Poshmark: A Family Affair


Please note, all opinions expressed are solely my own. I have no insider knowledge nor claim to…

I am just a seller on Poshmark.

If you watch any large online company you will see it dramatically change as it evolves with its users, whether it is a marketplace or social media. Take Facebook or even eBay… if you were there in the beginning you will recall the huge changes and developments over the years.

Of course our beloved selling platform POSHMARK will evolve and change.

But why does this bother us?

Is there a just cause for concern?

Or are we afraid of competition or having to adjust our carefully plotted strategies?

If you have been offline or on vacation the past week you may have missed the slow trickle of information leaked out from PMHQ. Almost two weeks ago they sent an announcement to Suggested Users that Poshmark will now be allowing men’s and children’s clothing at some point this summer.

Honestly, this is old news…

Remember we discussed this here?

Also, as several poshers have informed me, this was announced to be in the works way back at PoshFest 2015.

Now you can read the terms and conditions inside your app and see it plain as day. It’s coming…


There is something for everyone in the family

on Poshmark!


This has excited and/or angered the Posh community.

Let’s talk about why…

Here are three main concerns that have been directly expressed to me:

  • It is no longer a place just for women
  • We do not want to see men’s and children’s in our feed
  • Sales will go down

Let’s talk about these individually.

It is no longer a place just for women

Maybe it started out as such but in the 2 years I have been around, I have seen PLENTY of men buying and selling. I have had several men purchase from my closet. One of my largest bundle sales was to a man. There are men sellers too- even selling women’s clothing. But should we be concerned about security? Anytime you interact with a stranger online- there are security concerns.

Here are some tips:

  • Purchase a PO box for a return address- shop around for a good price, and purchase the smallest one- you don’t have to use it for incoming mail. If you are genuinely concerned about giving out your address this is something you should be doing regardless.
  • Only EVER post photos that you are comfortable with hundreds of thousands of people seeing. Because they do. Your images probably already come up in google searches. Remember: just because someone asks for a photo of your feet doesn’t mean you have to post it- just ignore them (or report them). BE SMART ABOUT WHAT YOU POST.
  • Never give out your email address- no, they do not really want additional pictures or have more questions- this is the same type of crap that is in your “spam” folder in your email account. NO ONE is making huge sales by emailing these people. Use good judgement and know not to take transactions offline or attempt to.

I do encourage you to consult support@poshmark.com with your concerns in any suspicious situation. The above is only a couple of suggestions to consider to proactively deter a potential situation.

A person with an ulterior agenda can be a man, woman, boy, or girl. Just because a woman has been selling on Poshmark for a few years does not make her a person of integrity. Use the same judgement with all transactions.

I welcome a broad variety of clientele. I could care less if a Labrador Retriever decided to buy my Gap cardigan because she wants to make her crate more homey. Think about if you started your own website or opened a retail store- you must be open and inviting to ALL customers of every gender and every walk of life.


We do not want to see men’s and children’s in our feed

I feel this way too… almost.

I do not need to purchase children’s clothing. But shhhhhhhhhI search men’s items on Poshmark already! I purchase a lot of men’s clothing and shoes on eBay and you better believe I search Posh to see if some rogue Posher has it listed for cheaper.

Since it has yet to be rolled out- we do not know how it will be categorized. For me there are already tons of listings that I personally do not want to see… Generally, I do not shop “retail” but I do not mind sharing it from my feed. Other things I do not care to shop for: Chanel, cell phone cases, used sneakers. bathing suits or underwear, the list goes on. Men’s and children’s are in the same boat.

Since Poshmark has special algorithms that already control the bulk of what you see in your feed based on preferences- it may not be as overwhelming as we think. Only time will tell.

Again, I will hold major judgement until I see how it plays out…


Sales will go down

Let me dwell on this subject for a minute.

I feel like sales have been down for me lately (and MANY feel the same) and it has been expressed that the “retail” addition has caused this. It no doubt has had profound impact on the community.

(Side note: it has certain caused competition within retail sellers– and shoppers now have the Boutique Feature where they can find more retail closets whereas before they were hidden. I’m sure this has helped some sellers and negatively affected others)

Also, there is an upset about the Wholesale Portal contributing to this shift. Let’s be honest, I have never heard that anyone has purchased from the portal and that now they made six figures a year. That situation will work itself out.

Until we see the internal data that some Poshmark employee shares despite the fact they probably signed proprietary information non-disclosures… we will never know the absolute truth about what really goes on or what is really selling.

 As I have said before, the portal is a great way for people to see how HARD selling Retail is and how hard it is to build your own brand.


Here is what I think about future sales… more people are joining Poshmark. The website was built on the notion that we, as women, could clean out our closets and make some cash.

You know what the community did? We took it a step further and decided to make a profession out of it!

We, as users, decided to turn our closets into small businesses… we started building websites and blogs. We are past looking in our attics for boxes of our old clothes- we are getting business licenses, LLCs, and reading tax laws!

The community has changed POSHMARK.

Poshmark has to work hard to keep up with US.


Now there are sites who want in on the action… ones like Mercari and Vinted… maybe they were around before, I don’t know the timeline. BUT, these sites have broader categories. MAYBE, that’s where our buyers are…

We need to stay competitive to be relevant.

As sellers, once we started making money, we got smart. Not everyone will admit it- but a LOT of users sell on multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, eBay, the aforementioned, or even local consignment). You better believe that our BUYERS are also branching out to other platforms as well…

Just another possible reason for sales to be down.

The addition of Men’s and Children’s has the potential to attract BUYERS to our closets. We have to be a marketplace where you can do all your shopping.

A mother might be looking for some baby sneakers for Timmy and see the MK bag she has been wanting forever.

Bob might be looking for ties for his new job and decide to bundle a necklace for his girlfriend as a surprise.

You might meet your SOUL MATE at Posh Fest 2017! (I kid, I kid, kinda…)


I know the knee-jerk reaction is that Poshmark, Manish, and the financial investors are being greedy and just want money.

Maybe they do!

Ummmmmm…. isn’t that the underlying reason we are all on Posh… to make money? I know I am. Quite honestly, if we weren’t, I doubt there would be upset that sales are down or concerned that changes will affect them. Posh makes money when we make money, so I can only assume that as a whole- these and other changes are determined to be a good business plan for the future of the company.

I am not saying that if you feel very strongly against these changes that you are somehow wrong- I just like to look at the big picture and provide different angles on situations. By all means, voice your concerns by emailing Poshmark Support.


In conclusion to my rant… everyone wants to use the hashtag #GIRLBOSS… but, have you read the book #GIRLBOSS ??? It’s about the founder of Nasty Gal and her rise to the top. She went through PLENTY of change and had rough times thrown at her. She used each as a stepping stone to build her empire.


I personally am going to hang around and see what happens.


But what do I know? I am excited about making 10 sales this past week. TEN SALES. I am fully aware that ten sales do not make me qualified to make decisions for the company.


I need more coffee….


Fire away in the comments below.




33 thoughts on “Poshmark: A Family Affair

  1. Amazing. I agree 1000% with everything you said. I think it’s wonderful they are expanding, and if even sellers are not going to sell men’s or children’s clothing, their closets absolutely have the potential to have a much greater audience now. Keeping Poshmark as a women’s only platform only limits our potential, in my opinion. Very excited! Another fab post girl. Thank you for sharing! @emmalee6003

  2. Hi Elle! You raise some great points, and it actually has made me feel better about this change. I do worry about us women being opened up to shaming and criticism, especially those of us who model our own clothes. I also worry that some creepy guy may purchase something just to get a home address, which would be just awful. I did email Poshmark my concerns about that and I suggested that they go back to the old way of dealing with shipping from a few years ago, where the return address was Poshmark and not our home addresses. I’d even pay extra for that feature, especially if I was not certain about the buyer. Thanks as always for bringing such great insight to our community!

    1. That is a good point about shaming and criticism. I think that sometimes women are harder on other women in general and a fair amount already goes around now- unfortunately. I never knew that Poshmark allowed us to use their address! Do you know if that is still an option?? Giving out physical location is always a concern and something to think about on all social media platforms, for instance- if your closet has a link to Instagram or Facebook and you “check in” somewhere… Thanks for contributing these points!

  3. When I joined in Feb 2013 the mailing labels did not display my address as the return address, rather it was PM that was listed. Then suddenly it changed shortly thereafter! I don’t know why it did but I don’t think it’s an option anymore 🙁 thank you!

  4. I think Poshmark had to change the labels since so many were returned for extra postage for weight or usage of flat boxes. I am ok with men’s and kiD’s clothes but if that’s all you sell I will unfollow as I don want to see it in my feed. I wish there wax AA minimum age of 18 to join as I think that is the majority if folks who only trade

  5. Few random thoughts:
    * Great idea with the PO Box, Elle!
    * 😂😂😂 with the Lab analogy!
    * “We have to stay competitive to stay relevant.” That sums up their latest move whether we like it or not.
    * I don’t have a non-furry kid, yet I have tons of kid/baby clothes for gifts that never made its way to the receiver. Now I can list them and get my $$ back…sweet!
    * Oh, and your comment about the algorithm they use so your feed contains more of your “likes” was a great point.
    * I feel better about this transition.

    Thanks Elle! Xo

  6. I’m happy for the change. As soon as they announced at Poshfest last year that they were going to allow children’s clothing, I started planning a new closet. It’s almost for selfish reasons really. I miss buying baby girl clothes. This gave me a reason to start scouting out steals and my 10 year old daughter likes helping. As for the men’s, I can’t tell you how many times my husband buys clothes without trying them on, cuts off the tags as soon as he’s home, only to find out it’s too big/small. So now I might just be able to get a little of that money back, just not sure yet if I want it mixed in with my regular “closet”. We shall see.

  7. This was some great insight for me! I’m just starting on Poshmark and have been referring back to your blog a lot! I never realized how much work was going to go in to all this when I first started. Hopefully I’ll start seeing some sales soon. If including kids and men helps with that, I’ve got no issue with it.

  8. Hi Elle! I honestly am a little bummed with the change I loved the exclusivity of Posh mainly being for the sale of women’s clothes. Personally even though I have a mecari and a at one point a Vinted i didn’t like those platforms. Vinted I can’t really speak on because my stint on there was brief but as for mecari I just feel like it’s cluttered. It would be awesome if Posh had a way to choose what type of items you see like for me I will never have a need to buy men’s clothes or baby’s clothes. My guy is too picky and we don’t have children lol. As for the return address I never use my own personal address for security reasons you never know who’s out there! But nonetheless the world is ever changing and I will stick around with Posh to see where this all goes !

  9. Thank you, Elle, for these eye-opening points. I was pretty miffed at first, because there isn’t another platform that can hold a candle to Poshmark, as far as I’m concerned, and was really enjoying the whole Posh experience. I’m pretty OCD about rules, though, and really tired of wading through the unauthorized stuff and spending more time reporting than sharing.

    It sounds like they actually have a handle on this change. I’m ashamed to admit that I assumed this new venture was a case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” like allowing used bras and swimsuits.

    So, thank you for encouraging me to take a breath, step off the judgment train, and give what’s coming down the tracks a fair chance.

  10. I told my husband this morning that Poshmark now allows men’s and kids clothes and the first thing he says is “Don’t sell any of my stuff, and I’m not modeling for you.” Haha. I have to say, I like the new change. I would love to find great deals on men’s jeans for my husband and maybe even buy kids clothes. Even though there were people that were selling those things before, I was scared to buy since it was against posh rules and I didn’t want to hinder my chances of becoming a SU.

  11. Can you create two closets/accounts? I would love to sell my toddler’s clothes, but would rather it not be mixed in with my clothes.

    1. Hey Beth! You are allowed to have a second closet as long as you have written permission from Poshmark. You will need to email support@poshmark.com and let them know you want an additional closet and they may ask you a few questions as part of the approval process. Xoxo

      1. Well, I emailed them and apparently a second closet is no longer allowed. This was their response: “Thanks for your email. At this time, all users are only allowed one closet on Poshmark. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!”

      2. So I am stuck with jumbling baby clothes with my clothes. Not thrilled about that, as I think it would be better for the buyer to have those separate. Not everyone who likes my clothing style has a child, or vice versa. I could open a second account with a second email address, but I don’t think that would be smiled upon by PM either, and it would be a hassle for me to go between two accounts (logging in and out constantly).

  12. You brought up so many good points Elle. I didn’t get the memo about children and men’s clothing. I have been pretty much off the last few weeks on vacation. But I seriously hope it’s not in my feed. It’s selfish of me, but Posh is my shopping spot, not the kids or my husband. Sorry….not sorry. Plus in my time on Posh there have been some creepy men that I have just blocked. But others I’ve bought from that sell women clothing. I’ve blocked way more women. But I’ll be extra cautious of any modeling pic because as you reminded me anyone can pull up these pics from Posh. Also, I never thought of retail affecting my slow business. Summer is always slow for me. Retail isn’t my thing for shopping on Posh. But God bless the sellers who make it work. Thanks for getting us sellers a platform to discuss ideas, keep each other informed and vent if we need to! @cmarshall38

  13. Thanks for the info, Elle.

    Sort of related to this (well not entirely, but you did mention talk about men) why are people buying heavily used shoes? I stumbled upon a Posher’s closet where she is selling VERY dirty cheerleading shoes. With holes in the bottoms. They look like something you’d throw away. They are all marked sold and all sold for a decent price. I saw in a description that she mentioned they were worn by an all star cheerleader. Um, so yeah. Is there some sort of underground foot fetish subculture on PM? I just can’t understand why people are paying for these very worn out shoes. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Beth – I actually sold a pair of shoes to someone who wanted them worn in. Granted mine weren’t dirty or in bad shape but this person told me she couldn’t buy new shoes because they were bad for her feet. I’m pretty sure she said her foot doctor told her to buy worn in shoes. Maybe there’s something about cheerleading shoes that they are more comfortable worn in? Just my two cents!

    2. Jerilyn makes an excellent point and I wouldn’t have thought of that… My 2 possibilities would be 1) maybe it’s someone younger who wants the “popular” shoes and maybe can’t afford new… Or doesn’t understand how worn they are (I swear most people don’t read descriptions) or 2) this is rare but definitely happens, there are some people on posh who work in the entertainment industry and purchase clothing for movies/television so there would be a need for used or very used items.

  14. Poshmark is aware that they have no real competition and can make money hand over fist. They clearly got the memo that “greed is good.” I have Mercari, Vinted, Ebay, Etsy, but rarely do I shop or sell them, because I’m so tired of the bedraggled online yard sale where it’s impossible to find what I’m looking for – women’s fashion. While I think it’s fine if men’s clothing is not forbidden (the gendering of clothing is a whole other discussion), I am really unhappy with the littering of the platform with even more crap.
    Primarily because PM has not taken any of its beaucoup bucks and addressed enforcement or customer service on a deeper level. In my experiences, I have a 2-4 day turnaround any time I have to deal with customer service. What other company would you pay hundreds of dollars a year to use and expect such slow and canned responses, with no telephone support? It’s only going to get worse in the onslaught of new adopters.
    Further, the enforcement of current restrictions is little to none and you can believe that a move to this inclusiveness is going to further foster the “anything goes” attitude that afflicts so many of the reported but never reprimanded closets.
    I appreciate that you put a good spin on things and keep your double talk light (“That situation will work itself out.” I literally laughed out loud.) You address these things well and reminded me to update my return address!
    I love PM and I use it constantly and I will continue to do so. I just hate change and I fear that this change is going to tax the already limited infrastructure and cause PM to lose the things that make it special.
    I guess time will tell and as always, I’m so thankful for your blog!

  15. I agree with a lot of what you said. In order to evolve Posh was going to need to change anyway. And that’s a great comparison on how sellers themselves have changed. If Posh decided to stay the same, there might not be as big a future for it. I don’t like everything about the changes, but the way I see it is I’ll work with the things I do like. I don’t have kids so I don’t sell kids clothing, but I do have a hubby and he will toss his clothing out in a second rather than resale them lol! Besides, I’d rather use PM over the competition because I trust them more from being a buyer and seller. Sorry for the ramble. Great article!

  16. Another FABULOUS blog post…it is really refreshing to see the bigger picture. Personally, I will not be selling men’s and children’s clothing. I LIKE the fact that my closet is geared to woman, and help finding that PERFECT piece! I do hope that the new addition will be separate in a way. I don’t want to be scrolling and see men’s pants! Maybe a separate button like the wholesale portal?! Anywho. It will be interesting to see how it plays out!

  17. I’ve been trying to slice out a minute to reply! I first saw this change last Wed reading through a listings comments (they were unrelated to the item listed) 2 Poshers were going back and forth pretty ruthlessly over the rules and the “newbie” pointed out the online parameters, so I looked bc I was super confused and ta-da!
    The immediate response that I saw is not favorable at all, honestly, as long as my sales aren’t affected, I’m cool. After reading this I did immediately get a PO BOX though…last week I sold to someone like 5 miles away and was telling my husband how freaked I was. I think, that I don’t really know what to think yet. I’m not totally bothered, my main concern is the dolla dolla bills y’all. I’ve met some REALLY cool women via Posh and I don’t think selling/not selling men’s or kids items will change our interactions. I’m sure Posh (hopefully…) isn’t going to just throw it all in the ring together, I’m imagining a very organized set up. I don’t plan on seeking and selling this stuff, but the Ralph Lauren baby shoes that are still in the box after 4 kids may make their way on…I’m just saying. But I definitely will NOT be consigning them the way I do women’s. I can say, I’m glad I won’t have to be Inspector Gadget through all of these closets prior to sharing, bc as many others say, the rules are absolutely not enforced. I see closets I reported months ago…glass pipe anyone? Still going strong. Maybe that’s why they made the move- to improve customer service? Quality instead of quantity type thing. Maybe. Who knows.
    Now, this whole shoe fetish thing freaked me out, I’ve had people request a try on or ask questions like, “did you wear these while driving?” etc and it never dawned on me that it was a cuckoo bird. Now I see the profiles been deleted. Live and learn I guess. You can get up-skirted at a brick and mortar store so, I just need to be more careful. I have no online presence other than Posh, and I don’t (because I am PETRIFIED) post pics of my gorgeous babies, or even snap my wedding ring inadvertently. Paranoid? Eh, maybe.
    Thank you Elle for the BEST blog, this totally rationalized everything and I’m glad you wrote this…as usual 😃
    💋 @mamazthang

  18. So the strangest thing happened…with all of the hype about men’s and kids I too was caught in the hysteria of going through hubby’s closet and FINALLY getting rid of that like of kids clothes that I’ve been stick piling in our exercise room. Well, I listed 1 pair of baby shoes, and let them sit, along with my piles…and sit, and sit. And as I started snapping photos for my kids bundles I just wasn’t feeling it AT ALL. I decided to donate my kids items as usual, and keep my closet for the ladies. I realized after the excitement wore off I have absolutely zero interest in these new catagories…and I have 4 kids worth of stuff!. I still don’t feel threatened by the addition, it’s just not something I want to start, at all.
    I can’t say I’ve seen too much more kids clothing circulating and above money, I still do feel that posh expanded their catagories because it was just too much to keep up with all of the non compliant people. That being said- I do feel like I’m seeing more books and pillow cases etc than before – but that could be accredited to new Poshers who either don’t know or don’t care.

  19. I’m new so not familiar with all the rules BUT I do know what is NOT allowed to be sold on PM, it’s just not enforced and doesn’t seem that hard to monitor. A lot of closets sell home decor and just seems if they are going to look the other way and not close the closets down then just let all of us that might want to but don’t because we follow the rules. That’s my rant.

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