Poshmark Shipping Organization

Poshmark Shipping Organization

You just shipped out several packages and are feeling really good about the money that is about to show up in  your account. The packages are safely at the Post Office and you are now cleaning up the supplies. Wait, isn’t that blue skirt that I was supposed to ship to Meghan… or was it Tara?… why is still at my house? What did I just ship?

Oh $^*% !!

Unfortunately for sellers and buyers this scenario is all too common.

I have shared with you all How I Organize My Poshmark Closet so here is the next step, Shipping Organization!

Poshmark Shipping Organization

  1. First, I print the labels. As I print them, I write the item (and bin location) directly onto the label. I jot it down low enough so I cut off my notes before affixing the label to the box.

2. After I locate the items to ship, I separate them with their corresponding labels and note cards.

3. Then I box and label each sale individually. Some may box everything first, but I like to seal each box and immediately put the label on so there is less room for error.

4. Sometimes if I am shipping out a lot of packages, I will open up my sales list in the app and double check that the name on the label is what matches the name and picture of the sold item. I do this if I have ANY doubt. I like to sleep at night 🙂


Yes, all straight forward and very simple… but it works for me.

If you want to read more about how to ship and what kind of packaging to use, check out this post Packing and Shipping Your Poshmark Sales.


Truth be told, I have received the wrong item a couple of times. If this happens to you this is what you should do immediately based on my experience.

What to do if you receive the wrong item:


  1. Do not accept the item in the system. You need to report it as “Order Not As Described”/ ” Received Incorrect Item”. Use the prompts in the system. Make sure to do this even if it’s a friend who shipped incorrectly.
  2. Politely let the seller know.
  3. Poshmark will take it from here- they might ask for photos- but ultimately will help facilitate you returning the item and receiving the correct one (if possible).
  4. If the seller switched two packages/labels on accident, Poshmark may send YOU the correct label for the other customer and vice versa. Yes, this may prolong you receiving the item by a few days… but Poshmark will help the seller make it right. When this happened to me, it took almost two weeks for it all to get straightened out and for me to receive my purchase. Patience is important.

What to do if you ship the wrong item:

  1. If you feel like you may have shipped an incorrect item, or KNOW that you did… I recommend contacting the customer(s) first and explain the situation. Let them know to open a case if they receive the wrong order. Be proactive. If you tell the buyer how to handle it up front, you can alleviate a lot of anger and confusion.
  2. Email Poshmark- get the ball rolling. They will let you know how to proceed.
  3. I do not recommend going outside of Poshmark to “fix” or re-ship on your own. This can cause a delay in payments received. It’s always best to follow the systems/guidelines in place. Some may say “You can have the Post Office recall the package!” In theory you can, I personally have never heard this to be successful.
  4. Relax, it’s gonna work out and get fixed!

The most important thing in all of this is to keep open communication with the buyer and let them know as you hear from Posh and where you are in the process through to completion.

Luckily, most mistakes can be easily corrected… however, having a great organizational system in place is best to prevent it!

How do you organize shipping your Poshmark Packages?



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4 thoughts on “Poshmark Shipping Organization

  1. This is how I have done it from day one. Or a version of it. If all have a difference size box I may put labels on all at once. I pencil on the box what is in it, same on label and I just fold my label … what am I to do with the extra paper if I cut it off? I double check everything from putting in boxes to adding the RIGHT thank you note. So far I have not mixed up one package (knock on wood) but I do know it can be fixed if it did happen … the only error I have had with packing was a ribbon belt to a dress was sitting nicely on my sofa after handing over my boxes. Since she was local I notified her and ran the belt over to her job. But I now triple check when belts, pins, are on the outfit to make sure they are IN the box and not on my table.

    Thank you for your great blogs

  2. I just had a swapped label issue. Definitely recommend reaching out to the buyers! I didn’t know they were swapped until one of the buyers reached out, but I was able to notify the second one ASAP. Mine was a really weird long situation BUT to spare the details the worst reaction I got from the buyers was disappointment because they really wanted their respective items. So much better to bite the bullet and let them know you did wrong versus finding out on their own because dealing with angry buyers is torture.

  3. Is there a way, in Poshmark, to print a scan form of all labels for the Post Office? When I took my 4 packages in yesterday, the postal worker hassled me about needing a scan form. How do you and other higher volume sellers address this?
    Thank you so much–I know this is a bit off topic, but I haven’t been able to find anything on it.
    Have a great day!!

    1. Hey! I do not believe that Poshmark provides it, at least not that I have ever seen or heard. If you are making your own labels from your own account for shipping like on eBay then you can print one. I had my post office request it once or twice and I just explained that I do not make labels from an an account. I don’t think they can refuse you so just smile and explain 🙂

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