New Poshmark Feature: Private Offer to Likers

Poshmark Private Offer to Likers

There is a new Private Offer feature on Poshmark.

Let me preface this by saying that as of today, not all users have access. Once this rolls out to all users there may be tweaks and changes. If you are reading this long after the fact- some details may be different. But this is from my experience the weekend after the launch.

So what is this new feature? Well, you might be wondering why you are receiving offers on items that you have only “liked” in passing. This, my friends, is the new Private Offer Feature!

I know, I know, the Private Offer Feature has been around for a while… for BUNDLES. But this is far more useful and effective. And, yes, it lives up to the hype.

Basics of the Private Offer to Likers Feature:

There is a new button on your listing:

You get 2 choices to promote your listing:

Regular Price Drop OR Offer to Likers.

You can send offers to all the likers of an item with two stipulations:

You must offer the at least 10% off.  Don’t worry there is a little calculator to help you decide how much to offer and if you can swing it.

You must give them a shipping discount of -1.50 (you pay 1.50, buyer pays 4.99) or free shipping (you pay 6.49, buyer gets free shipping). The shipping amount you pay as a seller comes from your profit after Poshmark fees. This, in my opinion, is what really seals the deal.



The Offer stands for 24 hours. The liker/potential buyer gets a notification once you submit the offer and also, they get an alert 1 hour before the offer expires! If someone takes you up on the offer and purchases, the ones who missed out will be alerted that they missed out on a great deal.


Why the Private Offer to Likers Feature WORKS:

  1. It’s shiny and new. People are caught off guard and are jumping on the offers. Seriously, this reminds me of when price drops first rolled out a few years ago.
  2. Discounted or Free Shipping. I mean, it’s no secret that both buyers and sellers agree that we would sell more if shipping were less… we can’t control Post Office prices but we can help foot the bill.
  3. The offer lasts longer. When you drop a price the old Closet Clear Out way- the “likers” get one hour. Just one. Now sure, sellers are glued to the app. But a buyer? They probably only check the app when they are looking for something and may or may not have price drop alerts set to show on their locked screen. But now, they have 24 hours to see and respond to the offer, unless someone else buys it first. This creates a new kind of urgency.

Other fun facts:

If you have sent out an offer and you get a new like, you can send the offer out again and it will go only to the new liker(s)!

It doesn’t matter what the historically lowest price was (like on a price drop), it is an offer based on your listing price! It just has to be 10% lower than your current listing price. (Yes, this means you can raise your price, then send an offer)

They can still counter. If they choose to counter- they forgo the discounted/free shipping. Don’t worry, Poshmark makes this very clear when they counter.

Seller Tip: Make sure to check your offer tab OFTEN if you are sending offers! The alerts can get confusing and there are TONS of them! You don’t want to miss out.

Some of the alerts are worded strangely. Note how this offer says “your” when it’s an offer she sent to me on her item:

(Yes, Apple, I know how to manage my storage, thanks…)

The Future of CCO and Private Offers:

Let me be honest for a second, we all know that Closet Clear Out has lost its steam in the past couple of years. It’s hit or miss for most sellers and far from how effective it used to be. Naturally, the Poshmark geniuses needed to find something to boost our sales and they delivered. I don’ know what the future is for CCO and I have no guesses as to whether it will continue as scheduled. BUT, I have a feeling that this new feature will slowly take over and become the norm.  CCO/price dropping still has a place for items that your bottom line cannot absorb shipping costs so it’s still nice for Poshmark to foot the bill on the shipping discount once in a while.


I Predict Big Changes to Likes…

I feel pretty confident that this will change how and why users “like” items. I just posted Likes on Poshmark where we discussed all the reasons someone may like a listing. Here is what I see happening…

1 Possibly Fewer Likes. People may not randomly like because they don’t want all the alerts. Less spam likes for sellers!!

2 More Serious Likes. You can’t watch from the sidelines anymore waiting on a price drop! A private sale may be going on with discounted shipping and potential buyers will need to like your listing so they won’t miss out.

Either way, it’s a win/win scenario.

Don’t forget, as with anything… You have to have someone who WANTS your listing. I had great success with this feature over the weekend- but I also got hundreds of declines on my offers. Basics still apply: You must have a great, quality item that people WANT with good photos and an accurate detailed description… otherwise its going to sit there at any price… even $5.

Lastly, since I have your attention, let me tell you about a new thing on the blog. There is a new menu option called Poshmark Basics it features short quick explanations of Poshmark Basics. If you have a new user asking questions, feel free to refer them to that easy to find section to answer their newbie questions!


What do you think about the New Private Offer Feature?



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30 thoughts on “New Poshmark Feature: Private Offer to Likers

  1. I absolutely love the new feature! I’ve had as many sales as I normally get in a month in just the past two days. Packaging everything has been a bit overwhelming but I’m not complaining!

  2. I question that fact that it was rolled out to certain sellers on a 3 day holiday weekend with closet closeout. I am at a big disadvantage as I watch others say they used it & immediately got sales. Consequently I am very unhappy with Poshmstk

    1. I can totally get the frustration! I didn’t get it with the first wave and I was anxious. It seems that they slowly roll out ALL new features just this one people LIKE so more users know about it and are really wanting it. Hope everyone gets it soon!

  3. I understand the concept of the slow’s the timing of Holiday 3 day Weekend combined with Closet Clearout that puts some of us at such a major disadvantage. Can’t compete with sellers that have this advantage. Happy for them, tho.

  4. Thanks for this post, already loving it myself but am being a little wary of how spammy it can look, espesh to those buyers who like several of our items. ;0)
    Q) When you say send out a private offer again & only new likers will get it – any idea if this applies after 24 hours? I’d love to do this but am wary of accidentally getting price reduction wrong by a few bucks (!) and buyers maybe remembering the other lower price (!) as well as the aforementioned spam situation.
    Btw, I noticed in the app, it only looks like a private offer to buyers, but if you receive email notifications it also warns buyers that this offer has been sent to the other X amount of likers, which is awesome….I hope they show this via the app too as it will create more urgency to buy!
    Anyways, it’s an overall very positive change thus far I believe!

    1. “When you say send out a private offer again & only new likers will get it – any idea if this applies after 24 hours?”

      Sadly, yes, this does apply even after 24 hours unless, and this is just a guess, you make an offer another 10% lower than the offer you sent out previously. I did some trial and error to determine this, so I may not be 100% correct. My test: I sent an offer twice within a week on the same item that didn’t sell the first time I offered. I could not remember what the lowest offer had been prior, so picked something I thought was better. Must not have been, since only new likers got it. On another item I did the same except I lowered the offer at least 10% below what I remembered was the lowest I’d offered prior, and it went to everyone. This is kind of a bummer since Poshmark does not have listed anywhere what my previous offers were and they don’t notify me that it won’t go to other likers unless I drop the price more. I’m hoping they’re working on it, but I did send a feature request to their support team 🙂

  5. I think this would be much more useful if there was an option to offer to people via the dressing room who had “liked” several items. I would be much more inclined to offer discounts/ foot some shipping if they were purchasing multiple items. To me this feature is not all that different than a standard price drop/ CCO.

    When I first heard rumors of this feature coming, that’s what I thought it would be.

    I am still a bit angry with Posh over they way they are choosing to calculate the shipping as a direct reduction. It is greedy when they already take 20%. Now buyers are going to expect reduced shipping but in reality both a buyer and seller would be better off just giving a standard discount then shipping discount but most people don’t do the math to figure that out. The only one that wins in the new reduced price shipping game is Poshmark when they take their larger revenue cut.

    I think the initial rollout may be good (not that I have it yet) as people are rediscovering old “likes” but going forward I am wary of the impact.

  6. Thanks for this post! I had no idea about this feature. I’m excited to get it rolled out the all the “regular” folks. Thanks for always keeping us in the know!

  7. Great. Now not only do we have lowballers, but lowballers who want free shipping as well. Dressing room thing makes no sense to me either. Havent posted listings for a while, may not ever again. Just don’t like Posh any more.

  8. I love this feature! I only made 2 sales with the feature over the weekend, but 2 is better than none! I only did the $4.99 shipping option so maybe I’ll see more sales with free shipping. I also kept a record of the price that I offered on every item to see if offering lower prices will result in more sales next time.

    I did however, get tagged by one person who told me to “stop spamming them with offers” and that they were tagging everyone who offered to them. But this feature was/will be great for weeding out likers like that who like things and forget about them or like without the intent to buy.

  9. Anyone know when it will rollout to everyone? Still waiting in anticipation for this feature! I hate getting notifications for my likes and not being able to offer this to my buyers!! ):

    1. Hi Morgan! I haven’t seen any announcements from Poshmark… I know some of my friends got it last night and maybe some today. Kept checking for updates in the App Store!!

  10. Dude this feature is obnoxious. I keep a large amount of likes because I’ve been on here a long time. My phone battery is getting sucked dry and I’m getting bombarded with “private offers” on my feed. If this is a thing I would like to be able to have the option to turn off this specific notification.

    I’d also like to add as full time seller on Posh I can say that I’m not a fan of the feature on that front either- I miss important notifications because my feed is drowned offers and redundant notifications following an offer. Consantly. The point of a private offer is that is is for an individual – isn’t price dropping essentially the same notification but less annoying? I dunno maybe I don’t like change, but this needs some bugs sorted out.

  11. A s someone who both sells and buys on Poshmark often and for years now, I DETEST this new feature. I have already lost important comments because my feed is flooded with offers from items I have liked. I also hate how it says “your” item, super confusing and aslo gets my hopes up that there is an offer on my item. I get emails and dings all. day. long. It makes me want to shy away from liking any items I may want to come back and look at later. As a seller I haven’t seen sales from using it either. Maybe my opinion is unpopular and I just need to give it time, but as of right now I am not a fan.

  12. I don’t like being inundated with unsolicited offers! I was confused when it started happening. I might have liked 5 owl tank tops in the past, but after comparing my likes will only get one. I don’t go back and unlike my likes because it doesn’t seem nice, plus I might want another owl tank top in the future. I feel like we should be able to shop our likes in the future.

    And as a seller, I know that when people like my items, they’re shopping around. One time I liked a pair of Hello Kitty sleep pants. Then I went to my mom’s house and realized she had two of my old pairs, which I took home. You’re telling me now I have to go through my likes and unlike the Hello Kitty pants? As a seller, a better thing to do is delete the listing and relist–get a whole new crop of likers and see if anyone buys. Likes don’t really mean anything anyway. A serious buyer will buy or make an offer right away.

    Also, reduced or free shipping is not a good precedent to set. Next time, see for yourself–give free shipping and see the total amount you’d get…then go back and set it to no free shipping, minus $7 (yes, SEVEN dollars) and you would get more money for your sale! I’m hesitant to give free or discounted shipping anymore, and now Poshmark wants to make it the norm.

  13. I agree it was confusing at first. It clogged up my comments and offers tab and got my hopes up that I made a sale. But I did make a purchase from it. A really good deal.

    I did not have the feature after searching for it on the app. I then updated my app and it appeared. I tested the waters and will see if it improves my sales.

  14. Not liking it at all. 1) It has a spammy stalker feeling-let people shop and like in peace including myself. 2) Poshmark is getting too greedy-footing the bill for shipping takes a big chunk out of your pocket when PM already eats 20%. Discounted shipping during closet clearout drops helped ease the shipping pain for buyers & helped move sales. It causes me to feel like I need to raise prices to make it worth my time to sell, but pricing expectations for buyers have already been set. Plus, feeding the huge lot of low ballers an entitlement expectation to free & discounted shipping is a no-win. 3) I moved the most sales during closet clearouts. I believe that more people were on the app because they were hunting for great deals. I haven’t moved a thing with the new drop-only receiving a bunch of declined offers.

    1. To add, now I’ve got people tagging me on an item asking me if I’ll drop the price to a certain price and 4.99 shipping. Pretty sure this will be the slow winding down of my Poshmark experience, which up until now had been a fun hobby outside of my full time job and paid for some college living expenses for kids. & still no sales from it – all of my sales (15-18 a weekend) come from offering likers to put items in a bundle & being able to deeper discount multiple items together.

  15. This is nothing but a nuisance to me because I’ve noticed a lot of party hosts have quit listing their parties because, & I’m guessing here, but what if you are hosting a party & you are REQUIRED to “like” at least 100 or more items & then you get all these priviate offers on top of all the party tags, listing tags, comments etc it would be a NIGHTMARE for hosts! And it keeps my ph dead constantly with all these notifications & my email clogged to where it’s hard to distinguish priviate offers from someone or if someone’s actually sending an offer on one of my items! So def an opt out feature for this one needs to be implemented & a lot of tweeking!

  16. Where do you find this private offer to likers? Does it say that on the item details? I can’t tell if I have it or not.

    1. Hi Laurie! If you tap on your listing, in the bottom right corner it should say “price drop” and then you have 2 options to either send private offer (to likers) or public price drop. I have an iPhone so not sure if it looks different on an android. Hope that helps!

  17. I have made numerous offers to liners and none have resulted in a sale. At the most, I have received counter offers which amount to them getting a discount plus free shipping. On principle, I decline or at least counter to cover part of the shipping but I think I price my items fairly. If I wanted to sell an item for less than half, I would have listed it that way to begin with.

  18. I totally agree with Cambi,the winding down, if not the end of my Poshmark involvement. I used to enjoy Posh, but at some point, it ended up just being an aggravation of lowball offers, and even some nasty people. Lauren is correct in saying that if I wanted to sell an item for less than half, I would just list it that way! I now have only one item listed, and most likely won’t list any more. Nice while it lasted, I guess.

  19. Also, I noticed that today is Closet Clearout day. If I lower prices by 10% is that a permanent discount or only for the 6-hour window? I would hate to lower my prices and then not have it result in any sales and be stuck. Also, what sort of shipping discount is offered to my likers?

    1. Hi! Closet clear outs are Markdowns for everyone. I would check the terms on the announcement and it should say what the discounts are this round. I haven’t looked and they are different sometimes.

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