The Sharing Controversy

Sharing Controversy

SHARING is quite possibly one of the most controversial topics amongst the Poshmark Community. I previously explained in my “Sharing is Caring” Post (found Here) the basics of sharing and how it benefits your closet and others. Today I will go more in depth with sharing styles and give my thoughts on those closets that seemingly don’t share.

I don’t think there is a “correct” number of shares that you should have under your belt. Some ladies simply do not have the time that some do. There are closets that serve as a Poshers full-time job. There are closets that belong to those who work long shifts at their regular job, and they struggle to even drop their sales off at the post office during business hours. So many factors in life effect our time that we have to dedicate to Poshmark- I can only imagine the juggling some Poshers do to balance work, family, kids, dating, preparing meals, taking care of loved ones, etc. and still have time to share! We all have our unique situation. We have all picked up our own sharing technique based on what works for us.

Let me recap a few styles that I have done/do/observed:

Types of Sharing

1. Share your newsfeed. Click on your feed tab and start sharing every listing you see. This will share listings from closets you follow as well as listings that your friends follow. It’s a great way to discover new closets and get new followers. You may not always get maximum share backs because you do not know how active the shared closets are.

2. Share your share list. Store a list of those you like to share. To do this you can make a listing of “Favorite Closets” so you have quick links. Or, you can do what I have done and keep bookmarked links in your computer- some days I will go through my list (there are hundreds) and share 8-10 from each closet.

3. Share who is active. Get on your feed (like in style #1) but look at WHO is doing the sharing and share that closet. You know they are active and will most likely share back immediately (I use this style when I share in early morning hours).

4. Target closets who share a lot. We all can see who is most likely going to share back by their sharing numbers. Go through your followers and “share bomb” a few ladies who seem generous.

5. Join a share group. There are many different ways that share groups function- it’s a great way to maximize sharing and get your listings noticed. Not only is it fun and effective- but it bonds you with a great group of closets (PFFs!).

6. Share from last nights party. You can go to a previous party and share host picks, from the main party, or- from my favorite- “First Look.” I like to share from “First Look” because they are new listings that need promotion and it gives a good variety of closets. I find that sharing from the main showroom can be frustrating because it seems that I can only see listings from a few closets.

7. Share what you like. Do you love Jeffrey Campbell shoes or Chanel jewelry? You can do a brand search and share your heart out while you browse.

Helpful hint: in sharing a closet who has 20,000 or more followers, their notifications can be crazy! (with new followers and co-hosting an upcoming party- I have been missing a lot of questions and offers on items. Simply sharing back has proved to be very difficult!) When sharing from one of these closets- I recommend sharing at least 3-5 listings. When she scrolls through her notifications, she is more likely to notice if she sees you a few times in a row and be able to share back! To those that share back every single individual share- I would love to hear how you do that!!!

Of course there are many, many techniques (Want to tell us what you do? Comment below!)

Now, for the sometimes sore subject…

The Biggest Sharing Controversy: Closets who don’t share

It was less than a year ago that Poshmark made public the amount of shares each closet has given out in the lifetime of their closet. One super star closet that sticks out in my mind is @manyMurrays- by now she is probably at 2 million!!! Talk about promoting the community! I am in awe of her dedication, not to mention her fabulous listings!

Unfortunately, some of us looked on the negative side and saw that some of our favorite closets were not sharing, it was hard not to (I myself had that “I noticed she never shared back!” moment). Some of us immediately went through our following list and unfollowed low share closets. I even saw some listings where a closet pledged their allegiance to only follow closets who share and encouraging others to do the same.

I have had a long time to think about this… and this is how I feel: When I joined Poshmark in April, 2014, the culture was to share. Every tip and trick was “for best results, share.” I wasn’t here in the first year of Poshmark when suggested users got hundreds of thousand of followers. With that said- I cannot speak to what the culture was then. Did sharing evolve to what it is today? (I would love to hear from someone who was here in the beginning!!!) My guess is that Posh then was somewhat different from Posh now. That said, you can have a closet that you do not actively use! Your items can sell (albeit slower) if you rely only on keyword searches. I have a friend who only logs into her Posh account maybe once a week. She sells things occasionally and she is perfectly fine with that!

Also, when the publicized share numbers were announced- it was encouraged to “Shop Shares.” If you decided to make your listed shares like your own curated host pick section- you probably would only have a few hundred to a few thousand.

I encourage everyone (myself included) to try to look past what the surface suggests and think about and respect how others decide to run their business. If we all did things the same- what fun would that be?

Share, don’t share, share what you like… there is room for all of us on Poshmark!






17 thoughts on “The Sharing Controversy

  1. Elle, first of all thank you so much for this very insightful blog you’ve created. I pretty much agree with many things you’ve brought up 🙂 I recently came across a comment made by a Posher and she stated that she was under the impression that she could only share listings that she loved, the item was her size, and the color was to her liking because it would reflect on how her followers would view her taste.. Someone else chimed in and explained to her that it was simply common courtesy to share back a handful of someone else’s things whether you like them or not and I agree! Do I like everything I share to my followers? Heck no, but someone took the time to share a few of my things and I will certainly return the favor. The bottom line is that we want more eyeballs looking at our listings plain & simple which could possibly increase our chances for a sale 🙂 I don’t understand why people don’t get this, lol!!

  2. I am in school full time and have my own small business so I usually try to share as I can. I will say that I previously may have made some people mad that I didn’t share back right away but I try to catch up as I can. What suggestions do you have to help get our feed list be more towards “my size” options? Does that make sense at all? I get so frustrated when I see something I like and it is the wrong size?? I wish we could have 2 feeds or 2 areas to like or save. Maybe a secret one and a published one. So we can have the social everybody share/follow for numbers but then also the one that we have in common on size and style, what do you think??!

    1. That’s the dilemma about following- I talked a little about this in the “Do you follow the crowd” post. There is really no way to sort it out unless you are only following people who only sell your size. When shopping you might want to stick to specific searches so you only see one size.

  3. What are your views on closets that use share bots? I know it is not allowed according to the Community Guidelines but I see that more and more people are obviously using them- and many of these closets are suggested users.

      1. Hi Elle,

        You can tell which other closets that use a bot because of the amount of sharing is in the thousands per day. It’s just not physically possible to share that much manually. I’m sure you know how much effort goes into sharing your closet and others. Sometimes I fear I will get carpal tunnel by hitting the share button over and over and over again. LOL! These same closets always show their individual listings as being updated within minutes – not hours or days like most people . Does this make sense?

        1. Definitely makes sense… I’m sure there are people who have figured out shortcuts by using bots. It’s against Posh rules and I’m a rule follower- so that’s how I feel about that! I must say though, I have often wished for a computer program to help me when my fingers and wrists hurt!!! I think that for some- Posh is their day job and I know that if I really focus I can share my closet several times in one day and share 1k or more of other’s listings. But I can’t do it everyday!!!!!

  4. Hi Love, really am enjoying your blog. I’m one of sellers who is a single mom gone 12 hours a day and can barely get to the post office. I never understood the sharing thing, I’m a middle aged, (but very fashionable!) woman who just loves nice things and tries to manage it on a budget. Ive only sold 3 items on Poshmark, but selling isnt’ my thing. I use Posh for buying great deals on my favorites like Escada and St John. Two things I’m curious about, why is there no celebrating the people like me, who buy all of the stuff on Posh? I think I’ve purchased 75 items yet Poshmark administration is so hostile me it’s depressing.. I can’t even begin to talk about it. Are they so nasty to me because I don’t share? I am just trying to get a handle on why things can get so bad with this sorta “cliquey” (sp?) company. Your a smart cookie, no matter if I never speak to Posh again, Ill follow you, Hugs! P.S. if it’s in your blog here somewhere and I just haven’t found this subject yet, my apologies.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I LOVE buyers, they are truly the key ingredient to Poshmark! It sounds like you have had a bad experience, I hate that 🙁 Selling isn’t for everyone that’s for sure! I’m not sure what to say about any “cliques” since I don’t know the exact situation- what I try to do is just focus on the aspects that I LOVE about Poshmark… finding great deals, running across really nice people, making a sale or two and focus on that! I am sure that those out there that don’t think I share enough or follow enough or whatever… no way to change that- I just focus on the things that make me happy! If you do start selling again- be sure to tag me in your closet so I can help share 🙂

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