Style Me Requests on Poshmark

Style Me Requests on Poshmark

If you have experienced the new Style Me feature on Poshmark, you probably have a pretty strong opinion one way or another… Especially with the recent upgrades to the process.

So, You Want Me to Style You?

There are 2 ways to get styled, and by styled I mean, a seller sends you shares based on what they think you will like and it gets shared to your dressing room. From there you can purchase, skip, bundle, or negotiate. It is accessible through the hanger icon in the top right of your closet. If you want to read more about that, check out The Poshmark Dressing Room.

Two Ways to Get Styled with the Style Me Feature:

  • You can go directly to a closet that you like and request to be styled.
  • You can use the new style match feature where you choose the style (ex. Athleisure, Date Night, Cocktail Party) and Poshmark’s algorithm matches you with a closet.

As of right now, the latter is in a test phase.

I have been getting a lot of requests and I know a lot of you are too, and there have been a lot of great ideas thrown around concerning strategy. One of my favorites is where you share an informative listing as your last share that explains your bundle discount, closet info, etc.

I have a “Thank You” one that I just started sharing, but I really feel like I should be sharing THIS:


Here are my brief thoughts:

Requesting from a specific closet is a pretty cool idea especially if you are a fan of a seller’s closet or they just have a HUGE closet.

The random matching according to a broad category? Well, it’s interesting in theory, yet slightly awkward. I have one HUGE suggestion… when a buyer requests to be styled if they do not have a “style card” filled out, it should be mandatory. A screen should pop up that says “Before we can match you with a seller stylist, tell us a bit more about yourself!” I have been receiving requests with ZERO info or they wear sizes I don’t even carry.

But, overall pretty cool and a great way to potentially find a great closet…

So, what’s my point?

Well, it has me thinking about what to list in my closet.

When I first started out 3 years ago… like most of you, I mostly listed items from my own closet and some random things I picked up while shopping. I would grab stuff that I liked and it would typically be in my size. In case it didn’t sell, I had the option to wear it!

I feel like I had a lot more bundles back then…. hmmmm.


So fast forward to today where I have 500+ active listings. I have branched out, I try to list a variety of sizes and styles and popular/recognizable name brands. While this is a wise game plan… I find that I have somewhat deviate from what I like and what I would wear. I have a few thoughts about this…

  • I feel like I don’t enjoy my closet as much because I don’t LOVE everything.
  • Since half of it isn’t my size, I cannot tell a shopper for certain how it fits. Also, I cannot model the items or keep for myself.
  • Not everything is bundle-able.

Let’s stop there and discuss being bundle-able or the bundle-ability of my closet.

(I don’t think either of those are real words)

How do you become bundle-able? Have a variety of consistent sizes and styles. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to carry all one size- BUT the higher the quantity in each size and complementing style, the better the chances. For instance, if you have 5 kid’s items listed and they are all different sizes, you may have a hard time bundling those unless the shopper needs something for themselves and you have their style. But it gets more difficult to list quantities of styles because style is so subjective.

Now, I am not about to delete all my listings and start over! (well, that IS something I would do) But, going forward, I think I am going to be more conscious about what I am listing and try to list items that make me happy and are more in line with my personal style.

So, I feel like before I can properly style YOU… I have to style ME first.

This might be a fleeting thought and idea, I may not fully follow through, but, I am going to keep this in mind when adding items. If the Style Me and Style Match feature takes off and becomes a driving force for sales, then this new strategy may pay off in the long run.



How are you feeling about the STYLE ME Requests?












9 thoughts on “Style Me Requests on Poshmark

  1. Great post Elle!
    So glad you brought this up, I don’t care for this feature and have only ‘styled’ a couple to ….crickets. It feels like it’s something Posh is doing, and not the buyer/customer, I say that because more than half that have ‘requested’ it have no style card or much of a closet, so there’s no real way to style them.
    On another note there are a few of my PFF’s who have styled people, taken a bit of time to do it, and crickets, or ‘I’m not ready to buy now’, or the buyer loved it all, but wanted a ridiculously low bundle price.
    I try not to write off the new features as they roll out, give Posh time to refine them, and myself time to get the gist of it so….
    One other thing that I’d add, and this is definitely more of a personal thing. (btw, I also just ignore any requests I get now, they just don’t seem legit)
    Before my current job, I worked retail, a lot of clothing stores too, Nordstrom being 1 of them. I think if you need someone to style you, go to a store, like Nordstrom and their personal shopper service. Myself, I simply would never even think, or consider a stranger online to do this for me, if you like someone’s style, just buy from their closet, try it out, if it’s not you, reposh or donate, but if you’re a functioning adult and still aren’t sure how to dress yourself the way you want to be dressed, hmmmm….
    I believe ‘time is money’, and this feature, as it is now, uses up both of those things, and I don’t have enuf of either to waste them on something that gives me no return value, and as it is, that’s how I see this feature.

  2. Here’s how I think when I buy:
    1. Can I triple or quadruple my money?
    2. Will I make $20 or more?
    3. Am I excited to list this item?
    If the answer to all 3 questions is YES, then:
    4. What size is it?
    5. How long will it sit before selling.
    This process helps me!!
    -Shanna @greenwheat

  3. I don’t care for this styling request either. I’ve asked a couple of the people I’ve had requests from and one never replied. The other said she requested styling for a theme, Fall Trends. She was a plus size gal and I have only 2 plus size listings, so the algorithm seems to need refinement. I discovered how to turn off the requests also, in Posh Stylist Settings. You can uncheck “allow me to style others “.

  4. I completely agree with everything that’s already been said. Since the new feature I’ve been getting somewhere between 10 and 15 of these requests per day. I did respond to most of all of them the first day or two (just to see what kind of response I’d get) and still do respond to one or two a day if I’m not too busy, but I’ve yet to see a sale, interest, or even a “no thanks” from any of the poshers as a result. And, yep, at least 30% of them have nothing filled out in their style card. I often get styling requests from poshers who haven’t filled out the style card, have nothing listed in their closet, no previous purchases, no “about me” info … in these cases I usually just share accessories!! I’m about ready to give up on the feature, since I already have consistent daily sales and feel the time would be better spent listing or sharing to followers. If Poshmark really wants to make the most of it I agree that they need to require the posher have her style card filled out. Better yet there should be a field for her to say exactly what she needs. I could actually see a real use for the feature if we got requests like “I’m a size such-and-such, need something for my anniversary date, try to avoid anything too short or low cut but am pretty adventurous when it comes to color/print.” Now THAT would be helpful. I would know right away that I either don’t have what she’s looking for, or I’d know the one or two listings to suggest. How can we possibly style people if the only thing we know about them is their size (if we’re lucky) and nothing about their needs and preferences?

    I am not feeling this AT ALL. it feels so random, very pressured and out of over 50 requests- I haven’t gotten a single reply. I feel like I have a cute closet, but apparently the algorithm doesn’t agree! 😘
    Thanks Elle for posting so quickly on these new features

  6. I am currently not a fan of the styling request feature. However, I realize it is in beta testing and with feedback it might become a very dynamic selling tool. I agree with Melissa that we need more information. I have gotten no responses to the ones I have done. They often have no sizes on their style card. I have sent messages to the style requesters asking for more information, but I have yet to get any responses. If this is an option that just pops up in the feeds of new people I bet many of them are clicking on it, without really understanding what they are asking for.
    Only time will tell.

    For me the jury is still out. More to come….

  7. As a buyer, I don’t care for the feature at all. I tested it out and the results I received were completely off-theme (knee-high stiletto boots for work – what line of work do they think I’m in?!) or in multiple sizes I can’t wear. Sometimes I got the feeling that some sellers were using it as an opportunity to advertise their most expensive items.

  8. As a relatively new Poshmark buyer, I’m glad I read this. Poshmark has a lot of features I’m just not interested in. I joined to buy used clothing and have made some purchases I’m pleased with, but I have no interest in the “parties,” or other strange additions Poshmark makes to its experience, like forcing me to follow people and vice versa. The “style me” just popped up and I was confused by it. I’m sure lots of buyers are.

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