Poshmark’s Update to the Update…

Poshmark Update

A quick update to yesterday’s post covering the Poshmark Dressing Room…

It’s BACK.

It was a tough 24 hours but go and update your app again.

The edit button is back.

I mentioned in yesterday that it was moved and apparently I wasn’t the only Posher who noticed! While it never totally went away… it was just in a place that wasn’t helping anybody out. I saw so much on social media (Instagram) regarding the disappearance. The great news is that Poshmark listened and immediately put it back. I think it shows that YES they do listen and YES they care about user opinions.


If you are clueless as to what I am talking about … and of course “tough 24 hours” is said tongue-in-cheek, then I will explain about this quicker sharing technique that so many of us use. It’s different for android users but this is how it works on an iPhone or iPad…

It’s the edit-next-list method or “edit share”.

How to Edit Share

  1. Tap the listing you want to share and hit “edit”

2. Then tap “next”

3. Tap “list”

This listing is now shared to all of your followers. Also, if there is a party going on and this item can be shared to it… this slider will already be in place and you immediately share to the party as well! No more guessing if it a listing qualifies to be shared to a party or not.


Yes, Poshmark made sharing considerably easier months ago with the hold down and share feature… BUT, with edit sharing you can easily tap your finger in the same absentminded position and share. It’s much easier to get into a groove with the simple repetitive motion. Plus the added bonus of sharing to the parties without ANOTHER step is priceless. I still maintain that sharing from a computer is THE fastest way to share. But if you are strictly a mobile user… Edit Sharing is certainly the fastest.

If you haven’t shared in this manner- give it a try! Obviously its a user preferred method as indicated by how quickly they returned it.

What’s your preferred sharing method?


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13 thoughts on “Poshmark’s Update to the Update…

  1. Oh my goodness, let me start by saying I’m strictly and iPhone/iPad user. I use my phone during the day when I’m out and about, and my iPad at night when I’m laid back. I have always shared my listings by pressing down (on iPhone) and waiting for the “share” pop up. About two weeks ago, i discovered this edit, next, list (also ENL) sharing method. I started doing it just to see how it worked. I profited over $700 that week alone, and I contribute that to my use of ENL explicitly! When they did this update and stripped away that edit button, I did not make one sale. Not a single one. I shared my closet twice in two days because it was just too time consuming. How on earth did I manage to share this way before and not go crazy?! I am beyond excited that Posh listened to their users. I saw a gazillion complaints about this teeny edit button! And I actually understood it since I just started using it myself. Now that it’s back, my closet has some activity again. So basically my point is that it doesn’t just benefit sellers with quick sharing, but for me it seems to increase sales! And of course I was mad when they took that away 😉

  2. I have used the edit/share method for quite some time when on my phone and didn’t realize it was so popular. Very glad they brought it back so quickly! My preferred fastest share method is my computer still but I do actually like sharing via my phone through the edit method during parties because it shares to both my followers AND the party at the same time that way.

  3. It was a rough 24 hours indeed . This is my preferred method of sharing sooo I personally contacted Manish to bring it back . I explained how crucial this button was for me and the community . I’m so happy he listened to all of us and got the ball rolling . Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    -MizFabulousity on Poshmark

  4. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I will definitely give it a try and see what happens. Any idea why this method works so well for Poshers? I did notice though when it “disappeared” because I actually had to edit a listing but if I remember right it was under the liked comment share buttons.

  5. I was devastated yesterday when the edit icon was removed! I’d been sharing this way for the past 3 years (edit, next, list) and it’s been a godsend and on the iPhone/iPad its very fast..great when you’re in a hurry👍So glad Posh did listen to us.

  6. I’m strictly Android…works the same way for us, however, I didn’t miss it, LOL! I’m also not on the go away from my puter, so…didn’t miss it. I saw on social media it was missing, but if I recall? It was still there for us. What did go away for me was deleting my “LIKES” I go looking for very specific items of very specific brands. I filter for the things that might interest me, LIKE them and go back and look. After examining more closely I can see if I really am interested. Ummm…until the update to the update? I had so many LIKES (that I really didn’t like) I just quit shopping. Very glad for the update…would hate to be hosting a party without the ability to delete LIKES!

  7. Ahhhh yes, all is right in the world of sharing again! The edit-next-list method is my preferred method as well and I’m glad the old design is back! But there is something about the new design that I love! Did you notice the little rectangular icon right next to the edit button? It’s for sharing as well! And sometimes I use it too, especially when using the dressing room feature to share directly to another posher! 💕@tijanala

  8. It’s my understanding that the edit/next/list strategy shares to all PM closets, not just your followers. That’s why sales, likes, and shares increase when using that strategy rather than just sharing your closet, which only goes to your followers. Pretty dramatic difference in activity if you share your close using edit strategy and then five minutes later share entire closet using share to followers strategy.

  9. I love edit share…but this has always confused me- during parties, does pressing “edit share” once share to the party AND followers at the same time or do you have to “edit share” twice to share to both?

    1. Hey Julie! I have always been under the assumption that when you share to a party you also share to your followers. If you ever glance over your feed during let’s say, a shoe party- you will notice that your feed is full of shoes.

  10. I got an answer from Posh as to whether when edit sharing during parties a listing is simultaneously shared to ones timeline. They said when edit sharing to a party, the item is NOT also shared to your followers, so you’d need to share twice to achieve this. I’m still confused bc I edit shared items ONCE during a party, then checked my timeline and saw the items in my timeline. So this info from Posh seems conflicting. Thoughts?

    1. Hey Julie- I have had the same experience as you…. so, I can only believe that it shares to both. But hey, regardless, a whole bunch of people see the share 🙂

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