It’s Poshmark Party Time!

I have never been so excited to host a party on Poshmark!

This party is going to be held the evening of Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

But the absolute BEST part is who I get to co-host with…

I will be teaming up with the popular fashion blogger

Jessica from Cubicle Chic.




She gives amazing advice on how to stay fashionably appropriate at work… just check out her Instagram HERE.

And, of course, her Poshmark closet CubicleChic.


Also joining us is Lisa from the amazing Poshmark Closet




Believe me, her closet really IS fabulous! You can check out her Insta Style HERE.


I guess you can see why I am so excited… However, there is ONE problem…


The week leading up to the party I will be on vacation in LAS VEGAS (again). So I will need your help!!


As you may know, I have to choose 50-100 Host Picks… if you are lost as to what that is you can read about them HERE.


So, back to needing help… I need YOU to help me plan this party!!! I LOVE picking theme appropriate Host Picks from YOUR closets. Last party, half of my Host Picks came from the closets of GrayAsparagus readers.


Here’s how you can help…


Hidden in my closet, I have a Secret listing for YOU.


Head over there and tag your closet so I can check it out when we find out the theme.

You can tell your friends about this blog post, but no mass tagging in the Secret Listing PLEASE!

*** This is exclusively for GrayAsparagus readers so I can know who you are and be able to find your

theme-representing FABULOUS listings! ***

Here is a link in case you can’t find it… SECRET PARTY POST


Also, did you know that theGrayAsparagus is on Facebook? It’s a super easy way for us to stay connected and so you won’t miss anything!

Click HERE and let’s connect!


Thanks for all of your help! Let’s have fun!



Want to keep reading about Poshmark Parties?

For a detailed explanation about how a party goes down from start to finish, I explain it in this post Guide to Hosting a Posh Party.

13 thoughts on “It’s Poshmark Party Time!

  1. Thank you for this opportunity! Have a blast in Vegas, your party is going to ROCK~Debbi @paicar (formerly @debbimiller)

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