Selfish Sharing

If you aren’t interested in reading yet another person’s manifesto about the importance of sharing… I don’t blame you.

From the moment you sign up on Poshmark, the term and “importance” of the action is shoved down your throat.

Sometimes I view sharing like I viewed Lentil Stew as a child…Β  I know it’s supposed to be good for me but I just can’t stomach it anymore.

Let’s face the facts though, out of all of the currently popular selling platforms, none offer such a straightforward opportunity to get your listings out there. From what I have observed, to get attention on the other popular platforms it is advised to constantly list new items, utilize hashtags, and participate in forums (among others). All are well and good, but Poshmark offers an easier way… to Share.

Sharing can be broken down into 3 basic types:

  • Self Sharing: when you share your closet it goes out to your follower’s timelines
  • Sharing others: Share from your newsfeed/party/ or directly by going into a closet
  • Sharing in a party: Typically you share your listings TO a party, but you can also share listings FROM the party

Sharing, in itself, can become redundant and quite frankly BORING. As I shared on Instagram yesterday, I was trying to complete some listings and sharing and ended up organizing my button collection instead.

Guilty as I am of talking too much about sharing (and also not giving it the attentions it needs)… I decided to think of all the ways sharing can be helpful and SELFISH (in a good way). I think the majority of users share with the sole expectation of reciprocated shares- for me, I want to look beyond that.

How to Selfish Share:

  • Share closets with low follower numbers. I know, makes no sense initially. But I am not looking for just a share in return. I want THEIR attention. These are typically new Poshers. Do YOU remember being new? Poshmark was your oyster… you had credits in your account just waiting to be spent. You probably were shopping out of just a handful of closets you had discovered! I want to be one of the first closets some of these new Poshers discover.



  • Share to get your name out there. Every time you share a closet, the listing owner gets an alert that YOU shared their listing. You just invaded their space and handed them your virtual business card! Now, yes, I understand that doesn’t guarantee they will notice or click onΒ  your closet. This is why I always recommend at least 3 shares from a closet for the alert to be more noticeable. But this is how you promote any business you are in… most people will discard your flyer or business card- but you are after the one or two who don’t.


  • Share to get your share # up. SOME people will judge you by your share numbers. It’s up to you if you want to care. I personally don’t care but I haven’t had to worry about my # being low because I am a sharer. The key is to be active.


  • Share for the reciprocated shares. Yes, this was supposed to be about all the other reasons. However, this is like handing out a flyer or business card and they ACTUALLY come into your store as a result! Sure they may just be virtually stopping in to “thank you” but this is where you can benefit from their urge to shop… if you have beautiful listings that she fancies, it’s a win! So, outside of the share back you really just want that person in your closet.
  • Share to shop. This one helps others out with their sales- but isn’t helping others one of the Poshmark fundamentals? When I share I haphazardly fall into closets I would have otherwise never found. I certainly have made some impulse purchases. Let’s hope what we put out there comes back to us!

I do use the term “Selfish” very tongue-in-cheek. Sharing truly helps everyone, and cannot be completely self-serving even if it tried.

I still don’t have an exact answer on which is more productive: Self Sharing or Sharing Others.

However, I CAN say that I am currently doing some research and testing some theories (I sound like a scientist, huh?) and will hopefully have a huge post about it in the coming weeks… so stay tuned!

What has been going on in your world?
Have you had questions lately or needed advice? Would love to hear your questions or ideas that could become future blog posts!

You can reach out to me through the Facebook Page or Instagram DM.


Gray Asparagus


  1. Great post Elle!! You said what I feel about sharing!! It is so boring. But you gave it a new spin in my eyes!! So I’m going to try to share my heart out today. Last day of the month!! So hopefully sales for me and other Poshers!!

  2. Definitely agree about sharing for new users go get more exposure. I feel like PM is tilted by all the power sellers and new users don’t know where to start.

  3. My sales have gone up drastically since I joined the share group in @janismarie ‘s closet. I also got named a suggested user after I joined her group. It definitely helps a lot to share for others as much as you can.

  4. Does anyone else like to go back and look through their shares? I do this periodically and like to see which ones have sold. Sometimes I’ll see recent shares that have sold and like to think that my sharing was responsible for that sale. But maybe I’m just being arrogant.

    1. Hey Hannah! I haven’t- but now I want to! The times I have co-hosted parties I will save my picks in my likes and I do keep an eye on those πŸ™‚ I don’t think it’s arrogant at all! It’s not bad to feel like you helped in some way because you probably did.

  5. Hannah,
    I do the opposite! In the past, I have been able to track a sale when someone else shares my listing. I will try to determine if my shares have earned anyone a sale. I also like to congratulate people if I notice something has sold- you never know who could take a peek at a sold listing and click through to your closet!

  6. Sharing is why I love Poshmark (and not so much other selling platforms)–you can be proactive about getting your items out there, help other people do the same, and be social/meet new friends while you’re at it. I like to think my shares have helped someone else’s sales, and I am sure it comes right back at me. Thanks Elle for another great post!

    1. Karen, I write about what I’m going through… Which is why my posts aren’t on a consistent posting schedule. I hoped there were Poshers like me out there πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you so much for the great article. I just discovered your blog and have been reading through all the back posts, which are all incredibly well-written and helpful.
    I am curious of your opinion – when you sign up, it’s hammered into you – the importance of reciprocal sharing. I always try to share “like for like” when I am able. But on occasion, some closets are just devoid of anything I would wish to share (the items are not PM approved, the prices are exorbitant for dollar store items, et al.) Is it considered bad form not to share back from said closets? I always feel guilty.

    1. K.C.- you could ask a hundred Poshers this and you would get 100 different answers AND a war would probably break out. You have to do what’s right for you… For instance, if you share randomly from your feed- let’s say 200 shares… There is no way to know if in the next 24 hours FOR CERTAIN who is sharing you for the first time and who is returning YOUR share. The past couple of days I have been sharing with a “share group” that has had more that 40 participants each day… My newsfeed has been insane. I personally do not expect each and every person I share to share back “share for share”… I can’t keep track and quite frankly I don’t care to keep track. The more followers you get- the harder it becomes. So do what feels right, do what you can, and try not to stress over it πŸ™‚ Hope that helps.

    2. As far as non-compliant listing are concerned- I personally share around them. I will share what is allowed and skip over the questionable listings.

      1. Thank you for the thoughtful response. I suppose I’m a much more moderate sharer than some, but you’re right – it would be literally impossible to “keep tabs” if you were a high volume sharer. And I think you’re also correct that if you ask a hundred Poshers, you’ll get a hundred passionate opinions – Ha! Thanks again.

  8. Hey Elle!
    Just thought of something that I’d love to see you do a blog post on. One reason that people love Poshmark that I see over and over again is for the social aspect of it. I’m naturally a shy person and have to make a conscious effect to be social. I’d like to know how you and others socialize on Poshmark.
    I always look forward to your future posts πŸ˜€ @thewheeldeal

    1. Hey Hannah! Thanks for the suggestion! I will think about this subject and see if I have some thoughts- it definitely isn’t something I have addressed before. Thanks!! XOXO

  9. Hi Elle,
    Great post as usual! I am a daily sharer. I actually run a share group as well as participate in a few daily. Sounds tiring doesn’t it? It can be, but I look at it like Posh is a community where we should be helping each other. Sharing is a great way to do that, especially when the result is sales and more followers! I definitely have made more sales from share group participation. Can’t wait for your next post!

  10. Hi Elle, I’ve been on Poshmark less than a year and have just started getting serious about sharing so thank you for this article. You forgot to mention the shares that you share because you already shared and forgot that you shared by the time they share back! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it!

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