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My Thoughts on NWT, NWT Retail, and the Boutique feature

…on Poshmark

(If you do not have Boutique feature yet, update your app. The Android update will come in the next few weeks. If you still cannot view the feature- you can read about it on the Poshmark Blog HERE.)

Disclaimer: I have been trying to write a post about “Retail” for some time now…

The only way for me to get my thoughts out is to just throw them out there.

So here you go:

I generally do not shop Poshmark “NWT Retail.”

NWT means New With Tags.

“NWT RETAIL” is when a seller buys at wholesale from a distributor and sells it, thus, becoming the retailer of the item.

“NWT RETAIL” is not when you go to Macy’s and find a deal on clearance and put it in your closet.

That is just plain NWT.

“NWT RETAIL” is not driving to an outlet mall and purchasing items to list in your closet.

That is just plain NWT.

I would purchase from a Poshmark “Boutique” if I loved the piece.

I purchase what is my style, not what is trending.

For instance, I hate blanket scarves.

I do, however, love blankets and sleep under 3 of them.

I RARELY purchase full price or at a mall.

“Retail” is the equivalent of a mall, in my opinion.

I do not think all “NWT Retail ” is cheap or poor quality clothing.

I admire Poshers who sell retail- it’s not an easy business.

Sometimes they make it look easy- that’s because they are good.

Not everyone would be good.

It can be very profitable.

If you are good.

I have several actual boutique stores near me that sell a lot of the same/similar merchandise.

The clothing is very popular.

I live in a Top Ten Market.

Not everyone lives in a big city.

Not everyone has access to big name retail stores.

Not everyone can drive 15 minutes to an Outlet mall and shop Saks Off 5th.

There is enough room for all sellers.

I have sold a minuscule amount of “retail.”

Yeah, I dabbled.

I did not like it.

I may do it again, only if I LOVE the merchandise.

Don’t hold your breathe.

I shop pre-owned for my own personal wardrobe.

I love consignment.

I love the thrill of the hunt.

I wear jeans almost every day.

Ok, every day.

I want quality over quantity.

Free People is made in China (I checked the tags).

Kate Spade is made in China (I checked the tags).

Quality can come from China.

Lots of “NWT Retail” is made in USA.

Just because there is a new retail “Boutique” feature- it doesn’t mean my sales will suffer.

It doesn’t mean YOUR sales will suffer.

Will it ultimate HURT those who sell “NWT Retail”?

They just got their own section.

Now, buyers can see how many “Boutiques” are on Poshmark and who sells the same stuff.

Some sell different stuff.

There are a lot of buyers who “hate” NWT Retail and would never purchase it anyway.

Just like there are tons of buyers who would NEVER shop pre-owned.

Buyers will start comparing prices.

NWT Retail pricing may become more competitive causing prices to be lower and less profitable.

I mean, there is a whole SECTION now.

People can think for themselves.

Everyone is different.

Be nice.


Final Thought on the Boutique feature:


I’m not packing up my Poshmark Closet yet…. I think it’s gonna work out just fine for everyone.




31 thoughts on “Poshmark Retail and the Boutique Feature

  1. Honestly, the announcement made me think that my sales would suffer but after reading your post, I feel better. I thought Posh was only selecting a few Retail sellers at a time to be in the boutique. I misunderstood. I personally do not care for the Retail aspect for myself and like you, enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” for my personal clothing. Thank you for your post as this helped ease my mind tremendously.

    1. Hey Sondra! From what I understand they will be rotated and monitored to insure compliance with “Retail” guidelines. I just counted the closets currently “featured” and I got to 140 before my eyes started to cross. That’s a lot. I have been thinking of retail a lot lately and kept trying to write a post… after the boutique announcement I gathered these thoughts- I think it’s going to be just fine 🙂 Glad it helped ease your mind as well!

  2. Great post. I love the stream of consciousness! Selling NWT Retail is a good way for closets to get exposure. I wouldn’t invest heavily in it as a seller though because I can see it being too competitive. I think it has been a great deal for the wholesalers! Not only are they moving inventory, but they are getting great advertising for their brand through Poshmark. As a buyer, I only plan to purchase NWT Retail directly from the wholesaler, and it wouldn’t be for the purpose of reselling and turning a profit. It would be because I like something and it’s being offered at such a great price that I would keep one for myself and gift or sell the other four in the pack. And I like the blanket scarves! So let’s debate that! 😉

  3. There are two main reasons I think that this will ultimately fail or evolve into something else. The first one is it is no longer profitable to buy wholesale for pennies on the dollar and sell it retail. That’s why those of us who used to sell on ebay who bought liquidated merchandise by the pallet have stopped. Unless you buy by the shipping container or truckload and offer free shipping you cannot sell in the market place any longer. I believe the future of all of this is the second hand market.

    Secondly, if the monitoring of the retail is anything like Poshmark’s monitoring of the rest of the site you can forget it because they do not monitor or police the site as they should or like they say. Myself and other people who consistently report fakes and other items are only disappointed when nothing is done about them. When you select the report listing it’s a robotic app. It’s only going to take a few bad apples and a huge influx of sellers to phase this out.

    Also, from what I understand, if I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me, they are offering to sell Poshmark users wholesale merchandise if you have a business license. This is now turning Poshmark into a middleman or jobber, which is great for them, but it’s just one more person that’s stepping on the price. Maybe the people who do not live in large cities will find this helpful only time will tell but people who are in major markets who have their own access to liquidators will not. I am personally not worried about this part of Poshmark at all and I do agree, be nice. That is never bad advice!

    1. Shana, great thoughts especially since you were/are big into eBay! Thank for commenting- I wanted to hear what you thought after our Instagram conversation. I did the “retail certification” (which is basically a girl scout pledge to uphold the rules and etiquette guides (Think “The first rule of Fight Club…”). You do not need a business license like all the pro- boutique sellers have, which makes it a great way for the rest to get their feet wet and see what it is all about. Again, I think a lot of people think it’s simply- but as you know- it’s not!

  4. I have also tried looking into selling retail items. But just like you I’m not very interested in the items themselves. The whole reason I joined Poshmark was to find gently used and brand new items from brands that I love for so much cheaper than the retail price. Also, when I was really researching where to purchase retail items outside of Poshmark, I have found that some Poshers go onto sites that sell clothing items for as low as $3 buy them in bulk and then mark the prices up to about $35 on Poshmark. These sites are an easy way to get over that Wholesale/Resale Certification/Tax I.D. requirement that other wholesale retailers have. I find that that type of NWT Retail can be really misleading because anyone can go on that site and purchase these items for the $3 price. Not to mention, the quality of these items are not great. One of my pet peeves with NWT retail is the fact that the stock photo of the item is so amazing and then the the actual photographed item is less than. I have nothing against NWT retail, I think it’s a great feature on Poshmark and it adds diversity to the platform. And I have liked and thought about purchasing NWT Retail too! But, I still think that the majority of people who are joining Poshmark and who joined Poshmark are looking for that pair of Nikes or that Madewell sweater they’ve been wanting for a discounted price. My conclusion is…there’s hope for everyone 🙂

  5. I’m so not feeling NWT RETAIL😵 Seriously? Thousands of nightmarish socks just don’t do it for me. Competing against friend & foe alike and for what? So buyers will see who has the cheapest widget? There is no parity in sizing, either. That’s gotta hurt your market share since the average size woman in the U.S. is a size 14! I have 5 items NWT RETAIL, but I purchased them for me and my gal pals for an outing, had a few left over and posted. I actually have a person mad at me because mine are price about half the price of hers. I don’t want them! Why not price them to sell? Geeez…it’s not that serious…to me, anyway.

    I came to Posh for those great bargains found in other Posher’s real closets! Those shoes that hurt, the coat that’s the wrong color for her and just my cup of tea! I want your purse you hate and I want my gently used stuff to go to an appreciative home. I simply sell to buy more ‘stuff’. The wholesale vendors are getting a bargain version of the next Top Design show. I hope they succeed, but include me out. I’m just not that woman. We can all buy those things for $4 or $5 from bigger vendors….there really isn’t a secret society thing to it. $30 socks? My feet wouldn’t understand what happened to my brain. (The sock analogy is just that, an analogy, LOL)

    OTOH…got a gently used Coach bag you just don’t want? Hit me up, it’s probably one I’m looking to buy! Then again, this is my hobby, not my living. I’m insatiably nosey and I wanna dig thru YOUR stuff. I never, EVER sell something I wouldn’t wear, I just don’t wanna wear it! I also sell some NWT…you know, those shoes you just love until it’s time to wear them to the palace ball and they kill your feet! (True story that) I actually believe there’s a place for every serious seller. I seriously want to sell my stuff so I can buy yours. But 140+ Boutiques mostly all using the same wholesalers? Nah…I like some freak in my chic and I want my phunk uncut! Now Posh has confirmed Apple Pay and (GASP) PayPal will be valid pay methods. I actually wrote to support for confirmation of what seemed like runaway rumours. It’s true and will shortly be available to all. I actually feel a hot mess brewing since monitoring what is posted is an uncorrected epic failure. SUs were told last year a kids and a men’s division are in the offing. Okay, I need a hall monitor over here. All change isn’t necessarily productive. In the meantime, got EUC stuff? Hollah at a sistah! I’m always looking for a good bargain!.

    I’m sorry if I’m rambling, I had surgery yesterday and I’m sincerely scrambled on my mds, ROFL!

    1. Oh, Kaye, I do love your comments! First, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you are on the mend! Secondly, you just dropped a few bombs- will Apple Pay and PayPal just be ways to send funds through Posh? I certainly hope the methods they use now will continue to be option…

  6. Thanks, Elle! I just LOVE your blog! I also love you new name! Totally on fleek, PFF! Thanks also for the speedy recovery wishes! Gotta say of all the surgeries I’ve had this one made an immediate improvement…almost ruined my beachside time in Cancun, but that’s a story for another day; enough Corona with lime makes most stuff bearable, LOL!

    As for Apple Pay & and (GASP) PayPal, FB & Twitter were going wild with speculation! I’m thinking, um…did anybody just ASK? Apparently not, LOL, so between my surgery and drug induced stupor I was able to send an email to support that was lucid. The answer was short and minimal: Yes, Apple Pay and (GASP) PayPal are being added as PAY methods. Not all users can see them…currently you need an IPad or IPhone. Android will soon follow after the Fruit Brigade is up to speed. Of those who can see them on the pay screen, they are not (or weren’t Thursday last) functional. That was the absolute sum total of my answer. I was able (just barely) to explain I’m a very active SU & mentor and my baby Poshlettes have serious concerns and questions. Guess they have to wait with the rest of us. This is the first major rollout I’ve known to happen without at least warning the SUs beforehand.

    They offered no other info and HQ is usually a bit more verbose. That really concludes all I know that I can verify. FB & Twitter are still all abuzz. Some have updates, others don’t. They didn’t announce the new Boutique feature beforehand and according to at least one Boutique owner, they weren’t warned about the feature, selection process, nothing. Since I don’t do Apple products, I’m not among those who can even see changes, working or not. Since (GASP) PayPal has been such a big no-no on Posh you can’t even type he words on the site, I find it a bit humorous it will now be allowed. I can’t imagine how it will work since using it allows transactions to elude the infamous 20% Posh fees. I’ve always counted those fees as the cost of doing business on Posh and price accordingly. Now what? I want your asparagus, I text you, we take it to (GASP) PayPal? Can I download my balance to (GASP) PayPal? If my customer wants to use her Posh balance, will she pay more than my (GASP) PayPal customer? No one is saying and my brain is too post op addled to think it through.

    I still have the 2015 email from our notification of the addition of items for children & men…under separate divisions. However, no further word on that either. Currently, I can type in diapers, contact lenses, neckties and tires in the search box and bring up every one of those prohibited items in goodly sized quantities. Monitoring prohibited items has always seemed problematic….I can’t even begin to imagine additional items and pay methods being seamlessly integrated into the Posh platform. OTOH, I’m only a Posh hobbyist, having fun and enjoying people. If this is your living, you may have more cause for concern than just my being a Nosey Nelly😵

    PS: Please forgive all the gasping, but adding 😱😱 PayPal is a serious shock to me! Happy Valentine’s Day💕

    1. So you think it’s not a form of payment on the back end? I have my credit card linked for purchases- I would assume that PayPal would be another source you could “link”?

  7. I’m not sure what is going on with Poshmark lately, but it seems to me that since the Boutique feature came out (where it shows on the main feed), my name hasn’t been showing up on the Suggested User “wheel” at all anymore. I’ve already messaged Posh support about it to confirm that I’m still a SU, they say that I am. I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s frustrating because my followers are growing at a snails pace now instead of shooting up like they were for the past few months. I’ve messaged a few other sellers about this too and they agree that something is different but nobody can put their finger on exactly what is going on. I don’t show up in the Boutique list either even though I think I technically should since I have over 10 NWT Retail items in my closet (NOT purchased on Posh). I don’t like how they are selling NWT retail directly to sellers on there. Too much competition, not enough variety, and pricing wars are going to be the issue shortly I think. I think sellers need to just be smart enough to find their own sources for inventory so that they can remain more unique to themselves. If everybody is selling the same thing, nobody is going to be known for anything in particular and that’s just boring. Anybody have insight on the SU list?

    1. I can only speak for my own rotation, and I actually keep track of how many times I am rotated on week a weekly. I have not noticed a difference recently or heard anyone talking about it. But I can say that back in November and December I was barely rotated. I can only assume that it is because so many closets are being “promoted” to SU status. From what I read in the Boutique FAQs on Poshmark’s blog, it said it would be on a rotation as well so fingers crossed that you will been there soon! Let me ask you, the other SU closets that think something seems off- are they Retail closets? Wonder if you will soon be on the Retail Wheel perhaps instead…

  8. One of the other SU’s doesn’t have any retail in her closet, one does. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe that’s what it’s going to be, the retail wheel instead. As long as I’m still on SOMETHING! 🙂

    1. Hopefully it won’t make a difference! Most of the Boutiques I have seen in the section have their own suppliers. Good Luck and hope you are featured SOON!!!!

  9. I’m kind of confused- are the boutique sellers totally separate from the rest of us now? I.e you can find them exclusively in Boutique?
    I’m asking because my “boutique” sharers have completely disappeared…is this thing like the Bermuda triangle, or they are just that busy?
    Btw, Elle, I have been catching up on your blog, it is INCREDIBLE- AND I am getting no Poshing done because I am just captivated lol 😉

    1. Renee, They are not separated totally, but there is just a category for them with rotating featured closets. For instance, you can search “Nike” and all the Nike brand listings come up- but previously you could not search boutiques because everyone has them labeled differently. So if you hit the “Boutiques” section now- you get a variety of closets to shop from. Does that make sense? How do you feel that your sharers have disappeared? Are they Poshers that you share with on a normal basis or just sharers in general?

  10. They were Poshers that shared back and forth daily, sometimes multiple times. I have mixed feelings, the ones that were strictly retail and I don’t have too much in common, her buyers don’t want my second hand J. CREW sweater that you cannot find anymore, and likewise, mine don’t want her retail item that everyone else is selling. However, the true Boutique, the brick and mortar or consignment shops, yes. I have morphed into a consignment store myself, my walk I’m closet is now a Posh closet! Lol , but truly I think those relationships can be fruitful. Not only for shared viability and visibility, but for referrals too…”oh I saw that in @XYZ’s closet, let me tag you in.
    You know?

  11. For me personally, the Retail aspect has lessened my love of Posh.
    I used to enjoy curling up on the couch with wine “liking” all these great, unique pieces. I’d drool over my newsfeed and get excited over the opportunity to bundle, or when a seller had a flash sale. I had literally 100s of likes.
    Since Retail, I’ve become bored with my news feed. My list of “likes” has not grown much, and my purchases (as well as sales) has dwindled to near nothing.
    I know Retial is great for some, but for those of us not fond of it, I would LOVE to see a filter added to only see NOT NWT. Perhaps it’d reawaken our love of the “hunt,” a good bargain, and possibly the perfect purchase! @steve383

  12. I was a little discouraged when NWT Retail came out, but you’re right it does seem to have its upsides. I bought a romper awhile back..It was sold as “NWT” and when I got it, not one tag. Just a tiny “XL” on the inside. But this item was sold as a small (?!). Later on I joined wish.com to find the exact romper being sold for $2 US dollars ($1 shipping) & using the exact same pic being sold out of China. I bought mine for $32.00 + shipping.
    And you are right- there is plenty of quality Chinese manufacturing. I looked at the Poshers site recently and she’s still doing it of course. I was new to Posh then and this was my very first purchase, but now I know better…The user went crazy when I returned it. Going on about how I wouldn’t be allowed to do so. It taught me a few lessons as both a seller & shopper. Most important- I only buy brands I know now because everything from those wish sites are labeled as “boutique” on Posh. It’s actually a shame for quality boutiques that might have good quality Chinese/US clothing. ….my latest annoyance: Lacoste shirts! I could write a book alone on the fake gators & buttons I’ve seen lately on there. Posh is prob not the best place to buy Lacoste if it being authentic is important to you. Me? If it looks pretty much 99% like it I don’t care, im not paying 1/2 the price so… Btw I Love your blog!

  13. Hi Elle,
    I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog these past few days. I find myself nodding in agreement to many of the things you have written. I’ve only been actively selling on Posh for about a month and a half and find that I’m making more sales than I anticipated. I have a nose for sales and have always been able to find treasures at thrift stores and consignment shops. I know I can be successful but I am going out of my mind figuring out all the tax and business logistics. I know that once I start pursuing this in order to make a profit, I am obligated to pay taxes. My head is spinning with what steps I need to take. Like, do I need to have a permit to sell used clothing? If so, what kind? Do I need to create a business? If so, should it be a sole proprietorship or LLC? How do I Get and EIN number? It’s driving me nuts!!! I know that you can’t give legal advice but I am merely asking for information pertaining to what routes you have personally taken. The reason I ask you is because 1) You almost solely sell secondhand clothing, which is what I intend to do. 2) You do it successfully 3) I respect your intelligence and perspective. PLEEEEEEEEASE HELP ME! I don’t want to increase my sales only to find it was a waste because I owe uncle Sam all of my profit. I’m just asking for some tips that will help me get started/headed in the right direction. It’s so confusing eek! Feel free to contact me personally at my email if you feel comfortable doing so. Anyway, All the best and thanks!

    1. Hey Jody! Thank you so much! It sounds like you are on the right path. You should consult an accountant for your particular situation and state laws. They can also guide you to the resources to form a business and obtain licensing if you decide that is what is best for you. And yes, it is very smart to figure it out in the beginning to see how far you want to go and if it will be profitable in the long run. Sorry I cannot guide you further but an accountant is key!

  14. Hey Love, I’m not sure if you answered this question yet or not. However, I have purchased some merchandise from the wholesale portal and I’ve noticed that other closets have the same items for a lot cheaper than the suggested prices. With that being said, do you know where I can find other whole sale companies to purchase from that have a good reputation? I would like a more creative, Fun and diverse selection. Thank you and I appreciate any advice💋

    1. Hi Heather! That is the million dollar question! I do not sell wholesale so I do not have any recommendations… I would recommend starting with a google search and go from there. Sorry I cannot be of more help- it’s not a route I plan to go so I have limited knowledge. Good Luck!

  15. Do you need a sellers permit to sell resell items on poshmark found at thrift stores, garage sales, of off clearance racks? Im not finding a lot of info on what permits are needed and at what point do you report taxes? Love the blog!

    1. Hi Lisa, that’s not a question I can answer. You should meet with an accountant to find out what is needed/necessary for your situation and in your state. Hope that helps!

  16. Let’s say you do buy your items wholesale from another vender (not Poshmark Wholesale)… can you still list the item as boutique? I’m pretty new to the Posh community (3months). I have been certified to start a boutique but I personally don’t like prices of Poshmarks wholesale and don’t think their items would be profitable at all.

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