bundles in:



These are closets that have liked and have bundled in my closet:


As a seller…

  • If you go to another user’s closet I can see what they have LIKED and BUNDLED in my closet as well. In the same tab I can send direct shares to them.
  • If a buyer has requested to be “styled” you can send shares DIRECTLY to them and they will be visible in the dressing room. This is a way to suggestively sell items to them that they may have missed. It looks like you can send unsolicited shares as well- it will give you an alert in your feed and if they are interested they can check them out..



So, how is a Poshmark Dressing Room going to help you make sales?

  • You can make suggestions. This is HUGE if you have an established client base, they can request shares and you can send them all your latest additions! I see this as being amazing for boutiques.
  • You can get other people’s attention when you send things to them directly. It may take a while for everyone to adjust to this!
  • Instead of a NEW ARRIVALS post you can have closets “sign up” for direct shares.

Other thoughts: maybe this will cut back on the users who habitually “like” and “bundle” in an attempt to draw attention to their own closet… now you have a way to see what’s going on. So, maybe there will be less of that.

I gotta be honest… I’m not sure how I will use this feature. Probably right now I will just annoy my PFFs until I get the hang of it 🙂

*** If you are accustomed to “edit share” that is no longer convenient with iPhones. There is now a hanger in it’s place and there is an additional step to get to editing. Ummmmm… yikes.

Overall I feel that this is the new generation of sharing. Maybe regular sharing was no longer cutting it and now you will have a feed full of direct shares. Only time will tell!



Have you updated the app? What do you think about the Poshmark Dressing Room?


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13 thoughts on “The Poshmark Dressing Room

  1. I watched the webinar and had the same head-scratching reaction. They sure took the long way around the barn to explain a somewhat poorly named addition.
    I was excited to see it in action – especially the things that customers had liked and bundled, but it shows all the likes and bundles from people who never clean out their likes – eg. things I sold two years ago. So I doubt it will be much use and can only hope it doesn’t lead to a different kind of attention spamming. Nice in theory, but mostly cosmetic.

  2. I don’t get it at all!! I really hope that it becomes clear to me soon. Scratching my head as I type this message!

  3. Yeah I was in on the Webinar as well and my thoughts are: I sure better not get unsolicited “shares” of people’s items directly to me without asking for them. I don’t have time for that. In all 4 years I’ve been here on Posh, I can probably count on two hands the number of times people have asked me to tag them when I get new items in or get something in particular. MOST shoppers know how to look for stuff on their own. Which is great. I’m not going to be an aggressive seller. It’s annoying. I agree the insight into seeing what people actually have bundled is INTERESTING, I won’t be doing anything with that added knowledge. People will hit that “buy” button when they darn well feel like it. And I can guarantee, if we ask them anything, share items to them, suggest they buy more, etc., they won’t hit that buy button at all but will move on. So I do not see how this is a useful update at all. By the sounds of it, lots of Poshers are not happy with this latest update. There are many other things I feel would be much more useful for us as sellers, many of which I have suggested to Poshmark multiple times over the years, only to get ignored. I really wish they would listen to the sellers or maybe even do a *gasp* survey to see what we really want and what we think would be effective. Oh and the “edit” button isn’t in the same spot anymore so sharing on our devices just got way more difficult. Sigh. I still love Poshmark though. I consistently make way more $ on this app than anywhere else that I’m currently selling so it’s still worth it.

    1. I dont want to be annoying to buyers, but there are TONS of listings on poshmark, and if i think my listing is their style why not share to their closet? There are so many listings yours can go unnoticed to someone who would love your clothes.

  4. I have been an active seller on Posh for a little over a year. In that time there have been several changes. Change is always difficult, but we do adjust over time. I have decided not to let myself get too excited over them anymore, but as time passes things will get easier. I do believe that despite all the changes Posh has been the easiest platform for me to sell on.

  5. It should not be so difficult to communicate with potential buyers. Oh, my GOD. I just want to offer private discounts to buyers who put things in my dressing rooms. Sometimes it says offer and is it so easy, most times it does not and an hour had passed and still banging my head by now. This forces us to look at other venues. 😥

  6. It drives me nuts when other Poshers create a bundle and never reply to my offers! What I don’t understand is why people bundle just one item… Why not make an offer? I’ll just never understand some people, lol.

  7. In response to Kim-

    Hi Kim,
    Personally I used to bundle when I wanted to save it for later. I had too many likes to make it convenient to go back through all of them. So, if I really thought I might buy something I would bundle it, even one item.
    Now I think people might bundle to see how low a seller will go rather than make an offer. In my experience so far when I make an offer on a bundle I get no response. I have wondered why and have come up with two thoughts:
    1. They bundled the item when they were just trying to share it on their phone-one of the options is bundle on the Android phone.
    2. The offer was too high for them and they chose not to counter.
    Many times when people bundle one or more items I send them a message to see if they are interested in an offer. If they are I will send one. If I get no response I do not bother them further. Of course 3 days later I will receive a reminder from Posh to send them an offer.
    My two cents. Have a good day.


  8. Hello fellow Poshers,
    I have a question, Why am I getting private offers on items I “like” in someones closet? and how do I send offers to
    people who “like” something in mine?
    Please help.
    Thank you
    Lisa Marie
    Amaranth Rose Apparel

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