Poshmark Goals

Poshmark Goals



When I talk to newbies who have just signed up on Poshmark, I get asked quite often

“How much money can you make?”

“Can you do this full-time?”

“When will I start making sales every day?”

Those questions are not easy to answer. And quite frankly, I’m not sure they have definitive answers.

I say this because many factors contribute to the success of your closet. Which brands you sell, the current trends, sizes you offer, and how you present your items… just to name a few. Inventory and mark up are other factors to determine your overall profitability. The best way to determine YOUR success is to set personal goals. With a new calendar year right around the corner- it’s the perfect time to set some goals for 2016!


Here are some suggestions to get you started:


GOAL 1: Yearly Poshmark Sales Goal

How much money do you want to make in 2016? Do you want to save up for a vacation? Do you want enough to buy a designer handbag in the fall? Is your aspiration to make a down payment on your dream car?

Decide what you want to get out of it.

Let’s set some Poshmark Goals!

Let’s say you want to make $3000.00 for a beach vacation…

What must you sell each month to get there? Buy a calendar or notebook for you to set and track your goals. It helps to see your goal every day.

image3This is my calendar I purchased in the “dollar” section at Target last year

(it was probably $3)

I am keeping an eye out hoping they will have them again this year- its the perfect size!

GOAL 2: New Listing Goals

When sales seem slow you will still want to have other kinds of Poshmark goals to achieve. How many available items do you want to have? Do you want to list 5 new items each week? I know purging your closet and listing can be overwhelming. Figure out small goals to help you get through it. Eating an entire pizza is easy if you cut it into slices.

GOAL 3:Sharing” goals

This is a simple goal that is completely in your power to make happen. The only side effect is sales.

GOAL 4: Top seller, Posh Mentor, Fast Shipper, etc

These are fun badges to have posted in your closet!

Top 10% Seller!

Fast Shipper!

Top-Rated Seller!

Top 10% Sharer!

Posh Mentor!


Some are super easy to get and some take a while.

You can find them under “My Closet Stats” in the Poshmark App.

GOAL 5: Suggested User status, Party Host

These may not be in your direct control, but when you get the email from Poshmark Corporate it feels like you won the lottery! Check out these posts for more information:

Becoming a Suggested User

Hosting a Poshmark Party

GOAL 6: Follower Goals

I make follower goals so I can see how much my closet has grown. It’s easy to overlook how much your closet audience is expanding and how far your reach actually is. Whether you play “follow games” or obsessively share new closets- it’s fun to watch your closet grow!

Do’s and Don’ts of Goal Setting:

DON’T make every goal so high that you get discouraged within the first few weeks

DO make some lofty goals as well as easily achievable goals

DON’T aspire to become someone else’s closet- aspire to be yourself!

DO find a PFF or other friend who you can celebrate with when you achieve a goal

DON’T be afraid to try something new

DO experiment with promotional sales, new cover shots, and sharing techniques to boost your sales


Remember, not all successes are monetary!

Once you start seeing yourself as a business owner with a strategy and have Poshmark goals in place… it becomes fun and satisfying to work towards achieving them.  One of the most empowering things you can do is to stop comparing yourself to others and start recognizing all that you are accomplishing!

Do you already have Poshmark goals for your closet? Tell us about them in the comments!


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15 thoughts on “Poshmark Goals

  1. Very motivational. It can get discouraging seeing high numbers of followers in other closets but I remind myself that everyone has been at my number before they achieved a 250,000 followers so….. That is what I’m setting my goal towards next year – taking my closet to the next level and focusing on growing followers. That will inevitably result in more sales which is what we all want.

  2. My goal is to share your closet every day as a “thank you” for all the wisdom. 🙂 and…I can’t believe I am sharing this…I want to buy a tiny house ( you’ve seen the shows about them?). So far I’ve made 1k a month for 3 months. If I do that for 3 years, I will have my tiny house.

  3. Such great advice Elle! I also think many new Poshers need to realize that like any goal, it doesn’t happen over night. While some find success early on, I find it’s not the norm. Give it time…you have busy periods and slooooowwww periods. I’ve been doing Posh for over two years & luckily I’m blessed with steady sales…overall. Good luck everyone!

  4. It takes a lot of work and commitment to meet goals, anywhere in life, not just here on Poshmark. Set a goal and work to get there! My goal had been to have steady sales. When I first started out on Posh I was lucky if I got one sale a month. Then it was maybe one a week. Now it’s usually a couple a day, sometimes even more than that, in fact about a week ago I finally had my biggest bundle sale (using the bundle feature), 20 items purchased by one buyer! It took a lot of TIME (mostly time spent sharing) to get where I am today. My new current goal is 200K followers. And to continue with the steady sales.

  5. Hi Elle,
    I’m new to Poshmark and I recently found your blog. I just have a quick question what does PFF mean?
    Also my goal is to make 1k a month in sales.

    1. Hi Nisha! What is your closet name? I would love to stop by and share 🙂 PFF stands for Posh Friend Forever. It’s basically when you find a posher you love to shop or share with and you deem them a friend!

  6. Just discovered your blog this morning and read all of it! Great info and voice! Since you are both a Posh and book lover, I was wondering if I could get your opinion: I am a recent Posh addict (have all the badges except for the one for recruiting and have only been on the app since late November) and love interacting with everyone almost as much as I love buying and selling. The positivity is so awesome. I am also Young Adult author (Posh is my go-to reward on writing breaks…) Anyhow, I have a new book coming out in the fall that’s about a fashion-obsessed girl who gets sent to wilderness camp and has to do without all her beloved clothes/products. I’m thinking a) it would be right up the alley of my younger Posh clients (the ones who buy my wildfox and FP listings) and b) if I promoted it somehow on Posh, it might find an audience, which is really really hard for us authors. Is this within the rules? A good idea? If yes to both, do you have any advice on how to go about it?

    1. It’s absolutely a good idea! Where are your books available to purchase? It is completely ok to use the website in your “about” section for a link to purchase or promote (even eBAY or Etsy links are apparently ok). I am sure that you can also put it in your “about the Posher” listing. I would honestly think that a separate listing just to promote it SHOULD be allowed… but maybe you should email support just to be on the safe side. I have seen some musicians promote new albums but again not sure if its permitted. Other ways you could DEFINITELY promote would be to put advertisement/business cards in with your sales. Also if you do social media, find as many Poshers as possible 🙂 If you check out my instagram- I follow 85% Poshers- you can find a ton if you go to who I follow. You are able to promote social media pages on Posh so that’s another way to inadvertently promote! Hope that helps…

  7. Hi! Just found your blog today and I am so excited to read peoples thoughts about Poshmark! I have been selling since November 2015, but have found that it is hard when selling new retail items.very slow…(am I the only one?lol)I have more of a boutique closet and I have only been selling a couple items a month. I dont have a tun of items yet, (working up to that)but am just hoping that It just takes some time for people to know you are there with sharing and parties, and hopefully things will start to come around! Thanks so much!I’m at @lbrooketrout

    1. Thanks for reading! You have a great attitude and it does take a lot of hard work, I would assume especially with getting into retail! Good luck and I will stop by now to follow and share 🙂

  8. Really loving this blog post. I started selling yesterday and I made a sale yesterday. Very excited about that. My goals are to: list five items a week, share my closet 3x a day, share others closets throughout the day, and my goal is to have 1000+ followers by the end of the week. My overall goal is to use the money to pay for my sons schooling and to pay for school stuff. Thank you so much for the informative post.

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