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It’s 5:30 am on the East Coast. I am awake and sharing my Poshmark Closet. Some might say sharing your Poshmark closet this early is a waste of time because the majority of Poshmark users are not awake let alone shopping their feed (it’s 2:30 on the West Coast!!). But this is all part of my strategy which I will explain in just a few. This also ties in to one of the MOST asked questions…

“What is more important: sharing your Poshmark closet or sharing others?”

Everyone on Poshmark

If you have never been asked this before, you probably have been the one asking. I have been on both sides.

I would love to do research and figure out which gives you the best ROI (return on investment) but there are simply too many factors involved. Factors such as:

  • Amount of followers of person sharing
  • Time of day/ Time zone
  • Appeal of listings (photo quality, item desirability)

… and about a million other little factors, including the elusive algorithm.

I firmly believe that sharing your Poshmark closet and sharing others both hold significant importance.

To understand where I am going with this, it would be good to review what each type of sharing actually does…

Sharing Other’s Closets

What happens when you share:

  • When you share an item from another Poshmark seller’s closet, it goes out to the news feeds of all your followers. You followers may see it as they browse their feed.
  • All of your sharing is logged in your “Shares” at the top of your closet.


  • You can share listings to parties. This is great if you can’t attend a party- a friend can share for you!

Did you know that some people take their shares super serious and only share things they like? If someone has very low shares, sometimes it a curated collection of things they want you to shop!

Why you should share:

  • Promotes community
  • People share back
  • Gains followers
  • Your closet gets visibility because people can see you shared and take notice

The list goes on…

I went in depth about sharing in the post Selfish Sharing.

Now, let’s chat about Self-Sharing or what I like to call… SELFIES.

Yep, that’s what I call them.

Poshmark Selfies: Sharing your Poshmark Closet

What happens when you do Selfies:

  • When you share your own items, they go out to the news feeds of your followers
  • You show up in brand and item searches- the default search is “just shared.” Keep in mine “just shared” is in terms of a self-share, if someone else shares your listing it does not count. This gives the most active users visibility (in my opinion it keeps stale or “closed” closest at the bottom).
  • Party activity. The items in past parties move around! As long as you shared to the party (during the party) when you share those same items- they are moving around in the party to the top and most visible spot. Now a buyer can sort based on price, just In, etc. However, like I said, “Just Shared” is the default and it’s why you will get more visibility.

Now that we are all on the same page about what SHARING and SELFIES do. Seller activity aside, we cannot forget about the most important player in all this: the SHOPPER.

Since I do not have access to information about the ROI on shares, I reached out again to my Poshmark friends on Instagram to find out how they SHOP. If I know how a small group of users SHOP them I can link what sharing behaviors could get their attention.

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This is the question I presented:

Which of the following BEST describes how you SHOP on Poshmark?

A. From my feed

B. By specific brand or item searches

C. I only shop certain closets


E. Other: please specify

F. I do not shop on Poshmark- seller only

Thanks to you all, I received over 60 responses. I only kept the poll open for about 48 hours because not only was I annoying myself by asking, but because the results were pretty darn consistent.


85% of you said that the main way you shop on Poshmark is by (B) BRAND or specific items SEARCHES!

5% said that they stick to (C) shopping from particular closets.

5% said (E) OTHER.

3% said they (F) do not shop- only sell

Not quite 2% said they mainly shop (A) from the feed.

Only one or two participants even mentioned they shop parties “sometimes.”

This means that sharing your Poshmark closet should give you the biggest payback in terms of visibility! If you share your own closet, you will be closer to the top of the default “just shared” in item/brand searches. By sharing my closet at 5am, I start the day with my listings that much closer to the top.

Also, I must add this¬† tangent side note to make sure that your items actually show up in these searches… let’s say the majority of users really DO shop mostly through general searches… this makes DESCRIPTIONS extremely important! If you do a key word search, this not only brings up items with the words in the title but also ones with the word in the description. Read more about descriptions HERE.¬†

If you items is not accurately and thoroughly described then the “Just Shared” sorting (or any sorting for that matter) isn’t going to help!

While I think Selfies are the best way to spend limited time. Sharing others still has a direct impact on sales. The other things mentioned in the poll is directly related to sharing others…

Other things mentioned in the poll:

  • They only shop from certain users closets that they trust. Sharing can help build trust. If you are always sharing my closet, I am probably going to share back and then I am in your closet looking at listings. If you are a big time sharer- that is an immediate positive impression!
  • They SHOP when sharing back. If something catches their eye- they might buy!

Unrelated to sharing, it was notably mentioned that a great way to find good stuff was to browse around while welcoming new Poshmark users.

Yes, the poll was mainly from shoppers who are sellers. But it’s still an interesting peek into the buying habits of active users.

So if you have stuff to sell, I recommend to pull out your phone and start on some selfies!

And, if you see me sharing at 5am, be sure to say hi.

Agree or Disagree? What do YOU think is the most important type of sharing?


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  1. Great post Elle! I love these type posts with “statistical data” — it really helps to plan my Poshmark strategy! I’d be interested to see a comparison of when people shop most on Poshmark– both time of day and day of the week, even differences between times of day on weekdays versus weekends. Do you have any info on this?

    1. Hi Megan! Thanks so much- I am enjoying gathering the info and testing theories! I do not have any info around shopping times… not sure I know my own pattern!! I do however believe that they have given basic high traffic days/times at PoshFest in previous years. Unfortunately I don’t have those stats. I will definitely keep this in mind for future polls- thanks!!! Xoxo

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