The Poshmark Police

The Poshmark Police


Please Note: The following is my opinion. I am just telling ya like I would tell a friend over coffee. Please see Poshmark blog link listed or email Poshmark Support with any questions regarding specific rules and regulations and how they apply to you.



If Poshmark had a #trending section… “Follow Posh Rules” would be trending day after day, hour after hour.

What is the big deal?

Let’s talk about. The what and why of it all.

I am going to paraphrase the majors it but for the details straight from Poshmark click HERE.

WHAT: Ok, so there are items you cannot list. If you can’t wear it or if it doesn’t enhance your look- don’t list it! Examples would be (but not limited to) napkin rings, bird houses, live animals, DVDs, and everything else you can pick up at a yard sale!

WHY: We want clothes. Poshmark is a FASHION & BEAUTY site! These items clutter the shopping atmosphere and take away from the whole point. Nothing spoils window shopping like seeing an old video game after drooling over a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. Yuck.

WHAT: You cannot list used makeup

WHY: it’s unsanitary and you can risk infection by sharing mascara, lip glosses, etc.

WHAT: Nail polish and perfumes

WHY: Yes, these are absolutely beauty items! However, Poshmark ships with USPS and these are prohibited items shipping the way we do. Enough said.

There are of course other items that cannot be listed so check out the link I shared above.

Here is WHY you should follow the rules

1. To qualify for a Host Pick

2. To become a Host

3. To become a Suggested User

4. To receive shares (some closets won’t share from those who are not compliant)

5. Gain followers (same as #4)

6. To get SALES (items 1-5 increase your chances)


The Poshmark Police

Should you enforce the rules?

Sure. But ONLY by reporting the listing through the Posh system. In the app, click on the item and in the top right hand corner is a box with an arrow, click on that and you will receive a “Report Listing” option. Follow the prompts. This goes straight to Poshmark and they can determine if it’s allowed and will handle it from there. You will remain anonymous and the seller will not know who or how it was reported.

What if it doesn’t get removed?

Well, it’s really not my business- Posh can take care of things how they deem it necessary.

Should you be helpful and let the Posher know?

Poshmark has specifically directed us not to comment on prohibited listings to let them know. If not well received, this could make YOU look bad to others. The “seller” may react poorly. We are asked not to confront. Period.

Here is the exception: if a newbie comes to you for advice- absolutely help them out politely and tastefully- but unsolicited advice is not advised.

Editor’s Note: I have witnessed such attempts at a Poshmark Citizen’s Arrest and while, yes, I grabbed some popcorn and watched the show, I do not advise being a part or contributing to the drama that will ensue.

If you choose to help, please make sure you know the rules 100%, misinformation can lead to further confusion and/or continued rule breaking.

What if you have personally listed or sold prohibited items?

What if you didn’t know the rules and want to change your ways?? Is it too late??

NOPE! It’s never too late!

First, immediately remove unsold listings that are not permitted. Then, email Poshmark Support ( and tell them you have seen the error in your ways and let them know you want to strictly follow Posh rules. While I cannot guarantee that they will remove the “sold” prohibited listings- they can certainly give you advice on how to move forward and be a positive member of the community.










14 thoughts on “The Poshmark Police

  1. This is BEYOND the most concise and accurate info for old and newbies alike. Bravo Elle! (I’m in love with your blog! So on point and FUNNY!) xoxo

  2. Elle, I have a question about my second-ever sale on Posh, way back last year. It was a bracelet that was Pandora style, and I didn’t yet know any better so I listed it as “Pandora-inspired” for the keyword and because well, it seemed accurate! I really wasn’t trying to pass it off as a knockoff and explicitly stated that it was not authentic, but in hindsight I should have left the word “Pandora” out altogether and just described the bracelet. Now I’m worried that it’s affecting my standing on Posh. What do you think?

  3. Hello Elle! I love your closet and blog!! So glad i follow you on Posh. Quick question-are cell phone cases prohibited? I know actual cell phones and electronics are but not sure about cases. I sold a Kate Spade case and now I’m nervous that I won’t meet qualifications to become a SU. I’ve e-mailed Posh support so hopefully they will review my closet. PLEASE let me get into the land of milk and honey, Posh :)!!

    1. Hi! I am 99% sure that they are allowed- but still good to ask. Even if they are not- I doubt they hold it against you since you didn’t know 🙂 Will you let me know what they say?

  4. My Biggest Pet Peeve? Non-PM Transactions. I don’t confront, but I absolutely report every single one I encounter. If a Posh User has solicited Paypal or Mercari on one listing, they have probably done it on others. I seek those out & report them. Why so vigilant you may ask? Because I play by the rules and pay the 20% Poshmark Selling Fee. Maybe, just maybe, if there weren’t an abundance of non-PM transactions, fees could get lowered. Or, maybe more discounted shipping promos. Just saying ….

  5. How should one handle a seller who doesn’t follow through? I’m new to PM this year and I’m a great buyer (quick to accept, give good ratings etc) I find it rather frustrating that I’ve made several purchases with either 1- no response to let me know that item not available any more or whatever, and 2- seller changed story several times- ie “I put it in the mail today, but I forgot your necklace” then, no shipping info was available and was told “it will go out tomorrow” then finally was cancelled by PM after the length of time . My point is, that these people are a waste of time. If I only have a budget for x amount of $, and it’s being held for transactions that are not going to happen, I am unable to buy from someone else who is legit. There really is not somewhere to give feedback if sale is not completed, and I think it’s absolutely fair to call people out. BTW, I have been on EBAY for 10+years and have only ever left 1 negative response, so I’m not looking to nitpick. I do not make purchases from people with poor feedback, and I wish there was a way to see on PM

    1. Ugh, how frustrating that would be Amy! I don’t think much can be done after it happens… but I like to “test the waters” prior to purchasing. I will check the shipping time in the sellers closet (in the “about” section) to see if I want to potentially wait… also I may throw out a question before purchasing like “If I purchase this today, when will you ship?” You can learn a lot by how fast they respond as to how active or seriously they take their closet. As a seller I had always wondered why buyers would ask “Available???” but it’s for this reason. If the sale goes bad/cancelled, you could always leave “polite” feedback on a listing… Like “I was disappointed that I purchased and this never shipped. If you ever chose to sell this- please tag me.” That way you are alerting other buyers but you will not potentially get the backlash that more negative comments can bring on. While asking questions prior won’t prevent all delinquent transactions it could hopefully make them less frequent.

  6. Concerning Poshmark 👮. Sellers actually!
    I am fed up with their harassing me every week seems a listing is targeted. Poshmark finds nothing wrong then puts listing back on. I’m sorry I have a totally different view. These are cowards that want to own a certain market.
    I have seen non compliant items in closets. It is none of my business. It is none of fellow poshers to decide if my closet compliant either.
    I don’t take kindly to it . I only listen to the Poshmark owners/ administration people. I feel it’s their job to check closets.

  7. Poshmark “police” is the reason why some of us HONEST sellers get discouraged. Me and a few other ladies have had numerous listings reported and taken down because people don’t know what they’re looking at with certain items and think it’s not authentic! I had a Louis Vuitton bag that was authentic with the receipt and everything in between and a group of “posh polices” kept reporting it. Some people just need to get out of other people’s business. Point blank and simple. Find something better to do, like self share your closet 56 hundred times!

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