The Secret to More Poshmark Sales

Secret to Poshmark Sales


We are all searching for the secret to more Poshmark sales, and the title of this post should probably have a big ol’ question mark at the end of it. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will note that my opinions evolve and change while on my quest to figure it out. Sometimes I think I find a new strategy and sometimes I revert back to the basics of sharing and following.

Whether or not I have stumbled upon the secret to Poshmark sales, I am writing this post for one reason in particular: Sales Expectations.

Every time I hear someone say “Sales are so slow!” I will also see a photo on Instagram of someone’s sky-high stack of packages going to the post office.

What are these two people doing that is so drastically different?

These photos of enormous shipments certainly motivate some people, but others (like ME, if you want total honesty) it just makes them want to throw up their hands and find a new hobby. Like knitting.


Obviously there are a million factors that go into why you are experiencing slow or high volume sales.  But is there a way to set realistic expectations of how much you should or could be selling?

For a while now, I have been checking out some of these closets that seem to crank out the sales. What stood out to me was that the majority of these high volume sellers had HUGE closets. Does the amount of listings in your closet determine how many sales you can expect?

Is it true that more is… more ?


Actually, Poshmark tells us this when we first open out closets. This is straight from inside the app:

Well, ok then.

I looked over my past sales…

I considered my own personal closet, the most listings that I have ever maintained was around 350. Last year when I kept it around the 300-350 range, I have to admit that I had more consistent daily sales, but more on that later in this post.

Things drastically changed last winter when I took a break and closed up for November and December. I consigned some clothes, donated others, packed some items away, but sold the majority. I reopened in January of this year and I had to start all over with an empty closet. That first month as I was listing and still under the 100 listed item range… I MAYBE has 9 sales. TOTAL.

Now we are at the end of June, and I have noticed that as my closet grows… so do my sales. This further perpetuated my theory. I decided to set myself a goal to hit 500 active listings and see if there was a huge difference.

I know what I have personally observed happening in my closet with my sales… but I wanted to know more. I couldn’t rely solely on my personal results.


I reached out to you. I reached out to Poshmark sellers on Instagram and ask for input and got a great response! Hurray for research!

I asked 2 questions:

  1. How many active listing do you have?
  2. What is your average number of sales in a week?


Yes, there are flaws to this… it’s all averages. Not everyone keeps super detailed records so some of what was reported was indeed fact and some was based on generalizations etc. But that’s ok for the purposes of this post… there was still a pattern. Most sellers it seems (myself included) are hesitant to really talk about their numbers. Quite honestly I was blown away by how many people immediately responded and were genuinely curious about results.

To those who participated: Thank You!


Before I tell you about what I saw in your responses, I have to point out a few obvious variables that can affect your sales outside of my theory…



As seller stats came in, I grouped them by amount of active listings. Then I figured out the average weekly sales for each group. In case you don’t know where to find your active listings number, let me show you.

THIS number in your closet is amount of total listings sold/unsold/marked Not For Sale, etc.

Inside your Posh Stats is a more accurate number but still includes any listing that are marked as available (includes your party listings, sale banners, and other info posts).

When I took this screenshot, I had 400 active listings (plus 7 “other” posts).


Now for the compilation of these numbers passed on to me…

The Results:

Here are the AVERAGE WEEKLY SALES NUMBER per active listings group as reported to me by active sellers on Poshmark:

Up to 99 listings: 3 sales

100-199: 5 sales

200-399: 7 sales

400-599: 20 sales

600-799: 27 sales

800-999: No one reported having active listings in this group

1000+ : 33 sales


  • 74% of those who participated had less than 400 active listings with an average of 5 sales a week.
  • The 26% who have MORE than 400 listings averaged 26 weekly sales. Only 1 reported less than double digits.
  • Only 4 sellers in the less than 400 groupings reported double-digit averages.


Based on what I gathered…

More Listings= More Sales

Why do more listings equal more sales?

I think it’s basic math. More choices means more chances. If a customer stumbles into your closet and you have 100 items, there is a higher chance of him/her finding something they want/need than there is if you have 8 listings. Now image if you had 200, 300, or more! But of course, there will always be the sellers who just seem to have the right stuff listed at the right time and it sells. I, however, am not that seller.

Although I plan to get to 500 active listings, I currently am at 400. It has been a little over a week since I have surpassed the 400 listing threshold.

Have I seen a big difference?

Actually, YES.

I hit double digits in sales this week. While I didn’t hit the aforementioned 20 average, I was more on the lower end of the spectrum (remember- there was low numbers and a high numbers reported- that’s how I got an average). BUT, I CAN report that I had more bundling activity. I sold 3 bundles this week and had 2-3 bundle offers that didn’t pan out.

Like I said, my goal is to get to 500 active listings, but not because I that I think it’s the magic number. I need to have a goal to be productive and stay focused, and it’s probably the maximum I can keep in my limited storage space. If you have been following my Minimalist Series you know that I will get to that number in no time!

I told you I would get back to last year’s results in my closet… I calculated my sales for when my closet was open and for the majority of the year I fell into the 200-399 group. What was my average for the 8 months I was active? 7 sales a week.

To Recap…

I am NOT telling you that you need to run out and spend your life savings buying inventory so you can have more sales.

FAR from that!

(Here you can read about different ways to be a Success on Poshmark)

I am just offering some PERSPECTIVE. Also, potentially real numbers you can see, not just the stacks and stacks of sales that sellers are taking to the Post Office.

If you only have 50 listings, DON’T be discouraged if you aren’t making 20 sales in a week. DON’T be discouraged if you don’t have stacks and stacks of boxes to post on Instagram! If you sell on average 1-3 a week then you are probably in line with sales expectations. Will there be weeks you sell nothing? Yep. I have had my fair share of those weeks.

Sure, sure… I know this research I am presenting is flawed. It was all based on 45 users, and I put together the groupings and calculated the averages. I’m sure that PMHQ has some serious data that they could share (and THAT’S the kind of stuff I personally would want to learn if I were to attend Posh Fest).


Like I said, I am not encouraging anyone to do anything drastic or feel that sales are hopeless if you have less than 600 or whatever listings! However…

If you do want to build your inventory in general- here are some creative ways:

  1. Family and friends: I bet your friends have piles of clothes waiting to be donated or consigned, see if they will let you take them off their hands.
  2. Consign for others: You can set up a system where you split the profits.
  3. Second hand stores: Find quality items on sale that have really good resale value.
  4. Trade with your friends: seriously, my friends and neighbors creep in my Poshmark closet and want my stuff. I have actually made them trade me for more stuff I can list! You want this cardigan? Give me 2 shirts and a belt!

If you are maxed out on inventory (or are truly cleaning out your personal closet and just want to SELL SOME STUFF), it’s not the end of the world- there are MANY other strategies that can help sales- Sharing, Relisting, and Price Drops to name a few (check out this article: Re-List, Rinse, Repeat).

Other Thoughts on Listing Strategy

I hear people swearing that the key is to list new items every single day. I don’t necessarily fully agree… while it is certainly beneficial to trigger the “new listings” feature and get your closet more visible (read more on that HERE) I think that with so many closets selling on Poshmark, shoppers use the search engine most. I think that getting those listing up ASAP is crucial to bring the customers in. When I got to 400+ listings, I had listed 40 or so that day and haven’t listed a thing since. The sales just started coming in.


Am I 100% right, probably not, but this blog is just my opinions… and now I want to hear yours!


Do your sales reflect the listing group you fall into?




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25 thoughts on “The Secret to More Poshmark Sales

  1. I am so glad I subscribed, it is so nice to just see others opinions and such.

    Looking at my stats..

    I have been on Posh since February this year and have sold 78 things (on poshmark) and have 129 active listings right now, the most I have ever had. Not so great but I do sell on four… yes… four (I must be a masochist) other apps and websites so those tend to pick up where Posh left off. I am going to comment on this post as a buyer though.

    I like themes. People who have a specific kind of clothing. Of course if it is something I am not interested in then I do “walk away”…. but be it vintage, boho or designer I will usually take the time to weed through hundreds of items for that ever elusive perfect bundle. So I kind of use the same thing as a seller. I have a theme KINDA…. Has it helped sales? I have no idea, does it make me happy? Umm hmmm… I am generally selling what I love, selling to people who have that in common with me.

    As a buyer if I cannot bundle I do not generally buy.

    More items means more of a chance I can bundle.
    Just another take on the whole “more is more” kind of thing.
    I agree with you, as both seller and buyer.

    I bow down to your ability to have 400 listings! One day I will get there!


    1. Kat, thank you soooo much for that perspective as a buyer! I love that you sell on 4 apps, I think a lot of people do that and don’t always admit to it 🙂 XOXO

  2. I kinda Figured this for some reason…I think its the more sales equals (More than likely) more solds so the more someone trusts the seller! Oh & I made SU last Week & I owe you & my many many PFFs a Thanks! reading your blog has truly been inspirational!

  3. I do see a lot of the same people selling on other platforms. I don’t bc I’d lose my EVER LOVING mind lol, but I do shop there and recognize some names and “stores.”
    Anywhoo…just a question, do you know the percentage or division of survey answers that were boutique VS not? Also, consigning for family and friends has been by far my biggest inventory builder – so good tip! ✌💕

    1. Hi Renee! Honestly, I did not request that info but just from the closets I can remember off the top of my head- most, if not all are resell/pre-owned. There may be some boutique items sprinkled in, by the vast majority I do believe was not. In the future when I reach out with a poll, I will definitely gather more info.

  4. This is some great food for thought Elle! I think another thing to consider is why you are on Poshmark – I’m on it to discover new clothing, and sell things I no longer wear. I like to use my sales funds to buy new things. I don’t expect to be making big bucks from this and I rarely cash out. If anything, it definitely saves me money by not shopping in stores, all while purging my own closet, and doing something better for the environment by buying second hand. But maintaining an aesthetic in my closet is also important to me so I’m pretty selective about what I list that isn’t mine to begin with. Another consideration is how much time you put in – you get what you give. Your previous posts on sharing attest to that! I generally have only a few hours a week to devote to Poshing so my average is more like 1-2 sales per week (with some stretches of nothing!) and I have never had more than 100 items for sale at a time. But that is okay for me. Thank you so much for all of your insight! I look forward to your blog each week!

  5. Loved this! I myself have noticed that the more listings you have the more you sell. It plays a huge part! Another tip is to always check the showrooms of the day & see if you have any items that fit the showroom descriptions! Some days I just continuously share the items that I know go to the showrooms & get sales as well as likes that way! So listing & sharing to the showrooms are definitely key factors!

  6. Great piece as always Elle…. You’re always pretty spot on….and those stacks of packages that people post? Everyone I know who posh’s does an eye roll when they see them, the humble brag…
    Keep up the awesome work!!

  7. Thank you for putting your time into researching all of this for the benefit of the Posh-sisterhood (bro’s included!) It’ll come back to you. To answer your question… Yes, my sales do fall into the group I fall into, but below that average and I BET that it’s lower because of my LIGHTING. Ugh, my lighting! I’ll get there.

  8. I just love the honesty in your blogs! You are sooo normal! ☺️ It is not encouraging to me when I see the pics of piles of boxes being mailed out by others…I’m not sure how it’s suppose to help me… Your stats on the number of items to keep in your closet is the first I’ve seen, and OFFICIAL or not, that is something that is very helpful! Thank you!

  9. My biggest issue with having so many listings…where to put them! I live in a 500 sq ft apartment with no closets. It’s tough! I’ve got a couple airtight totes, but I filled them quickly. My husband might be a little miffed with me if I add 50 totes to that LOL! I will absolutely take your advice though and increase feasibly. I’ve got a great second hand strategy going, and as of right now, it just might make me the most profit out of all my ideas.

    I do have one concern though, and that’s sales tax. I can’t seem to find any good information on that, and since I currently reside in NH it doesn’t really apply right now. However, with an impending move to NY, I’m intrigued. I’m also an accounting major and the LAST thing I want is a tax burden I was unaware of. I haven’t made enough for it to matter yet, but I’m hoping I will some day.

  10. Hi Elle! Great post! I definitely agree with the concept that the more you list, the more you sell. I also think it helps to list new stuff regularly. When I open a PFFs closet (even just to share), if it’s the same stuff she’s had listed for months, I’m already bored! I don’t feel like sharing, so I’m sure her buyers don’t feel like scrolling either. I took a hiatus from posh recently, and when I came back I deleted all my old listings! (Partly bc I was bored, partly due to inspiration from your “rinse, re-list, repeat” post — thanks btw!). I’ve had about 3 sales in a month, whereas I had gone a couple months with no sales before my hiatus! People definitely like seeing new stuff! On a separate note, I’d like to hear your take on “marketing” strategies. Once you’ve got a great closet, which strategy works best to make sales? Self shares, sharing other people’s listings, parties, share groups, etc? I know you love analyzing sales, I would definitely appreciate your take on this from a statistical perspective! Love your blog, it’s always a great go-to for me when I need posh advice. Keep it coming!

  11. Hi Elle, Always grateful for your informative posts.
    As someone who loves numbers and research I would love to know two additional factors:
    1) How many followers (average) each group had
    2) How many times a day or how frequent they shared their items (self sharing, group sharing, and followers sharing)

    Is sharing really a huge contributor to sales?
    How about followers?
    I wish that was included as well.
    Also, are sales go up when you are more active on PM?

    Thank you.

    On another note, I wanted to thank you for the great SU post.
    I became one a few weeks ago, and yes I wanted to know what it means (nothing for two weeks an a half), your post and the information you have provided had put me in an easy mode (for two weeks hahaha) then got anxious that what if they have forgotten me??!?!
    and ohhhh boy, it hit, exactly as you have said, little warnings being on different lists before the visible one – I was prepare ONLY because I read your blog!!! so I knew it was coming – just like mini contractions before labor hahaha
    I hurried home and there it was, and hour of sharing and sharing and sharing, ended up w/ 2000!!!! yes 2000 new followers (Saturday at 5-6PM) It was amazzzzzing
    My next question is now what ??? How long in between each time they put you on the wheel?
    also, I started to check the numbers who’s on it and how frequent and that is interesting as well,
    Some are more frequent than others and I wonder is there are factors to that as well? (sales, involvement, time on PM and so on) would love to hear what your thoughts about this?


    1. Definitely great questions! As far and your first 2 questions, unfortunately it is not information I requested from those that participated. But yes, Sharing is always helpful for getting your items visible and giving you a better chance of a sale. Be on the look out for my next post as it will touch on this subject 🙂 Congrats on making SU status!! So awesome! I do not see a rhyme or reason to the rotation and frequency- would love to know as well. I would encourage you to keep track of when you are rotated and you may see a pattern (it sounds like you probably already do!) I don’t know that activity plays a role as I see some closed closets in rotation… Hope that answers a little bit!

  12. Wow, Thanks for the quick answer! Closed closets that are in rotation hmmm
    that adds a lot of info to my data, thanks.
    Will keep you posted.
    Personally would love to know about a sharing strategy, if you have one.
    I have found that the groups sharing is not beneficial at all.
    I did find that if you share directly from the feed it helps more, or if you go to your followers lists and randomly choose a few of their closets to share.
    Will look for your next sharing post, curious.

  13. How do you share and or list to a showroom? I found the showrooms but could not figure out how to share to them.
    Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you @MZDVINITY
    or Elle


  14. Great topic Elle! I find that my sales usually depend on the time of the month. I have crossed referenced that with when I usually buy on posh. Pay periods are always the way to tell if you’re going to make sales, and the time of the month. Rent time is usually a slow time for me. I usually sell something every week. Even on the slow times but last weekend I did not sell a thing! Yesterday was my first sale. I figure this time of year people are taking their family vacations that they have been planning or getting ready for back to school. I just try and relate to my own situation. I do have a lot of listings but I do not add every day. I also am not purchasing anything else for the summer season as fall will be here shortly. I am happy for those that make six figures on Posh, and of course I wish I could too. However I like posting and find it fun. My closet is unique to me and one of your very first post that I read is you have to determine what makes you successful. I have only been selling on posh for a year but I have been a buyer longer. In one year I made Suggested User, Hosted my first Posh Party, listed over 1,000 items and have sold over 600. So I may not have made close to what another posher made but I hit every one of goals, so in my eyes I am a success. I also have 108k followers and they are constantly growing. So it all depends on what you are looking for from Poshmark. I love the people and the community and the extra money always helps and I love designing my closet to fit my style. Sorry for the long post, but we have to realize sales go up and down. Don’t feel like a failure when you’re not making sales. My main advice is to move the items in your closet around often. That seems to help! Thank you Elle! Your blog is awesome!!!

  15. I agree with the more items posted you get more sales. I have noticed that when I add new things a few times a week instead of all at once I get more sales or it sure seems so. Also I didn’t get in to any share groups for a few days because of health issues and I could sure feel the difference. In my opinion share groups do help a lot especially when you find the right ones and switch around groups. I have also starting sharing on Insta, Tumbler, Twitter and Pinterest and that seems to get a lot more traffic to my closet. Thanks for all of the info!! I really enjoy your posts…

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