Strategy: Poshmark Listing Day

Poshmark Listing Day

Before you can understand my need for a Poshmark Listing Day there is something else you need to know…

Let me describe a typical morning in my life.

I wake up around 4am and immediate take out the dog, starting the coffee pot on the way out. Upon our return, I feed the dog, grab a cup of coffee and climb back in bed ready to scroll through my phone. I finally emerge from under the covers around 5am and jump on my laptop. Typically I blog or start sharing on Poshmark…

Then I refill my coffee cup and things start to spiral out of control.

“Oh, I need to start the dishwasher!”

*start loading it when I notice that I have way too many dirty dish towels and need to load them into the washer*

*begins to put dish towels in the washer*

“Dang it! It’s full”… opens dryer.

“Dang it! It’s full”… unloads clean clothes into basket.

*turns and almost trips over open dishwasher door*

“OH YEAH, I was working on the dishes.”

*puts clean laundry in bedroom and looks at computer*

*sits down to computer. Half an hour later I realize that I need more coffee*

Ugh! There is an open dishwasher… an open dryer door, and rags spilling out of an abandoned washing machine.


Does this sound familiar? I sure hope not.


Can you even imagine what I am like when I am tying to focus on listing on Poshmark?

I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and it really resonated with me. Sometimes I can literally feel all the clutter and stuff lying around like I’m wearing it on my shoulders. I know that this makes me scatterbrained and unable to focus. Clearly I am overwhelmed.

I have always felt that if I could just get my surroundings under control that everything will certainly fall into place. This past week has just been too much. So I did what any girl does when she feels like life is out of control. I called my mother.

One thing that really stresses me out is the amount of items that I have that need to be listed on Poshmark.

My plan is to have my mom help.

Yes, I know i am extremely fortunate to have my mom so close by… but in this circumstance you could even call a best friend, a neighbor, or ANYONE who can keep you on track (maybe your significant other!). So she is taking a day off next week and we are having an official POSHMARK LISTING DAY!

Because let’s be honest- I need supervision. So I am packing up all my Poshmark stuff and heading to her house. I will take the pictures, she will take measurements and describe. Then we will combine the two and it’s listed!


Reasons this should work:

  • I am out of my comfort zone- no tasks, cleaning, books to read to distract me
  • She can keep me focused- like I said supervision
  • I can only bring home the items if they are listed. Spoiler alert: she won’t let me keep ANYTHING at her house, so it may be a long day

We will be using the strategy I talked about in 5 Easy Steps to Listing on Poshmark


Here is my checklist for what I need to do leading up to Posh Day and what I will need to bring…

Preparing for Poshmark Listing Day:

  • Pull out ALL items that need to be listed
  • Sort by category
  • Preset my category descriptions in iPad notes (will only plug in specifics)
  • Clear out photos on phone so I will actually have room
  • Get Consignment and Donate bins labeled for sorting out the items that we decide not to list


Things I will need:

  • Lint Rollers
  • Fabric Steamer
  • Measuring tape
  • Tissue Paper
  • Mannequin
  • Bins
  • IPad with keyboard

Did I forget anything?

My Official Poshmark Listing Day is this upcoming Tuesday, March 7.


So wish me (us) luck! I hope this may motivate you to try something new if you are in a rut. I will update you all on how it goes… also you may want to stop by Instagram to see the progress and assess the situation for yourself 🙂

What have you tried to get caught up with your Poshmark Listings?

Also, how many listings have you been able to get posted in a single day? I need a goal!



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16 thoughts on “Strategy: Poshmark Listing Day

  1. Go Elle go! It always amazes me how time-consuming listing is, especially when you need/want to get it right the first time. Moms help everything. Smart move!

  2. Love this!! Good luck, you’ll do great! My mass-listing days require the following: multiple cups of coffee, fun music and a reward when I’m done. I also like to look at my “Active Listings” and make a goal for how many active I want, instead of how many items I want to list. One and the same really, but the active listings makes me a little more motivated instead of focusing on how many items I have to list.

    Can’t wait to see (and share!) all your new listings Tuesday night!

  3. Great idea to include Mom to keep you focused! I may have to try that! When I have items to list…I HAVE to do it NOW… I really loose sleep if I have items laying round and not listed. May be OCD? I don’t know but it is so time consuming. Unlike you my dishes and washing clothes will just have to wait for another day lol Seriously, I eventually get it all done but it is a full time job that’s for sure. Thanks for another honest/real post Elle! Your ideas really help me a lot!

  4. Once again, Perfect timing writing about the (my) Exact world of Poshing Addiction! I am beginning to think you have hidden cameras in my world. Thank you for always writing just what we need when we need to hear it! I am now encouraged and motivated to stay focused and organized in both my family life and my Poshing life. Cheers to the new listings you create with your Mom’s help. Remember to snap a few random pictures of each other during your Mother-Daughter listing party! Faith and Family First, always. Have a Beautiful and Blessed Poshing Day! Thanks, Elle!

  5. Dedicating a day or even penciling in time to photo, measure,describe and list is the only way to get things done, kudos to having the attention span to dedicate a whole day to it! As regards the clutter situation, so true. When I get a room completely clean, all I want to do is sit in it and bask in the clean! You should check out Fly Lady, everything is broken down into small manageable tasks (and I mean small! 15 minutes). Good luck on your day, I’m you and your mom will get a lot listed!

  6. Good luck Elle! Tomorrow and Tuesday are my days off, I plan on doing similarly, all pix are already on the phone, it’s the measurements and descriptions that bog me down……

  7. You know that’s weird because I always said that my brain is cluttered if my house is unorganized….I never lose anything. I moved into my parents at the end of last year, (Broke Up with My Ex), & all My Stuff is in storage & I’ve been so scattered brained lately. I even lost 3 things lol

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