Poshmark Rules: The Day I Got Flagged

There is one mistake you could be making in your Poshmark closet… unknowingly.

Something that could be stopping you from becoming a Suggested User and from Hosting a party.

How do I know?

Because it happened to me.

The warning came in the form of an email. Subject line: “Note from the Poshmark Team”.


To fully explain, I must give you the background:

I requested to Host a Poshmark Party

I hosted a “Rock Star Style” party last March. As per protocol, you can request to host again after 3 months. I completely forgot to email my request until July.

When November came around, it was exactly 4 months since my request and I started noticing that all my friends are hosting and getting their party emails. I know that I sent my email in the same week as some of my friends and still nothing for me.

I received a reply from Poshmark

Then I finally get an email! Note from the Poshmark Team.


When you request to host (or become an SU) and your name comes up to be reviewed- they seriously review your closet! Apparently it’s pretty in-depth…

My closet was violating Poshmark rules

The email I received stated I had a listing that was flagged in violation. I was beside myself because I follow the rules, damn it! I don’t sell perfume or run around pay pal-ing it up on the side! I don’t list all the used make up I will never use.

So, back to the violation…

One of my listings had “Urban Outfitters” as the brand and then in the description I stated that the brand was “Tela” which is sold by Urban Outfitters. I took a deep breath and emailed for clarification. In my understanding, Urban Outfitters does not manufacture their own clothing line- at least not anything that actually has the tag “Urban Outfitters” sewn in. I selected the UO brand, otherwise someone may not recognize “Tela”. I mean, they have Urban Outfitter brand parties in the afternoon- how else do you get it in the party?!?!

I sent the email, politely stating my case. I really DON’T want to be in violation and if it’s deemed wrong, then it’s wrong.

Of course this happened the Friday of Posh Fest weekend so I didn’t hear back until Monday.

How to avoid a closet violation

The conclusion? They responded very quickly and provided more info…

In a nutshell, Posh Support is cracking down on misrepresented brands such as ASOS and Free People (those 2 brands were examples mentioned in email) because while, yes they are stores, they also manufacture their own branded clothing. So just because you purchase it at the store- it may have another name on the label.

They did confirm that Urban Outfitters does not sell their own brand, therefore you can categorize the brands they sell Urban Outfitters.  So I wasn’t in violation after all.

They reviewed my closet again and invited me to host my 3rd party on January 22, 2016.

Take it as a learning experience

I like to spin things to make negatives into positives, and this is what I learned:

  1. If you get rejected for a program, they will let you know so you can correct it. This is fantastic!
  2. They are serious about the details- it goes beyond just selling counterfeit products, DVDs, and nail polish.

With this in mind, I reviewed my own closet, and to make sure that I didn’t have any other “stores” listed as brands. I double-checked my “Victoria’s Secret” items to make sure they were correct and also that I didn’t have a department store listed as a brand, etc.

Still confused about branding?

Here is a prime example: if the brand is “Mossimo Supply Company” you would select that brand… NOT “Target.”

If you have any questions about the brand to select I would recommend being proactive and send support@poshmark.com an email to ask. A good rule of thumb is to put the exact brand as it is stated on the tag in the article of clothing.

Please, please, please do not use the brand as a “selling” tool. Not only is it completely against the rules, it can be frustrating for potential buyers. I was shopping on Posh the other day by doing a brand search and found a gorgeous listing at a phenomenal price. When I read the description I learned it was a completely different, lower quality brand. Adding “looks like” , “inspired by” , “comparable to” in the description does not make it acceptable.

If you do receive that dreaded email, don’t be afraid to request clarification. You never know… and more information can only make your closet better! Don’t forget- when you email Posh support- only send it once.. if you are in panic mode and send multiple emails, it gets sent to the back of the waiting list.

Have you been in violation and didn’t even know it? Feel free to share in the comments… I’m sure everyone would like to know what else could be lurking in our closets!





25 thoughts on “Poshmark Rules: The Day I Got Flagged

  1. Omgosh! So you were right but Posh thought you were wrong by using UO and Tela but that’s okay now? However, we should or shouldn’t list using the brand i.e. BCBG Red shoes? Where are these rules listed? How would you have known without wanting to be a co host? If you’ve purchased wholesale ( not from Posh no-curvy-girl merchandise available wholesalers, but I digress) is Boutique not a valid brand? Particularly, if you don’t want to “share” your vendor relationships, leave off the brand altogether? I’m a card carrying SU, LOL, and I’m not giving up my couple of vendors so I’m out of compliance? Time for another nap…I’m confused😴😴😴

    1. Hey Kaye! I can only assume that the person who “flagged” may not have know about UO, not sure because it was a generic email. Definitely use the brand name in the listing title!I am only referring to the brand assignment selection. I can only assume that “boutique” is ok because it’s everywhere and most people know what that means. But I do not sell Retail so you may want to check with Posh. The rule is to list the items as what brand they are but the issue that I ran into is just a small nuance, and yes, probably only caught because I requested to host. I’m sure there are bigger fish to fry in the rule enforcing world!

  2. Great post… Probably why it’s taking so long for me to host again, kinda reverse of yours. I made a post actually showing the rule about not mislabeling and tagged two girls stating kindly that I didn’t know if they were aware (it was driving me crazy seeing so many “visibility” listings under the j crew brand!). They didn’t like that too much and I’m sure they flagged me for harassment, I learned to just report, and don’t talk to rule breakers. Shoot, I can think of lots girls who would want to flag me for not wanting to sell to them due to their rude offers, PP requests etc., as well as asking a girl to take down my photos. Now you have me wondering what’s the deal, and if it’s even worth questioning, since it’s a he said she said. (I am a strict rule follower and SU), sigh.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply😊 . I think I understand, kinda. It’s a big deal when people put a deceptive brand “for visibility’ (some people actually write that😕) in the little brand section. I’m searching for Coach and end up with some knock off because someone decided they needed more search capabilities. I don’t sell retail; I do sell NWT , different animals. OTOH, should I decide to apply to co-host, I’ll try to ask all my questions , beforehand. Thanks again for replying. Your blog posts are thought provoking.

  4. If OU doesn’t have it’s own brand, why have it as a “brand name”? That doesn’t make sense to me. Ah well. 🙂

    Adding to the confusion, I contacted Posh support about a possible rules change because I’d seen so many used and NWOT bras and swimsuits. They used to be unsupported items but now Posh allows them. What’s strange to me is that where they allow used bras and swimsuits, they do not allow used underwear. I explained to them that since swimsuits and underwear are worn the same way, they are equally unhygenic if they are used and that I don’t think used swimwear should be allowed. No word from them yet on this.

    I, too, have seen a lot of “visibility” listings and more than a few “cancel the purchase for free shipping” listings. Here’s hoping all of my reporting helps!

    Thanks for your great posts, Elle!

  5. Do you happen to know the rules are surrounding Anthropologie? I’m actually not sure whether Anthropologie has an in-house brand… I’ve been waiting for ever to host my second party! I posted my email to talk to a posher offline (obviously no offline transactions- so not worth the risk) and was flagged – so worried I’ll never be able to host!

    1. Hi Grace! I actually am not 100% sure… I have been keeping mine listed as the actual brand lately- but not sure the exact policy. I should probably email for clarification!

  6. Yay! Guess I wasn’t the only one griping about curvy girls being left out of wholesale, judging the comments left & the merchandise gone! Hooray!! I think? I’m on the jury panel still out on the whole ‘retail’ thing. But I digress, again. Now if I keep complaining maybe we’ll see fewer used sex toys. Ugh😣 😲 😉

  7. Hi I love your blog! But I am a newbie and now am worried about the way I have posted some sale items. I listed a bunch of jackets individually and wrote at the top of each one “will drop price 20%”. My thinking was I didn’t just want to drop all the prices because it wouldn’t look like they were on sale. But now I’m concerned that it looks like I am trying to get them free shipping? Is there a better/correct way to do this?
    Kate @zeldamc

  8. Of course I just got invited to host, so I wonder if it did take longer just to check account standings (and if I was flagged, nothing was justified) or if the list is just so long now it took more time than before… Either way I appreciate the post!

  9. If you find out any info on Anthropologie, I’d love to know. I’m a newbie and posted two Anthro dresses. One has sold, so I don’t think I can change the listing. I’m loving Poshmark, but I’m fretting over the rules.

    1. Hi Shannon! I asked Poshmark specifically about this and they said (I am paraphrasing) that to err on the side of caution- always list the brand as the brand that is on the tag. If the item is from a particular store, you can always mention that in the listing. I know that they have Anthropologie brand parties and EVERYONE lists their items as Anthro if it’s a brand they carry (Anthropologie carries hundreds of brands). So, it’s up to you. Will you get flagged? I cannot tell you for sure. I personally now only list items as they are tagged. It may take longer to be found and purchased but there is zero risk that a customer can claim “not as described” or “misrepresented” when they purchase it.

  10. Hey Elle! I think I’m about as addicted to your blog as I am with Poshmark itself🙂 I’m wondering what would happen if you sold a non-compliant item? So they look at your sold items or just ones that are still available. Since you can’t delete your sold items, are you pretty much out of luck for good?

    1. Hey Hannah! I can’t remember which post I addressed this in…. Maybe the one about become an SU, but, if you have sold non-compliant items in the past you can (at least you used to be able to) email support- tell them you want to follow the rules and be an example- and they will remove the items for you. A friend of mine did it a while back 🙂

  11. Aaah so I just ran across this blog post. I’ve probably read it before (because I love your blog) but I was doing a google search. My search was “what is poshmarks 3-5 recommendation.” And this blog came up. I haven’t found anything on the 3-5, but I’m glad I read this. When I had requested to be SU, I waited…and waited….and waited. I finally got an email from Posh. The subject had the words “suggested user” in it, so I got super excited bc it had finally came. Then I opened the email, and I was wrong. It didn’t come. I was in violation also, but they didn’t tell me why. I looked in my closet thoroughly and sent an email asking what the issue was. They told me it was a pair of Chaco’s I had sold. The title of the Chaco’s said they were kids’ size 6, equal to women’s size 8. They told me I was not allowed to sell kids’ items. I explained that I wear kids’ shoe size, and didn’t even think of it being an issue. I revived 2 emails after that from 2 different members of Posh support. The first said that even tho I wear kids’ size, it is against policy to sell them. The second email from someone else said “Congrats! You are not a Suggested User!” What? Needless to say, they did make me SU that day. 3 days later, we get the announcement that we can now sell men’: and children’s clothing. What?! You mean to tell me that I was told to wait 3 more months before requesting SU again all bc of a pair of Chaco’s that were a kids’ size and all along y’all were getting ready to announce we can sell kids’ items?! I’m guessing that’s why I got the second email saying I was now SU. So that’s my violation in a nutshell 🙂 I now have a kids’ section in my closet that does really well. I was hesitant and nervous when they announced the news of selling men & kids, but now I’m so glad bc I’ve made more money! Woohoo!

  12. So many typos! It’s supposed to say “Congrats! You are NOW a Suggested User!” And “Inreceived 2 emails” not “revived” haha

  13. I tweeted this… great post!!!! You are so right how was it supposed to go to that party if you don’t put it as that brand kind of silly huh? lol

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