Stop Chasing Other People’s (reselling) Dreams

Stop Chasing Other People's Reselling Dreams

Stop Chasing Other People’s Dreams… it’s not a new statement, I didn’t make it up, but it’s real and it sometimes happens without us even realizing it. I wanted to write about it in case you needed to hear it, because I certainly do.

When I find myself burned out and unmotivated I have often times found myself chasing someone else’s dreams and goals.

While I am referring to selling in general, I’m sure you can apply this to other things.

But for the sake of this post, let’s talk about selling on Poshmark (or insert your selling platform of choice)…

Here are a few of my most recent mistakes and what I have learned:

  • Don’t take haul video info to the extreme. First of all, haul videos can single-handedly help step up your reselling game. I am a HUGE fan of haul videos and appreciate the time that sellers put into educating the community! I have learned so much by watching videos and discovered brands that I would have easily passed up. However, I have to be careful… as most are quick to point out- what they buy is what sells well for THEM. Not everyone’s closet/store will see the same results. It’s okay if you can sell Old Navy quickly and Lafayette 148 gathers dust. You are UNIQUE and so is your closet.
  • Not all advice applies to your situation. You don’t have to run out and buy the latest gadget or reseller tool if it’s not a system you need to fix. Not all strategies (even ones we discuss on this blog) will apply to your situation. Try things, try everything if you want, but also know how to recognize what does and doesn’t apply to you and know that it’s okay to move on.
  • Don’t expect full-time results from your part-time hobby. Applaud and celebrate those pics of dozens of boxes being shipped out… but don’t forget the three YOU are mailing are just as special! Pay attention to the time those power sellers put into their business, they are working around the clock (literally) and if that’s not your thing or you have a 9-5, set realistic goals and CELEBRATE what you achieve! Am I a full-time seller? Noooooo. And that is okay!
  • Determine what you do well and do more of it. Is everyone posting and talking about how they are selling shoes and you can’t give them away? I hear ya… I don’t have an eye for shoes but I can sell a cardigan in the middle of summer during a heat wave NO PROBLEM. There is no shame in knowing what you do well and sticking to it.
  • Figure out what your goal is and chase it! Do you WANT to be a full-time online seller? If so, go for it! If not, then don’t chase anyone else’s dreams. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and forget that it’s not your ultimate goal. The second I lose sight of what I truly want is when I start to feel burned out and start to resent what should be fun! Enjoy the process.
  • Give yourself a break. Whether you need to step back from social media, blogging, sourcing, or whatever, give yourself that time and don’t feel guilty. The holidays are the perfect time to take a moment and reevaluate what you want out of the New Year.


I would challenge all my friends and fellow sellers that if you are getting burned out and discouraged to take a step back and figure out who you are, what your goal is, and how you are going to measure that success.

Don’t lose sight of that by chasing someone else’s (reselling) dreams!

Read more about this in the post How to be a Success on Poshmark.

How do you stay focused on your goals and dreams?



10 thoughts on “Stop Chasing Other People’s (reselling) Dreams

  1. I can not say how many times I have told oldies and newbies to NOT compare with others. Do what YOU can do. Don’t compare with others. When someone wants to know others self shares I refuse to say only because I feel it is wrong to compare. Many have multi people sharing their closet where I’m the only one in my closet. While I have a healthy self share number I still won’t share … along with how many packages sold… don’t plan on seeing a picture with my “haul”. Too much competition and not enough of lifting people up. New people come and expect instant sales, high money and they get discouraged because they don’t have a haul right away with 9 items listed. Lift each other up don’t compete against other sellers … that’s it.

  2. Love this story and especially Lacie’s comment. I am often frustrated with lack of sales even with 638 listings, the most I have ever sold at one time is 5 packages. Right now I’m running a 50% off boutique bracelets in my boutique when you buy two or more and haven’t gotten a single sale. So I’m giving away bracelets at the Poshmark 6th birthday party. The ones in the boutique which I made are already severely below what it costs to make them then add the 50% sales and I might as well give them away. I need the money or I wouldn’t be selling . Started this to supplement social security but am still working full time as an appraiser because being self employed single mother never left a retirement. I appreciate your article, because sometimes it’s just hard to chill out

  3. The best advice you’ve given was to me on Instagram when I hinted at watching movies all day and nothing more, and you simply said do it! Lol. I did, and great news, my posh closet didn’t disappear!!! Love this post, just thing for holiday sales🎄💕

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS and so agree!!!! Thank you so much for this, this is just what I needed to hear today.

  5. I too love and appreciate this blog, so thank you Elle. And “Beth” I can so relate to your story…from one SS supplementer to another. I will continue to be “me,” and keep the faith that if I am fair and well-intentioned, it will all turn out okay. Thanks all.

  6. Great post!! It is very easy to get all hyped up on all the posts we see, especially on IG. I try to stay grounded. I do this full time. Luckily I have a wonderful Posh friend. Sometimes when I am doubting myself she helps me see the big picture. We all need 1 friend like that!😊

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