The Review Listings Feature on Poshmark

Review Listings Feature on Poshmark

Some people are rule followers, some people are not. Like some of you, when I signed up to sell on Poshmark, I read every single bit of the terms and conditions. I wanted to make sure I was doing things correctly and I also wanted to know what Poshmark would be responsible for. I’m not sure what part of my personality causes me to read the fine print… but it’s how I am.

I know a lot of Poshmark users are very passionate about the rules. I am a big fan about personally following the rules but am not too concerned about other people’s business. That doesn’t mean I don’t find the new feature fascinating!

What am I talking about?

The new Review Listings Feature on Poshmark allows users to pitch in and help monitor potential rule violations.

About two weeks ago this alert showed up in my news feed:

Well…. OK!

I tapped on it and it took me to this page:

Apparently there was nothing for me to review, but the second time I receive the alert there certainly was!

In the meantime, you know me, I tapped on the little question mark icon there on the bottom left to read the terms 🙂


Now, I have heard speculation that only Suggested Users are invited to participate, however, I truly wonder if they are sending it to people who have reported listings in the past… chime in below in the comments if you are not a Suggested User but have received the invitation to review!

When I finally had a few listings to review, it showed me a listing (user name and all!) and it gave me three options:


The only two issues I have been asked to review are concerning mistagged brands and replicas.

The ones I have reviewed have been pretty straight forward. The majority have been a “mistagged brand” and usually cheaper brands being labeled as a sought after brand but clearly stated in description “brand for exposure only.”

Kudos for the honesty, but still not allowed.

With the replica listings, some are easy and some brands I have no clue about. For example, I was shown a pair of potentially fake Alexander Wang sneakers. I have zero clue what to look for and, quite frankly, don’t really want to research it. This is a really tricky thing to be asked to determine based on photos alone. I could go off on a tangent about authenticity and my experience with authenticating, but I will leave it at this: it’s not easy. With some luxury brands, even the most trained eye can be wrong.


Why the Review Listings Feature on Poshmark is awesome:

I have never doubted that Poshmark has always been acutely aware that there are prohibited items, mistagged merchandise, and fakes EVERYWHERE… there are also millions of listings. I assume that this helps Poshmark Support weed through all the reported listings.

Spoiler Alert: not all reported listings are in violation! You will see that when you see what gets reported!

In my opinion, crowd sourcing serves two purposes:

  1. Helps them by getting a second opinion.
  2. Makes the passionate rule followers feel like something is being done to clean up listings.


I hope that there is a final review by Poshmark Support before taking down a listing.

While this feature was fun to check out, I don’t think it’s something I will spend too much time on. I have my own business to tend to. But, if you love it, here’s a little secret… if you keep going back to the same alert, new listings pop up for you to review… so keep tapping on that alert!


How do you all feel about the Review Listings Feature on Poshmark?

















22 thoughts on “The Review Listings Feature on Poshmark

  1. I had that option come up a few weeks ago and I’m not a Suggested User. If I remember correctly they asked me to review 3 or 4 listings and I’m pretty sure I marked “Not Sure” for most of them because I just wasn’t sure.

  2. Hi Elle, I also just received this yesterday (although I had heard about it on one of my Poshmark Facebook pages). I am a Suggested User, so I also can’t answer if its being offered to non-SUs. I have reported non-compliant items in the past. I think its a great new feature and I am glad to participate. I did have to click “not sure” on some of the ones that came up.

  3. I am not a suggested user and I have received three notices in my feed to review.
    I, like you follow the rules in my closet and certainly do not go looking around to find people violating the rules. But when I am searching for something by a particular designer and click on a listing only to find they are outright lying about it being authentic or used the designer name to bring in business. Well, I report it.

    What I found with the items that are hard to tell by the pictures … take a look in the comments. A lot of times someone asks if it is authentic and most of the time on these reported listings the seller says something to the effect of “Would I list this for this price if it was authentic?” or avoiding the question “this is a high quality item” that has helped me determine authenticity if it is not obvious from pictures or description.

    I agree with you, I hope poshmark does a final review. I suspect some people report listings for ontoward reasons.

  4. I have not received this but I do like that Posh is trying to crack down on the “brand listed for exposure” listings. Drives me crazy and I feel like it cheapens the platform. Makes it feel more like Mercari than the quality I’m used to on Posh.

  5. I’ve got the review message a couple of times and had listings to review each time. The only problem with this system is that several issues that I was asked about weren’t what made the listing non-compliant. For example, I would need to answer “no” about it being a mistagged brand but the item was still unsupported because it was non-fashion (I can’t remember the exact situations, but it is something like this).

    I am a suggested user. I have reported listings in the past. I am not a fan of policing Posh, but I have reported a few egregious listings. I am not sure if I will continue to participate. It feels kinda Narc-y to me.

    1. Yes! I have had that happen with a pair of contacts that had the same brand name as a fashion brand. I would assume (hope) that if they expand this program that they will give us other options as well.

  6. I used to report listings that didn’t comply, but there are so many of them I simply said forget it. It did appear that nothing was ever done about them. Perhaps, doing this well help cut down on the problem, now that people know it is being policed.

    It does make me angry when I look at a listing and then discover they used a brand name only for exposure. That is so misleading.

    I have gotten the alerts, I am a SU, but I don’t think I will take the time to do it every time I get one.

  7. The ones I have done frustrate me when they are things not allowed (VS blankets) or taking it off Posh …. with web links. Nothing there for that. Hoping this helps getting some of the crap off Posh … but I’m not holding my breath.

  8. I wanted to comment on your statement about fashion brand contact lenses just in case there is misunderstanding by anyone. It’s illegal, prohibited by the FDA, for anyone to sell contacts without a valid prescription from an eye doctor. Brand has no bearing on this. If in doubt you can check it on the FDA website. Even non corrective contacts, like those for color, are not legal to sell without an exam by an eye doctor and a Rx. There are a lot of illegal contacts for sale on the web, especially from China and other countries. These can cause serious eye and vision damage.

  9. I am an SU (@arbitrarilychic) and have received it 3x in the last 2 wks or so. I do report dog crates and contact lenses and used make-up (because ewwwww) but I don’t report other things really- I’m not at all familiar with high end brands to spot a fake!
    Anyway when I first received the notification my stomach dropped because I thought it was for ME! When I actually clicked on it I was relieved and curious lol.
    Most have been pretty straightforward in that the comments say a version of only tagged for exposure or price based on authenticity. However, and this may be a controversial one, one I was asked to review was marked “offensive” and it had the F word in a meme. I wouldn’t post that because I don’t want to turn off buyers but its not offensive to me. I do find people PUSHING- not mentioning- religion to be offensive…but I feel like that’s my thing, not an offensive post for Posh purposes. People may find my requests for tolerance offensive, that’s a tough one to call.
    I think it’s a cool feature and I don’t mind participating if it pops up and I’m free.

  10. Hey, thanks for writing about this! I wasn’t aware of this feature. Happy they’re doing this, especially since I recently bought a fake MJ bag. It’s not only disappointing, but also a hassle to research, submit photos, explaination, and return. I think it may work out well since most who don’t know will select “not sure” and those who do will chime in. Hopefully, PM will follow up with the users who participate for an explanation. And I think users would be happy to show off their expertise! I also find misbranding annoying.

    But to answer your question, I have not received the notification, I’m an SU, and have not reported any items except for the returned MJ bag. Thanks again for posting! 🙂

  11. Just found your blog and love it! Great advice for someone trying to be a full time posher also!
    I am not a suggested user, however I have been asked to review items just about every other day for the past couple of weeks. Would love to be a suggested user however!

  12. I have seen the pop up many times by this point. I have never clicked on it. I refuse to do this work for posh. They should hire people to do work for them. They certainly have the means.

  13. I con cur…WE ARE NOT POSHMARK EMPLOYEES. Maybe Posh should hire some of us! I am not a SU at this time and most likely will never be after this post. I report hundreds of YSL Re-purpose abusers. These sellers cut YSL bags and make them into key rings, tassel handbags, charms, etc…. Chanel Buttons Re-purposed into to adjustable rings, etc…. The PoshMark policy states prohibited. Chanel bags listed as please read description…replicas.
    These items are typically listed on POSH at 10pm EST usually FRI., SAT. & SUN.
    Search YSL Re-purposed or CHANEL Re-purposed.
    If they get caught, they open accounts under a new name for that evening.
    Why can these sellers not be permanently eliminated for life from using POSHMARK. This ruins POSHMARK for the sellers that follow POSHMARK Policy. Wake-up POSHMARK. I’m exhausted !!!

  14. has anyone found that the report reasons are incorrect – like its obviously a banned product, but the reason chosen for review was Transaction Off Poshmark or replica? or its a fake, but reported as something else? do you pick Disagree because it does not fit the reason, or agree since you know the items should be removed no matter the reason? I’m torn.

    also, I am not a SU or Ambassador, but I did report a couple listings last week and then I got the invite to review. I assume that’s why, plus I am 95% to Ambassador status anyway.

  15. I would never do this Posh makes a huge cut off our sales and the double dip on boutique items and now they want free labor from us as well. I hope this feature goes away soon. They can hire people to do this.

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