What I Have Tried and Learned in 2018

What I Have Tried and Learned in 2018

It’s already May.

I can’t believe that we are approaching the halfway point of 2018. It’s a good time to look back, review, and possibly reset. I wanted to share with you what I have tried and  learned in 2018 (so far)!

As you have probably noticed, I do not discuss specific numbers concerning sales. Why? Well, the same reason I don’t do hauls… I’m no expert. What I do choose to talk about are strategies and behaviors and it’s up to you if you want to try it or not. Results may vary. I see little point in giving specific numbers, I honestly hope you do better and get even better results than me! I just want to share my selling ventures… struggles and observations!

I want to recap what I have done this year in my Poshmark closet and what has been working best… for me.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to try a different focus each month. Super basic stuff… but I wonder which would give me the biggest results?

Here is an overview of the simple things I have been focusing on each month:


Focus: Self-Sharing

This was the month of Self-Sharing. I shared as much as possible. My goal was 3000 self-shares a day, but I averaged more like 1200. Still leaps and bounds from where I had been.

Results: Highest sales month since I joined Poshmark.


Focus: Listing

February I listed like crazy. I still shared (self-shared) more than normal but not as much as January.

Results: Beat January numbers, but not by much! Still highest grossing month so far.


Focus: Sending Offers

I listed some, I shared as much as I could; a good balance of both I would say. I sent TONS of offers.

Results: Continued sales growth; I beat February by a little.


Focus: Whatever I could do

Zero new listings, only relisted like 6 items, and shared an average of around 900 a day.

Results: Came so close to matching March’s gross number! Other things: cleared out a ton of inventory that wasn’t selling, marked down stuff, and sent offers.


What Have I Learned in 2018?

(so far)

Well, honestly, success can look different to different people. And before you think, “Wow, she is beating all her numbers! I can’t do that!” Don’t assume! I look back at my 2017 numbers and think… what was I even doing? Did I even TRY? Ha!

I have said it before: do what you can, when you can, until you can. If you have nothing to list, then share. If you are building your inventory, focus on listing. If you are trying to minimize your closet, send out offers. You can be successful regardless of what you have going on! Perhaps it’s about balance.

This brings us to the new month…


Oh, May! I have big plans for you!

First up, long weekend vacation and then we get to work!

  •  Closet overhaul is in the works. I am hoping to test out a new look.
  • Maintain consistencies and a “schedule” to maximize what I have learned over the past few months (aka BALANCE).
  • List and share as much as possible.
  • Trying more stuff…

I am giving the whole “follow” thing a go… I have never really been a fan of this method as I feel that followers do not equal sales (and time can be better spent sharing)… BUT, Poshmark is always changing and evolving so I am going to follow a handful a day and see if I see any noticeable boost in sales or activity.


Bottom Line:


You cannot rely solely on what you see, what people are saying, and what works for them.

Yes, you can learn from these things, but ultimately


YOU have to do the research

YOU have to test things out

YOU have to pay attention to your numbers and determine what works…

for YOU.


Regardless if you feel like you have tried everything OR if you are just starting out, it’s not a bad thing to try new things. Or old things. With Poshmark being an ever-changing and growing platform what worked yesterday may not work today and what worked last year might be what you should try!


What have you learned so far in 2018 and what do you have planned for May?



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10 thoughts on “What I Have Tried and Learned in 2018

  1. I could not agree with you more. There are many reasons why sales can slow down or grow in short periods of time.
    I do the same thing you are doing. If sales slow down with the strategy I am using, I switch it up. I was a buyer for a large global consumer packaged goods company. Analytics are good but, they cannot predict future sales. Even with multiple streams of data/information.
    There are so many factors involved with getting a consumer to purchase a product. And most of the factors cannot be controlled; not only in the Poshmark App but, in the entire process of getting a product sold from inception to cost of materials, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, etc, etc. I could go on forever. There is no formula for success in the marketplace. You’re best bet is to use your past experience, keep up with the innovation of the App, and continue to learn as the marketplace evolves.

  2. Great tips! About how many active listings do you keep in your closet? Also do you do self shares all at once or spread out over the day? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! My closet has fluctuated from 600 to now less than 350 this year. So I have been all across the board! As far as when I share. Every morning I share my entire closet between 4-5am and then whenever I feel like it though out the day. Almost never in the evening or night… that’s when I’m “off” work 🙂

  3. Another fantastic post! I have been working on “life issues” the last 30 days so listing activity has come to a screeching halt. I’ve noticed that as long as I share, edit existing listings (a little or a lot), and follow = some sales activity. Much better than $0.

    Sometimes we all need (or are forced to) take a break. I take advantage of waiting rooms, grocery store lines, and long hold times on the phone to do what I can with what I have.

    Unlike other sites, Poshmark buyers care about how active a seller is & will be more likely to purchase a recently shared /updated listing from a buyer online within the last 12 hours.

  4. great info! Can I ask how many active listings you maintain on average? I average about 60 so that means I would have to share at least 20 times a day to meet a 1200 shares per day goal

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