Are You a Poshmark Seller Stylist?

Poshmark Seller Stylist

The new Poshmark Dressing Room feature got me thinking about the features that have been added over the past couple of years. Also, the constant reference to sellers as “Stylists”. Which makes me wonder… are YOU a Poshmark Seller Stylist? Am I?

The answer for me is simple. No, I am not.

I don’t connect with that term.

I will get back to that in a minute.

First, let’s discuss the connect between the Dressing Room and being a Poshmark Seller Stylist.

The Dressing Room and the Poshmark Seller Stylist

The Dressing Room and being a Seller Stylist seem to run hand in hand…

If you are a seller who actively helps customers put together outfits or you know someone’s specific taste- the Dressing Room is perfect for you! You can send your latest arrivals directly to that person. If you have a large closet you can pull out what they may have overlooked. I do like the fact that it is more private than a tag. This feature is touted as being “just like you are in a store!”

If you identify with being a Poshmark Seller Stylist then the dressing room is the natural evolution of what you love to do!

It’s Just Like a Store!

Chalk it up to the fact that I worked in retail for five ten fifteen a lot of years, but when I go into a store, I steer clear of sales associates. If they follow me into the dressing room I will be as polite as possible to say “I got this”. Why? Well, I have never wanted anyone’s opinion of what I should wear or cared if they thought it fits. I have plenty of my own opinions. I have been this way since I was three and wore the same dress without a care for a week straight. My mother would have to trick me into letting her wash it and I would move on to my next favorite.

The only time I have really sought out an opinion is on the rare occasion that I have used a personal shopper in a department store.

Am I the best dresser? Probably not.

Do I actually need their help? Perhaps.

However, I shop how I shop and I wear what I like. This is part of why Poshmark appeals to me as a shopper.

I think this is why I do not personally connect with the Dressing Room feature. If it’s “just like a store” then it’s not for me. And that’s ok!

So… Who is it for?

Not everyone is like me. Some shoppers love to discuss outfits and really utilize a sales associate’s knowledge of their store. There are plenty of Poshmark shoppers who want to have that one-on-one interaction and get the opinion of the seller who can actually see and feel the clothing item. There is obviously more than one shopping personality!

I have explained my shopping personality and you already know that as a seller I do not sell “boutique” in my closet… I feel like I also attract like-minded customers. The majority of my buyers know exactly what they like and which brands they must have. Since I don’t have multiple sizing, I have to wait for that unique customer who wants it and it’s in his/her size.

I do get the occasional “Will this match this..?” question. But my customer base seems pretty self-sufficient and they come to my closet to fill the gaps in their existing wardrobe. I love searching through obscure odds and ends; I’m guessing a few of my buyers do too.

Which would beg the question: What am I?

I am not a Poshmark Seller Stylist

Some love the idea of being a stylist and getting to be creative with outfits. But like i said in the beginning, I do not identify as a stylist.

I am a seller. I sell pre-owned and sometimes new clothing. I am at a point where I really believe in shopping pre-owned, I would love for the majority of my clothing to be just that. But again, just because I am not into shopping boutiques doesn’t mean that boutiques don’t belong. Remember, not everyone embraces pre-owned.

I am a clothing rescuer. I want to find amazing pre-owned pieces and if they don’t work for me, I want to share them with you.

I am having fun. Period.

That’s me.

If you are like me and don’t utilize every new feature to it’s fullest… remember that it doesn’t make it bad or even useless. Even I plan on using the Dressing Room in my own way.

Here is how I plan on using the Dressing Room…
  • I currently want a neutral print, cotton kimono that is no more than roughly 28 inches in length. No fringe and no polyester please! I need anywhere from a size XS- Medium. So if you have that in your closet- SEND ME YOUR SHARES!ย  (See, I just used the feature)
  • Also, if I ever host a party- I am going to request that closets send me shares for consideration. I think that’s a FANTASTIC use for it.

I am looking at the Dressing Room in a different way…

It’s a CLOSET SORTER. Take away the “dressing room” claim and you have something really useful for everyone. A CLOSET SORTER. Yep, who doesn’t want to view likes and bundles all in one place? Finally I can see if I liked more than one thing in a closet. Oft-times I have had a customer make 2 purchases from my closet in the same day not realizing they were both from the same closet. I have then had to ask if they want to bundle and then cancel both orders hoping they repurchase.This should help put an end to that confusion.

So for us who may not see this as a game changing update… let’s appreciate that the seller stylists out there love it. If it helps buyers buy, then I am all for it!

The next update might be something we all get excited about…like *AHEM* uploading photos simultaneously and a “draft” option for listings. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

Do you identify as a Poshmark Seller Stylist or have you found a creative way to use the dressing room?

Would love to hear about it!




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12 thoughts on “Are You a Poshmark Seller Stylist?

  1. I agree with you, I’m not a stylist. You’re better than I am regarding clothes. I hate clothes shopping & everything about selling them. Poshmark is no longer stressful for me because I sell jewelry & accessories only. Like you I now have fun! I find the closet use for forgetting an overview of what’s being shared. It gives me an idea of what’s most popular. I get a lot of special order requests. I use The new feature to directly communicate with the people that have the special orders giving them a few options which allows them to pick exactly what they want.

    1. It sounds like you have a good following! That’s awesome! I am kind of the opposite with jewelry- I never wear it so I wouldn’t have a clue what to sell. Thank goodness our closets can balance each other out ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Elle,

    You always hit on a great topic I’m thinking the same way about. I’m still unsure how the dressing room works and the seller stylist term threw me too! I just want to sell things out of my closet that I’ve fallen out of love with, this is what I love about Poshmark! It’s getting very retail based for my taste but I guess they need to grow and evolve.

    I like your twist on how to make the dressing room work for you. And I agree about adding multiple photos at one time and a draft status. Hey at least we can add 8 photos as opposed to the 4 we used to have.

    Keep up the great article, I love reading them over coffee! xoxo

    1. Lisa, the irony here is that YOU of all people SHOULD be styling people- I love your style. Or does this mean I should be asking you for shares… hmmm. ๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. I don’t like the term “stylist” either when it comes to me and Poshmark. My personal style is pretty much just “mom comfy” and that’s it. I sell a variety of items, most NWT and lots of sizes so I feel most of my buyers can find what they are looking for on their own. I’ve only had one actual style request so far, the other was an “accidental button press” apparently. The “real” one did result in a sale. I’ve experimented with the new dressing room and still haven’t found a good use for it. It’s cool seeing what people have bundled but also sad at the same time because WHY WON’T THEY HIT THE BUY BUTTON! I experimented yesterday by spending a few hours sharing my sale post to everyone who had something in a bundle and I got about 2 sales, 2 pissed off buyers (that I know of) and that’s it. So not worth my time doing that. So. I think I’m not going to do anything different with the dressing room. If people request to be styled, great, I’ll try to help, otherwise it’s business as usual for me.

  4. Thank you for this post. I was feeling a little deflated from the styling expectation. I’m not a stylist. I too am a clothing rescuer and my closet was started from items I collected from family and friends- all preowned and most are not even my size. I am selective to what I add to my closet and excited that my buyers are finding things they love enough to purchase, but the idea of dressing people doesn’t appeal to me. Like you, I do appreciate the sorting feature and hope to find other ways to enjoy the new update. Thank you for reminding me that it’s ok to stick to what I think is the most fun!

  5. I’m so NOT a stylist! This is a feature I will not be be utilizing. I even turned it off so I can’t be asked! I feel like Posh made us all ‘stylists’ without asking us…I’m sure the Boutiques will be served well by this, and like you said, that’s okay, just not for me.

  6. Elle, as per your usual, you are 100% on point! I was super excited for the reveal, and very let down by the outcome. I think this is for boutique sellers, unless, like others it’s a like/bundle sort feature. I’m cool with that. I let someone style me once and while I think she is totally professional and absolutely had the right idea, not being in person completely back fired. I’d still order from her again, just on my own.
    And @rubysbeautys, pretty much said my thoughts verbatim. I can do with or without. Eh.

  7. I would love to style someone! My personal wardrobe is thrift styled so I think I could probably pull it off. That said, most of the stuff in my closet is random items, random sizes. It’s still stuff I think is cool, but if anyone put together an outfit from my closet it would only be serendipity because I’m not a store. I’ve been on Poshmark just over a year and have sold 2 bundles, maybe 3. So, if anyone needs a XL Lilly Pulitzer Polo to go with size 27 skinny jeans, I’m your girl!

  8. I LOVE to pull together cute outfits to show off a piece that I have for sale! I’m not really sure what the best approach to a cover shot is though, just the piece, by its lonesome so people can see all it’s aspects or styled and looking cute as a part of an outfit but not really shown in its entirety… I switch my cover photos often because of this question. What do you think? Anyway, I just got my first request to be “styled” today and although it threw me for a minute. After looking at her closet and the things she has purchased before, I was able to figure out her size and style in order to offer her a few things in her dressing room. No sale but, hmmm… it was a fun little project. I’m still not quite sure I would dare to share directly to someone’s dressing room though. I had someone do that to me and I was a little put off, but that’s me!

  9. I am Exactly like you in this sense, of the “Dressing Room” & Great Ideas about how to use it at the end of your Post! I’m Co-Hosting a party on December 15th & do you mine if I use your idea of sending me possible HPs through the dressing room? I will of course give your credit! I also Completely forgot about the sign I was supposed to make about my select few Favorite Posh Bloggers, Including You of Course! I’ll tag you in it when I’m done.. also I’ve been sending Poshers your way…
    Amy ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™ƒ

    1. Hi Amy! Of course you can do that and no need to credit me- I’m sure someone else has thought of it first ๐Ÿ˜œ But please tag me in your party listing so I can be sure to share!!!

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