Poshmark’s New Listing Feature

Poshmark's New Listing Feature

I don’t post about every single new feature, mostly because they are coming out so rapid fire it would be hard to keep up!

With that said, I really am only going to post about the ones that excite me.

Here are just a few that have just been released or are on the way:

  • Dragging photos to change the order of them
  • 8 photos instead of 4 within a listing
  • Higher resolution photos
  • Account Change Verifier in Poshmark Support center for security
  • Upcoming- offer enhancements that give you more options

If you haven’t updated your APP go ahead and do it and if you don’t have the new features- keep checking back!

So, what am I really excited about?

Poshmark’s New Listing Feature

Let’s talk about the “New Listings from People You Follow”

First, you go to your Feed:

At the top of your feed you will see circles with a deep red line around them:

If you click on the user, you will then see all the new listings outlined in the same deep red:

Those listings are the latest to be listed in that user’s closet.

So you KNOW, I have been playing around with the feature to see how many new listings you have to have to be added for your closet to be the list. Also, trying to determine how long your listings will be outlined in red. Because of course I want to use the system so it’s most beneficial and tell you guys how to as well.

My research is inconclusive and I’m going to chalk it up to yet another algorithm. I’m assuming it’s like Facebook and Instagram where you will see more of people you interact with or view most.

However, it’s not going to stop me from listing when ever i can, because if it makes my closet more visible to SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE- you better believe I will give it a shot! I encourage all you Posher’s reading to do the same!

As you can tell from previous posts, I have been a firm believe in re-listing for quite some time now.

You can read all about my strategies in this post Re-List, Rinse, and Repeat

Share in comments below what you think about the newest features and if you have had any success with them!


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12 thoughts on “Poshmark’s New Listing Feature

  1. Great post Elle! Can’t wait to play with the new features; I really love the old Re-list ( or realist 🙏🏻) post. I actually just did this, so far so good! I updated pictures, have a fresh markdown pallet, etc. I have sold a little slower but at a higher profit. It’s been worth the posh sweat and tears. 👍🏻

  2. Thank you, once again 🙂 I read the email from Posh about that last feature, but didn’t exactly understand how it worked. They should just send the info to you and let you tell us. You explain it so much better!! I do re-list all the time now, thanks to you, and it really does help sell the old items better. Thanks Elle!!

  3. How do you become a Suggested User? I don’t read my emails, I get way too many. On my private page, they have listed me as “Top Seller”, “Top Ten Percent Seller”, and “Fast Shipper”. Doesn’t any of that qualify as being a suggested user? I’ve been on since July 2016, sold tons and made a couple of thousand dollars. I share all of the time, mine and other’s stuff. I have lots of great comments, and my average is 5 stars. So…..is there any way to tell if you were sent that magical Poshmark congratulatory email, without actually seeing it? In other words, is there a list somewhere??

    1. Hi Teresa! The “Top Seller”, “Fast Shipper”, etc are other milestones to achieve and congrats on those! Unfortunately there is not an official badge in the app indicating it- but good grief it would be nice! Yes, the way to tell if you are one would be to actually see yourself listed in the app and you will definitely be able to tell when you are “listed” by a huge influx of followers. If you are struggling keeping up with emails I would highly suggest that if you don’t already, make an email account just for Poshmark and you can also within the app set your notifications to only receive emails for certain things you find helpful. Hope that helps!

  4. Really enjoy your posts! Somehow I wish Poshmark will allow sellers to rate their buyers, like Mercari does. I believe a happy transaction is a result of honesty and kindness from both the seller and buyer.

  5. Good morning! I found a new(ish) feature, but I’m not sure if it’s a new feature or just one I never noticed before, shocking I know! It’s the Price Firm button when someone makes an offer. I just got tripped up on it, lol. I thought instead of repeating my counter offer 2 or 3 times, I’d use price firm. It changed my counteroffer to my original price. I was sure the prompt was confirming my most recent counter offer but apparently not.

    1. Oh wow! It seems some users have it (I assume it’s in a test mode) and that’s the one I alluded to that was on the way. Hopefully I will get it soon and can play around with it. Thanks for the heads up! I love all the new updates don’t you??

  6. I like the photo features, it’s nice to be able to add additional snaps, choosing all the pictures at once will hopefully be next. I also like the outlined new listings features. I wonder how long something is considered a “new listing”? I like the Price Firm button for those listings I don’t want to move off my original list price, it reads “you held price firm at $X”. In my case, I wanted to hold firm at my most recent counteroffer, not my original. I guess that’s why it’s still in test mode.

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