Top 10 Things no one warns you about when you join Poshmark

Poshmark Warning

Poshmark should come with a warning.

Even if you read the “terms and conditions” they do not mention what really happens after you join.

This is your Poshmark warning.

Top 10 Things NO ONE Warns You About When You Join Poshmark:


1. You will become obsessed

2. You will decide Poshing is more important than sleep

3. You will start talking to your PFF more than your BFF

4. You will find that you have nothing to talk about at the dinner table other than what happened today on Poshmark

5. You will start avoiding your friends who don’t Posh, clearly you are growing apart

6. You stop shopping at the mall

7. You can’t remember the last time you were at a mall

8. “Full Price” is the new F’word

9. You live in regret over all the NWT clothing you got rid of over the years

10. Staying home on a Friday is the new “going out”







15 thoughts on “Top 10 Things no one warns you about when you join Poshmark

  1. Love love love this blog !!!!!! I was seriously LOL when I read this one !!!! So true!! I just started posh in December and was addicted instantly !! Can’t wait to read more articles know here !! Keep them coming 🙂 xoxo

  2. Aaaaah! So true! I gave away huge bags of clothes before I discovered Posh and it still makes me cry to think about it…

    1. Omg! Me to 6 trash bags full! Lol n now I’m so upset ! If I knew it was their I’d used it b4 for those as this single mom is sinking!

  3. Hilarious!! I know my postal carrier is always hating vomit to my door due to the packages that they may or may not have for me in one day!!! Love it though!! What are your thoughts on packing/wrapping up for the buyer??

  4. So hilarious and absolutely true! I think my husband is tired of hearing about Poshmark but he loves the extra money 😀 Your blogs are awesome and brighten my day! Thanks!

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