Re-List, Rinse, and Repeat

Disclaimer: When writing this post, I had to consult the internet on whether the correct word was “relist” or “re-list” but could not find a conclusive answer. I even consulted 2 teacher friends and my mother (who is a badge carrying member of the grammar police) and received three different opinions. SO, for the sake of the word not looking like realist or relish, I have decided to include the hyphen.

Let’s carry on…

The word RE-LIST can spark anger and disappointment.

As in: “UGH, I am going to have to re-list this item!”

Re-listing on Poshmark means that you have to delete your original listing that has so many LIKES and start the process all over by listing it again This can be even more painful and gut wrenching if it was a former HOST PICK.

You would NEVER want delete this item just to list it again, right?… but sometimes you feel that it is necessary if the listing somehow has been compromised.

Examples of ways a listing can potentially become “compromised”:

  • Comment: “I saw this at the outlet for $7!” -Helpful Posher
  • Comment: “OMG! I have this in my closet too!” -Overexcited Posher
  • Comment: “You are ugly.” -Loser Posher
  • Comment: “Sign up for M E R c A r i  with my code…” -Not Really A Posher
  • Other: Sale gets canceled for some odd reason and the SOLD banner cannot be removed and you must re-list.

Yes, nothing is more aggravating than these types of comments or actions!

Before I can go on… I want to give my opinion on some of the aforementioned comments.

I rarely re-list for those reasons.

Here’s why:

  1. The CHEAPER comment. Typically the item you want is not ACTUALLY cheaper elsewhere. When someone makes statements like this in my closet- I fact check them. Usually it in NO LONGER available online. If someone is convinced by her comment and looks they will see this for themselves. If they make the typical “Blah, blah, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls…” comment I know better. Have you ever searched for something there? It’s impossible to find anything. I can’t even find my best friend in there sometimes when we go shopping together let alone some random clearance shirt. GOOD LUCK! The buyer will be back to my closet to purchase if they were actually interested.
  2. “I have the SAME thing” comment. Again with the fact checking! When they claim to have the identical item in their closet… sometimes they DON’T. Someone once commented that she had the same pair of shoes in a different size and she didn’t have ANY shoes listed. Yes, I know what you are thinking- most of the time they actually do have a competing listing BUT, check first before you delete, just in case.
  3. The UGLY comment. Look, if someone told you that you are ugly or took the time to make some other horrible comment … 100% of the time it is far from the truth. If someone says something rude, it only makes them look bad and the Posh-Hive will probably go after them. NO NEED to respond.
  4. The ADVERTISEMENT comment. Listen… Please listen… NO ONE is going to read your comments and see spam and say “Oh NO! I cannot buy this beautiful listing at an amazing price because of this comment!”  WHO CARES if someone wrote “Hey! Do you want an Apple Watch, for FREE?” or some lame Mercari promotion? I’m sure you have already noticed that most people don’t read DESCRIPTIONS based on how many times you get the same question asked over and over. So it’s safe to say most people don’t read comments either. The bigger your closet gets and the more followers you have- the more this stuff is going to happen.
  5. SOLD BANNER. Yeah, this just sucks. Nothing you can do. You have to re-list.

Now that all that is off my chest….


Would you believe me if I told you that on occasion I re-list items ON PURPOSE?!

I do.


Let me talk you through this one.

I list something that I think is amazing. I am super excited about it. I know it is sure to sell quickly.

But then it sits.

… and sits.

My friend and I call this phenomenon the WTH Listing… because it makes no sense.

Before you know it, the listing has 273 likes and nothing. So you mark it down by 10% because you know one of those 273 are going to buy! Still nothing.

Now the perfect listing has 269 likes. What?

I LOST likes???

This goes on, week after week, until out of desperation I have exhausted all price drops (and changed the cover shot multiple times). It seems that it will never sell.

This is when… I delete it. Did I lose all those likes? Yeah. So? They didn’t want it. I gave them a fair chance… If someone was going to purchase then they would have.

After I delete this stale listing, I do one of the following:

  • Immediately re-list with new pictures
  • Wait a few weeks and get it back up
  • Hold it until next season, or until the appropriate season

As far as pricing, I start it back at the original price that I wanted.

Does this work? YEP. Not every time, but enough for me to blog about it!

Here is why I believe that this simple strategy works:

I have explained before that I do not label my items as Host Picks (although extremely grateful for the HP, I do not like to advertise that it didn’t sell immediately). Much in the same way, if I see a listing that has been around for a while with too many likes, it makes me wonder why no one snatched it up yet. *Clearly this does not apply to Retail listings where there are multiples in stock*

A NEWLY listed item with a moderate amount of likes can give off a sense of urgency. A new listing can feel like a rare find, only you and a few savvy poshers know about it so far.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I know my mentality when I want to buy something, I assume that everyone else wants it too- why wouldn’t they?

This same thought process is what makes us call ahead to the store to put something on hold. It’s the fear of someone else getting to it first!

You probably are already using Sense of Urgency tactics and phrases and may not realize it.

Phrases such as:



Yes, these words and phrases are used to make the potential buyer feel that if they do not act quickly- they will surely miss out.

Even Poshmark uses these tactics to help us out. Ever notice that when you get an email alert about a price drop, it tells you exactly how many other people were alerted?


Another argument for the case of re-listing: a newly listed item will show up in the “Just In” showroom for its brand. Also, when it is shared to a party for the first time, it will appear in the “First Look” showroom. Now your listing can get a fresh views and new likes from Poshers who are currently active and shopping.

Now before you blast me about how this idea is ridiculous, let me say this… it does not apply to all listings in all closets.

This system is best used on that unique piece that may have been listing at the wrong time of year to start with or did not sell in its peak season. No matter how low you mark down, it just won’t budge.

I know some of you reading may have some serious differing opinions about the “likes” and I do admit that this isn’t the answer for every listing. However, if you do have one of those absurd WTH listings… it may be worth giving it a shot!


Agree or disagree?



31 thoughts on “Re-List, Rinse, and Repeat

  1. I agree! I have had items sitting for months, I take new pics, put price back up to where it should be and relist. They sell every time!! Thank you for another great post!

  2. So agree! I do this too! Had summer stuff left over from last year, deleted it, relisted (I don’t like the hyphen😉) Last month, making sales!! Great post – as always. Thanks!!

  3. Ah yes, the free Apple Watch comments! That was a fun notification day😑 Very annoying. On the upside, the more comments the more likely that listing will show up on people’s newsfeed. Or so I’ve heard. Which is why I’ve thought twice on re-listing. But seeing that it’s worked for others, I’ll have to give it a shot!

    1. Yes! I have heard the same about comments and likes giving your listings more visibility- so I am perfectly happy with those poshers who spam-like! Bring it on!

  4. Thanks again Elle! Not just for the very useful Information, but for the giggles I get when reading your posts😉 I think I’m going to try this. I’ve only re-listed items when I’ve had to. I’ve got a couple items that can use a refresher.

  5. Ok this might be my favorite article yet!! I have a couple WTH listings and tons of likes. The worst is when someone comments “I can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet!”….YEAH ME EITHER!! I love this idea of re-listing it. Take it off the market for a couple months then list again. I got to the point of asking one of my girlfriends if she could just make pillows for me out of the dress fabric…it was a moment of desperation, I’m not proud of it. LOVE your articles and ideas and inspiration. Thank you!

  6. Very interesting. You got me thinking…. about re-listing. It’s actually not a bad idea. It never even crossed my mind!! I have a bunch of these listings that I should probably considering re-surrecting using methods you suggested…

    Jessica || Cubicle chic

  7. Absolutely agree! I do the same re-listing thing too…And 99% of the time I sell the item for what I originally wanted to get for it! Sometimes you just need to press the reset button and get fresh “likes”. Great post, and love your blog!

  8. OMG I just had this happen! A buyer purchased some MK sandals from me, the order was cancelled and PM could not remove the sold banner so I had to re-list them. I love, love, love your blog. I will be celebrating my first year on PM next month. I love it. Your blog is so helpful. (I started a blog last month, can you please take a look and give me pointers) 🙂 🙂

  9. I agree! Resisting and item (no hyphen) lol, is not a bad thing. Like you said, it can be a selling tactic. I am grateful for the likes but if you’re not buying, how bad do you really want this item. When I want something I buy it. I don’t wait around until it’s gone! So I definitely agree, sometimes your listing needs a makeover! I like that word! Lol! It’s okay to give your item a makeover and realist it and lose all the likes and host pick noteriety if it didn’t get you any sales. I had a host pick with hundreds of likes that literally sat in my closet for two months. This may not work for everyone but I say it’s always worth a try! Elle, once again you’ve made me laugh and the word re-listed or resisted will never look the same! Keep doing a fabulous job!

  10. Sold me on re-listing, have some great pieces that are just sitting..think I might just re-list half the closet..Again onto the money advice😊

  11. Love this post! Hijacked another of your tactics (or methods) did you notice? Listing in progress, indeed! 🙂
    My fav: Comment: “You are ugly.” -Loser Posher>>>That’s just all kinds of funny!!

  12. Great post! Just discovered your blog and it is so helpful! I have been on posh about 3 months and I have made 10 sales. I have several items that I thought would have sold really fast but haven’t and I was wondering what kind of time period you consider something stale and in need of a re-list? Im just still unsure of how long is normal for a listing to sell. Thanks! Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth, I don’t think that there is a magic number as to when you could/should relist. I typically relist for the following reasons: I am sick of looking at the item :), I have exhausted all price drops, or if its something that is out of season and I just feel like taking it down and starting fresh at the beginning of the next season. With that said, there are some items in my closet that have hung around for 2 years before they sold. So it’s really up to you and your personal strategy. XOXO

  13. Great article! I recently donated a lot of items that used to be listed on Poshmark, leaving me with only a dozen or so items listed for sale. Then I took a break from Poshmark for a while as I was packing to move. I have tons of new items to list, but had planned to leave the remaining old ones. Then the other day I got to thinking it might be fun to delete all my old ones and start with a fresh slate since I have so much new stuff. But I had a hard time deleting a few of my favorite listings. Reading this inspired me to delete them (for now) and re-list my favorites later! I like all my covershots to look similar, and since I’ll be taking my new ones with a different background, the old ones will match if I re-list. And added plus, I can start with the original price (before multiple price drops)! Thanks for all the info and the inspiration!

  14. Love this post!!! You forgot one incredibly annoying posher- “Your counteroffer of $22 is too high, will you accept $20 if I make another offer?” DELETE, RELIST🤣 Love your super helpful blog!!

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