Stylist Match on Poshmark

Stylist Match on Poshmark

I have a few thoughts on the Stylist Match Feature on Poshmark. In case you haven’t noticed, Poshmark is making a huge deal about the launch. Why? Probably because it’s a huge deal.

There has to be something behind it all, right?


But as with every new feature, there will be lovers and haters. Let’s look back:

Some HATED the Make an Offer Feature

Some still gripe about the bundle feature and how it could improve

The good news is that we all survived menswear and kids clothes being added

There were those who did not agree with the SU program and now we have Ambassadors

With most new features, there is a degree of uncertainty. But so far, Poshmark has yet to steer us wrong!



I’ve certainly gone back and forth in my views of being matched.

Some days I think “This is genius! They matched me with a customer, just for me!”

Other days, “Really? Really? REALLY!? Where is that opt-out button…”


From what I see on social media and from talking to sellers regarding Stylist Match, is that there is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty. There are Poshers with lots of great ideas to make it easier, and also those that are choosing to ignore it altogether.

I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t fall into the latter at times. Ten or more requests a day with little to no information is not always motivating when it takes a while to scroll through your listings and share. You want “stocking stuffers”? I have a scarf. I hope everyone wants a scarf.

It can get especially unmotivating since I have yet to have much of a response, let alone a sale.


But as I really think about it, there are a few reasons why you don’t want to brush them off…

  1. The person requesting wants to make a purchase, if not now, possibly in the future. After all, they are at least curious enough to request styling!
  2. You are matched because you carry something in this person’s size. They are a POTENTIAL customer.
  3. If you are quick to share, they may still be on the app and will see your shares right after the request- when their interest is piqued.
  4. If you share SOMETHING they will be alerted that they are being styled. This almost guarantees they will look at your closet.


Overall, this is targeted marketing that you won’t get from just normal sharing to your feed. So whether you choose to send them your best listings or if you send them a listing introducing yourself and asking for more information- the potential connection is there! I truly believe that direct sharing is the new generation of sharing. 

I hear a lot of people claiming that direct shares are somehow linked to the algorithm and by participating you will increase closet visibility. I won’t make such claims… but if true, I don’t want to miss out. So while I am not able to share to 100% of closets I have been matched with, I am making a concerted effort to try!

If you want to read more about the Stylist Match feature check out this post by clicking HERE.


How are you using the new Stylist Match feature?

Let’s talk strategy in the comments below!



16 thoughts on “Stylist Match on Poshmark

  1. So it sounds like everyone is eligible to be matched? I have not yet been matched, but I agree I think target marketing is a great idea, and more fun than just randomly sharing your closet a few times a day. One question though, I have had a definite uptick in people adding things to a bundle but they’re only putting one thing in the bundle, which by definition, is not a bundle, lol. Is there an expectation that I’m going to make a secret special offer to them or what? I feel like my opening offer is already out there and if they’re truly interested, they’ll actually make an offer.

    1. Actually, I had a friend reach out to me that she it says within the app that she “is not eligible” (or worded something like that)and she has not received style requests. She contacted support so I will let you know what I find out! As far as bundles, in my closet- if you “add to a bundle” you WILL be receiving an offer!! I send offers on one item bundles all the time. I think some people may be too shy to make offers and there are a lot of closets that don’t come off as “offer friendly” so I think it let’s them know right away that I am willing to negotiate and perhaps they will decline and add more. But everyone has to do what they are comfortable with and what they find appropriate 🙂

    2. My friend heard back and apparently being able to style others is not available to all users yet- but everyone should be able to request styling through style match…

  2. Girl, when I have been asked to style someone they were newbies and never answered my question about style, size or brands. I am lost to style someone without direction, especially when their closet was empty. I’ll pass on the styling for now until I really think the customer is serious! Otherwise its wasting my time. #sorry #notsorry On a side note I was a posher who was dead set against men and children’s wear. Now I carry both in my closet and even encouraged my husband to open a closet with men’s wear. I guess people change their opinions all the time!😉😊!

  3. Elle I have been waiting for you to cover this!!! So…I have been getting matched with potential buyers since the beta period (September-ish) and have responded to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I have received a few thanks/love your style/love the items but zero sales. However like you, I see potential so I don’t want to miss what could be the one. I have scaled down greatly in the amount shared, and made it a point to reply within 10 hours with listings. Just my personal goal, no rhyme or reason. I have been inundated lately and really narrowed my categories down to 3 because there are only a few that honestly suit my closet.
    On the flip side- one week ago I submitted my own style requests for 3 categories and have not received a SINGLE reply! I was matched with boutiques, higher tiered sellers, one Posh employee/seller and even someone I purchased from before! I was super disappointed but i think there’s already style burn out because users are requesting just because it’s there…✌💕

  4. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately I get about 15 of them each day it’s becoming time-consuming but I think I agree with you when I say… they may not buy now but they could by later, great blog!


  5. I have yet to receive a single style request and I have no idea why. I do like the idea of targeted marketing and sort of being a personal stylist to someone, but I haven’t been matched with anyone yet. 🙁

    1. Apparently everyone can request to be styled but not everyone can be the stylist yet…. a friend of mine emailed Posh to ask since she hadn’t received requests either.

      1. Thanks, Elle! I was just reading through some of the other comments and saw that not everyone is eligible… yet. Thanks for clearing it up! I’m excited to help someone out!

  6. I have to say, I’m a little exhausted by the style matching. I feel like it’s a constant all day thing. I do try to share to 90% of the requests. I don’t think they are completely matching according to sizes and product. I have nothing to share to any makeup and plus size requests. But, I too don’t want to miss out on the “bigger picture” so I’m trying to keep up, for now. Have a great Thanksgiving Elle! I’m thankful for your blog❤️

  7. I have been getting at least 20 style requests per day. Zero sales. Not one sale in two weeks. I mean none, not just no sales from the style me feature. It’s as though I’ve been completely cut off from being allowed to sell anything. Tons of new followers and a sprinkling of likes but not one sale. Anyone else seeing a complete halt in sales?

  8. Hi Elle,

    I thought I would wait a minute before I made any comment on the stylist feature on posh. Since I’ve started selling there have been a few changes, and the one allowing men and children things to be sold was the one that caused the most uproar. Since then there have been several changes, but as you said it all works out at the end. Because of this I have a great respect for the creators who work on posh as they deliver us great features rather quickly. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the benefit of this stylist feature. I have tried to share with whom I matched with, and no sale or response. Which is okay. However I am flooded with emails all day or notifications stating “this person requests styling”. I don’t like to ignore them but that’s what I’m doing now. They need to style themselves and contact me for questions or to make an offer . I’m not bashing the application, maybe it works for someone, but it hasn’t done anything for me but increase my notifications. I have to pass on this one.

    1. Thank you for your honesty Aundrea! I haven’t been able to devote as much time to Posh this past week and “styling” is the first thing off my list! I think that (hopefully) once everyone has gotten over the initial curiosity that it will (hopefully) become a useful tool and will bring in customers and sales. I think it might be awhile…. we shall see!!

  9. Again, brilliant post! I have been feeling the same mixed feelings but still participate when I can because of FOMO. Thank you for your thoughts, it’s great not to feel alone! Happy Thanksgiving my dear!!! 😘🦃

  10. Update: I looked back and I’ve been receiving style requests since June- to date: zero sales. I reply to every single one I get…very frustrated.

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