My Day as a Poshmark Full Time Seller

Poshmark Full Time Seller


As most of you know I finally took a huge step toward getting control over my overwhelming Poshmark situation. If you missed my post Poshmark Listing Day  I spent the entire day photographing, describing, and listing items in my Poshmark Closet… all with the help of my assistant (my mom!). It was a fun yet exhausting day and it really made me think about what goes into being a Poshmark Full Time Seller.

Here is a quick recap of how my day went:

Recap of Poshmark Day

7am: Transported all of my items to list and necessary supplies to my mom’s house and set things up.


9am: Finally got started. It took awhile to get the right lighting and still had to move to different areas/walls throughout the day. I did the photos while my mom measured and described.

12pm: Took a quick lunch break.

12:30-4pm: Continued taking photos and describing.

4pm: Called it a day.


So, what did we get accomplished?

I photographed somewhere around 65 items, while my mom measured and described approximately 70 items. I got a few actually listed in my closet but I took some time later in the evening and the next morning to finish. I still have a couple of items listed but not priced in my closet but I would say that 70 is a pretty close number of how many listings we were able to tackle!



I made several observations during the day…

Things I learned:

  • If you have an assistant, you have to allow time for training. Poshmark is second nature to most of us but you have to take the time to show your amazing helper how you measure, what key words to use, what to include in descriptions, etc. But guess what? My mom is a PRO now!
  • Dedicating an entire day to Poshmark is exhausting! No, it’s not the first time I have Poshed all day. I have had many similar days, but might have been the first time I stayed on task 100% (ok, fine 98%) for 8+ hours.
  • Having someone Poshing with you is a lot of fun! You also have someone to ask those important questions: “Should I keep this?” “Does this look black or navy blue?” ” I should sell this, right?”
  • I confirmed that Poshing is HARD. Ok, the Poshmark app makes things pretty easy but the actual work is WORK. Getting the photos right, describing, leaning over all day measuring, etc. It can be tiring!

In my mom’s words:

“Poshing is HARD!”

Here I am in the middle of the day staring at the ceiling wanting to take a nap.

This is why I need supervision.


This brings me to the topic I really want to discuss.

Being a Poshmark Full Time Seller

Like most of us, I often look at those who are obvious Poshmark Full Time sellers with envy.

I wish I could do what they do…

That looks like so much fun

“Look at that STACK of boxes going to the Post Office!”

I wish I could share my closet poolside all summer

I seriously have a newfound respect for those that do just that!



Before you can decide if you REALLY want to be a Poshmark Full Time Seller there are a few things you might want to consider.

Of course everyone’s situation is different- but these are just a few points I came up with that I really would need to ask myself first…

Things to determine if you are thinking of becoming a Poshmark Full Time Seller

  • Do the math. How much do you need to sell to make this worthwhile? I once calculated how much time I spent over the year versus how much I actually made. It was very eye-opening. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of merchandise, supplies, and other necessary start-up costs.
  • Make a business plan. If you know what you need to make- how are you going to get there? How much will start-up costs be? What are you going to sell? This may require talking to an accountant to see what steps you need to take with possibly acquiring a business license. (I strongly suggest you talk to a professional and not just rely on what others are doing). But by really making a plan, you can see what you REALLY need to do to make your dream come true.
  • Know what you are getting into. Give the job a test drive! Consider taking a week off from your job, current responsibilities, whatever your daily situation is… and Posh like it’s your job for an entire week. See how you enjoy it. Some people will thrive on the experience… but it’s not for everyone!
  • Your job is never done. After I spent a full day listing, I still had to pack and ship 3 orders, answer questions, and share. Basically you never leave the office. The office follows you EVERYWHERE. But you probably already know this- the same goes for any full or part-time Poshmark Seller.


I also experienced the fun side of spending your days Poshing…

The Benefits of being a Poshmark Full Time Seller

  • I worked on my own schedule and at my own pace.
  • I had a huge sense of accomplishment from what I had done that day.
  • While a lot of the work can get monotonous, I still found it interesting.
  • It can be a great creative outlet if you have a need for that!

Of course there are many, many, many more benefits- but this is just what crossed my mind that day.


Now the point is not to discourage anyone from being a Poshmark Full Time Seller…

I just want to ENCOURAGE you to have a plan in place and do your research so that you can be successful if you decide to take the plunge!



What about you? Are you a full-time seller? Are you ready to take that leap?

I would love to hear your seller status and advice in the comments below!





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22 thoughts on “My Day as a Poshmark Full Time Seller

  1. I’ve been finding items to resell since I was 9 and have found that it can be very tricky. I started out on Amazon selling books, cd’s and dvd’s – at that time VHS still were sellable too! Then the Kindle was introduced, and streaming, and Roku, and powerful cell phones – so books, cd’s and dvd’s had little to no resale value. My entire business model had to change…I had also been consigning clothing with a few stores throughout the area but found it tricky to rely on another person for accurate pricing and accountability. I then found seasonal women’s consignment sales (you listed online, printed the tags and brought the items to the sales) – but the market got flooded. Now I am continuing to resell more interesting pieces through Poshmark and continue my relationship as a seller with only one amazing, well-run consignment store. My point is, as a seller, even if you only buy through the warehouse, you constantly have to evaluate and change your strategy. It is much harder than a typical job…but a heck of a lot more fun and satisfying. I have a “real” career that I do enjoy, but my passion lies in sourcing and reselling. Poshmark makes the listings so easy and the users are kind (that goes a loooong way with me). I would love to hear about the experiences of a full time Posh reseller. I bet there are a lot of positives and negatives I wouldn’t have thought of. On the plus side – this was my first weekend of selling more than a couple of things! Yay! I think I’m getting the hang of this and can see a future where I might be able to call this more than just “fun money”.

    1. Stephanie, I think you definitely have it right that you have to evolve and change with the trends! Also, not being afraid to try something new (and knowing when to move on) are very important! Congrats on having a great weekend- those are always so motivating! XOXO

  2. A hard part for me is finding something that I think is fantastic … get really excited about and it still is sitting there. I also buy wholesale and find things that I’m doing the happy dance over …. and ithey is still sitting. Some have gone 2 winters of sitting. But then there is something that is ho hum and not excited about at all that is sold in a heartbeat … you just don’t know …. but I enjoy Posh ingredients and glad I got into it … just a few more sales a day would be nice. 😊

  3. Loved this Posting… Especially the Ceiling fan Part lol. Your Blog is so easy for me to read like I’m talking to one of my close friends. Thank You for Being You😉😀🤗 Have a Lovely Day 🎀

  4. Yes, the ceiling fan! Loved it!

    I frequently wonder how much time on an “average” day a full time posher spends sharing their listings. Any thoughts on that?

  5. I started selling on Poshmark at the end of October 2016. I had a closet for 10 months just learning: watching what people were selling, where they were getting items to sell, what listing prices were, & how Poshmark worked. I also looked at e-bay..I know people who sell on e-bay, but figuring out shipping..not my thing. I can’t work a regular job for health reasons so I decided to try Poshmark. It is VERY time consuming compared to other platforms. But you also build relationships on Poshmark. There is the bookkeeping, inventory organization, pricing, measuring, photographing, and finally Listing and then Sharing. My family wavers from being excited and supportive to thinking I am crazy and that I am on the computer ALL the time and not doing anything productive. I would like this to become a regular income source. But it is also something I can just check for sales if I am having a bad day or a bad week. It is a lot of work. But I get a sense of purpose from this, and some income. I decided to give it a year and see how it goes.

  6. Great article Elle. I Posh part time because I am also a teacher. But, I am getting older and need to have something else, so I am trying to build my business. It is something I can see myself doing long term to supplement my meager income. I totally enjoy Poshing and have gotten several friend started as well.

  7. Awesome, Yes I have a lot of medical stuff going on right now so I have my closet closed (Vacation Mode). Anyways your post on doing that helped me take a step back and deal with my health…I’m disabled so it helped me to relax. Thank You So Much for Your Shares Too

  8. My Poshmark Closet is my hobby. I love the thrill of getting a sale. However, if you’re wanting to make it a business or use it to supplement your income, you have to really put forth the effort. Listing new items, sharing & following. Personally, I have tried every technique to sell…Share Groups…Analytic Strategies by Power Poshers…taking a day off (rare), delete stale listings & re-list…price drops for reduced shipping during paydays or closet clear out. I have not found any one strategy more effective than the other. I think you have to be at the right place the right time, with all the stars aligned with the horizon and the sun & moon on opposite ends of the earth while standing on your head while the dog licks your face.

    Whereas my sales average 3/5 a week, I’m not sure I would like to be stressed over more, since I am retired…I find it easier to take a few minutes a week to get boxes ready (I prefer the free boxes from Post Office), freebies, tissue paper, etc. I keep my thank you cards next to me on my end table, so I write those late evenings while watching tv, while sharing mine and other closets…it’s routine…has been for almost four years now!! Sales are packed in the morning, after…guess…coffee and poshing! I print labels, write items on the bottom of label, pack & get in the mail by noon.

    I did venture out into boutique items, mostly jewelry and accessories, because it’s my favorite to shop for, so why not sell it too. I also keep an eye out for great handbags that I can purchase and make available for my customers, still far below retail.

    My closet name is @janisboutique. Please follow me on my “little” blog: Link in my Closet Profile.

  9. I just joined Poshmark and got this idea about thrifting and reselling on there since it’s something that I’ve done here and there as a hobby in the past, with local platforms like Craigslist. I currently have a regular part time job, but my dream would be to do Poshmark fulltime. I am just wondering how doable it is to make enough money on poshmark working full time. By enough, a goal for me would be $2,000 a month. How many items should I be posting a day? Is there a certain number of items that is the sweet spot to see sales go up? Does anyone know an average incone for a full time posher? If you could checkout my closet and give me some feedback that would be amazing! @donoso88

    1. Hey Nathalie! If you want to make $2000 a month I would recommend figuring out how much inventory/listings that would mean you would have to sell and make sure you have enough listing. That would give you a good idea of how many you should list a month. I don’t have an opinion on the “sweet spot” for a number because I have seen closets with very few items sell out as soon as they post. It’s more about having exactly what your customer wants and attracting the customers that want what you have. Hope that helps a little! XOXO

  10. I would totally be rich if I got paid by the hours spent on Poshmark and all the extras. I have been on Poshmark quite a few days from about 9 hours. But I don’t have the funds to start retail and I ran out of clothes lol.. so I don’t sweat it when I read people making a ton of cash on it. I get tired.

  11. Hi Everyone ❤️
    I really enjoyed reading this blog and everyone’s comments. I have been fighting to find the time to start a blog myself. I am happy to answer a few questions for the ones who posted in regards to what it takes to earn the money they are looking for. To start, a little about myself. My name is Charish and PM @charishp; I am a full time single mother of two beautiful kids (Clara 21 months, Connor 8 yrs.), I am also a full time student finishing up my undergrad at Regent University this year as my next step will consist of attending Law school. Prior I started out selling on EBay many years ago as my grandparents were making a ton of money selling old books, textbooks, etc. on (EBay). Needless to say they were making a killer profit and I quickly became interested in doing something similar. I would venture out to the outskirts of Atlanta and thrift all day, once a week. Gathering enough items to make atleast double profit of what I paid. I had a full time job, and was also a full time student (I should have a MED degree by now 😉) nonetheless extra money was what I strived for. After doing business on EBay part time for 11 years, I started noticing not only commission, shipping rates, etc. we’re just starting to get ridiculous. It was becoming impossible to make any money on EBay anymore. To warn you, $1858.00 of my hard earned money from my EBay sales had been sitting in my Paypal account for 2 days came up missing! Yes, it was gone. PayPal took all of it and than turned around a few days later and scraped another $300 from my checking account linked to my PP acct. long story short, I was able to recover 1100 of my money back, but the rest is long gone. Truly I was devastated as I loved my little part time business on EBay. Six months following my EBay departure, I discovered PM (Dec. 2012). I quickly got back into the swing of things again and the part time job I loved and missed so much was back in a bigger and better way. To start, sales were so slow, thus stating; there really were not that many PM closets circulating at that time, as it was still fairly new. I was a bartender on and off for 16 years part time and a professional during the day. Late nights, playing the role of your “local Physchologist”, and so forth was getting to me both emotionally and physically as I began to develope terrible pain within both hands and wrist. I was so very tired of making other business owners money and being treated like I was not doing enough for them when indeed I continued to pray for something to come to mind soon. Fast forward, as I am fairly approaching graduation day, it is tough. The struggle is so real, and I had to make a move quickly before I failed. I took a huge risk retiring my position as a bartender to become a full time Posher in Oct. 2016. It was scary, as I also own my own home, pay all of my bills myself, but my own groceries, and pay for our medical insurance as I do not find the need to milk the system and in order to receive child support benefits in the state of VA is the biggest joke ever (crazy, but I’m serious). Therefore, I had a lot on my plate to quickly figure out in order to make it work successfully and financially. My first week as a full time Posher, I must have put in nearly 80 hours around the clock, listing new items, slashing prices, inventory check and clear outs, updating pictures, sharing closets, answering questions, taking new pics and measurements, and so forth. It was EXHAUSTING by the time day 4 rolled around. I had to stop and remind myself every hour I felt the need to take a break “Either this or back behind the bar until I’m done with school”. Needless to say, I was done with hospitality and I started moving faster. I ended up listing over 400 new items in a span of 7 days, updating my entire closet of the things that had been listed for a very long time. Within that same week I went from making an extra $100-300 a week selling on PM part time for a few years to- packaging more than 40 orders within 3 days of that same week, increasing my daily sales by nearly raking in a 70% full profit, making more money than I was as a bartender avg. annual $56k to making a third of my prior income in 4 months time. To narrow it down to what it is truly like to be a full time Posher:
    1. You must spend/dedicate atleast 8-10hrs. Of your day twice a week (that’s exactly what I put in)
    2. Share, share, share!!! I can not preach this enough as sharing is a HUGE DEAL when it comes to making money. The more closets you share, 70% of those Poshers will share back in return; those shares result in accumulative avg of up to 30 new followers a day! (The more followers you have, the odds of your income increasing vastly
    3. Update those closets routinely. If an item has been sitting in your closet for more than 6 months and has only one like, either toss it or resolve the issue by updating your pics. Add scenery to your backgrounds, statement pieces, art pieces and so on. (My bias opinion, as both a seller and a buyer, mingle far away from over accesorizing and writing all over your sale item pictures. It is not a good selling tactic, as I have entered closets and quickly left because of those exact reasons) I am constantly updating my closet and after years of updates, I found the solution for a faster turn around that works for me, pictures stand out best in natural light; outdoors in shaded areas.
    4. Make sure to add as many pics from as many angles as possible. A shoulder pic helps with tops as it is easy to determine fading, pilling, etc. Your PM buyers should see exactly what they are purchasing and appreciate it even more when your using natural light opposed to filters as it covers too many flaws making your item look better than what they truly are vice versa.
    5. To help prevent answering 500 questions from the same interested buyer, add your measurements into your description when listing a new item, and definitely snap a picture of the fabric tag (Thank me later 😉)
    6. Answer questions promptly (easier said than done if you are me, you’ll understand my agony in just a minute) and ship as soon as possible to avoid the most common questions of them all; “when can you ship?” Or an hour after a purchase, is the worst of all “Have you shipped this yet?” or “Can you ship this out today please, thanks in advance?” 😳
    7. Lastly, do your research prior to listing as you want to be fair to your buyers, as well as yourself when it comes to retail cost if the item is new, do not list it for what the price is online most especially if that is not what you paid for it, always mark it down 25% off of the actual retail price is online (be sure to check for the same item in other PM closets to see what they are priced at and Mark yours down $3 cheaper than your asking price as odds will be higher that your same item will sell before theirs) if it is truly in like new condition but worn lightly; definitely take into consideration that you wore it, and the value has depreciated a great deal, regardless of the “like new” condition~ Mark it down to atleast 40% off of retail price brand new and remember to check other closet prices as well.

    In closing, as a full time Posher, I am a business owner. That being said, I work when I want and at my own pace. I have a life outside of Posh that does require a vast majority of my attention, my little ones look forward to new adventures with mommy daily. As Posh has continued to provide me the opportunity to stay home with my little ones, financial stability, and the attention needed to finish this last year of school is more than a blessing. It was a risk I was scared to take for so long, looking back I wish I would have taken it sooner. I have connected with so many amazing women who continue to inspire me daily with their Why? to PM. It’s amazing and I do love it more than having to work for someone else. Postmark can be exhausting, no doubt about it. The more you are selling, the more breaths you are holding, because you stress a lot about the “what ifs”, “I hope I didn’t miss a flaw”, “Gosh, it’s been three days and the buyer has not accepted their order yet, something must be wrong” Yes, that is my daily struggle. Atleast once a week, lately, I have had a customer open a case for obsured reasons (a string is loose around the button on a polo, there is no hole or anything, the seller did not mention that in her listing and I want to send it back because she said there were no flaws 😵) Ha. True story. PM accepted and the order was sent back. Needless to say, flaws are easy to miss and we are only human. In conclusion, I hope I was able to help you ladies get started on the right path to PM success. As mentioned, prior I was a part timer to PM selling an average of 8 items a week for a few years, fast forward 5 months into PM full time; I sell an average of 17 items per day, sometimes more as my followers increase the number of sales increase. It’s like getting a raise on a weekly paycheck without having to ask for it!
    In case you might have been wondering, as it seems like it may take forever to post only one listing, truly I spend 4 minutes per item, including pics, adjustments, measurements to price research. Many times over, the 4 minutes spent on one item has made me a $500+ daily profit and that is when your time becomes worthwhile ❤️
    I did not mean to take over this blog with my lengthy advice, as I strive to become successful in what I love to do. I appreciate the time I am able to give back to the ones who are just as interested as I was once. I truly enjoy sharing PM with others and most of all, helping them get started with their own closets. Anyone who has questions or ideas, I would love to help in anyway I can. Stop by my closet to get a better idea, or make use of new ideas that may arise from mine and so forth. I promise you, it’s like starting out at a gym, he first week your anxious to see results, but you cannot see them yet- 4 weeks later you look in the mirror and see the change you’ve been anxiously waiting for, to the 6 week goal of other people noticing your positive results. Same goes for Posh. You may get discouraged because you are anxiously waiting for your first sale, nothing happens and you just want to quit. You quickly learn to change it up, resulting in sales times 2 by the end of week two walking into week 3 with a bigger goal, tripling the amount you set for yourself, surprising yourself as all of hard work is now being noticed and is paying off! A long as you keep sharing, you are going to keep selling, I promise you! Move along now ladies, success is waiting! Stop by and be sure to let me know how your closet is coming along, @charishp ❤️💕😘

  12. This is a great article it’s very honest and very helpful. I’ve been on Poshmark for a little over a year. During that time I started by really having nothing to going deep into flipping clothes and makeup. My main success is on eBay, but Poshmark has been successful as well and keeps getting better. There is no way it would pay enough to do as a job for me, and no way I could get enough inventory at a time to make it a full time job. But it’s fantastic to do while I’m finishing up my degrees! I’m hoping to continue doing posh and eBay on the side when I have my real college degree career – just to get the student loans paid off faster. Posh is definitely what you put into it but it’s a huge help while im in school. I’ve done the math and it’s paying way more than any minimum wage type of job I can get at the moment. And it’ll be so nice to get out of loans a little quicker.

  13. Man, I LOVE this blog…and the comments even more! I have been researching the idea to begin on PM for like 6mos or more, and I think I am finally ready, starting with a few listings I sourced from a wholesaler outside of PM. I do plan on this being my job, full time, and hope that I’ll get this right. I appreciate ALL the help other sellers give.

  14. Great post! I just started a month ago and hope to continue to build it up. It’s definitely becoming a little addicting! Check my closet out at rad_racks. xo

  15. I’m thinking about going back to school to get my Master’s Degree & am currently solely a jewelry/accessory boutique seller on poshmark. Just curious if you think I could make this my full time job while going to school. I have over 1,000 listings…it is SO HARD to keep my inventory organized, it has taken over my entire room and half of my office. Any advice on jewelry trends you see that continually sell / stay a regular seller….and in dire need of help from anyone with bulk inventory on how to keep it organized!!! I have labels, boxes, storage organizers, but it just piles up! Help! Do you think it’s better to buy (wholesale) in bulk….like I’ve been buying 100+ item orders but i’ll only order 1 pair of silver & 1 pair of gold “dangle heart earrings”…do you recommend increasing variety or volume? Thanks!

    1. Hi Elana! Sounds like you are already having success selling jewelry. I do not sell jewelry (I do not have a passion for it) and I have zero clue about any trends in the market. I would suggest reaching out to a successful jewelry seller on Poshmark or otherwise. As far as wholesale, I do not sell wholesale nor know about buying bulk from dealers. However, my advice about organization would be to try assigning inventory numbers. For instance I have labeled bins A-R and I assign a bin letter inside all of my listings. With 1000 listings you would probably want to do something a little more micro-managed but a similar idea. Here is my post that can better explain . Hope that helps a little!

  16. I started on Poshmark because I didn’t like Ebay or Etsy fees and policies. It started out of necessity, but now I am in a better financial situation. I went full out for 8 months. Now I am completely burned out. I don’t find selling things for a profit of $2-3 even worth the packaging. I was thinking of getting a bot. I am sooo tired of people who want “perfection for pennies” (low ballers). I really am not that outgoing or social as people seem to want you to be on Poshmark. Feeling overwhelmed by it, yet bored without it. I guess I’m on the fence with a house full stuff 😶

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