Switching Out Seasonal Clothing on Poshmark

When it comes to your online inventory, a big decision you have to make is when you should be switching out seasonal clothing on Poshmark.

Some sellers are compelled to keep their closet stocked with only season appropriate clothing.

Of course you can’t rely on calendar dates like the first official day of summer or follow traditional Labor Day outfitting rules. By the time the season has officially changed, most shoppers have already made their big seasonal purchases. I see this shopper every year… she just bought a fabulous pair of boots, a plaid scarf, and the perfect heavy leather fall bag. She is so excited about her purchase and can’t wait to wear it on her next outing and its 80 degrees out.

When switching out seasonal clothing on Poshmark, I follow one simple rule in my closet…

I don’t.

Today is August 23. The reported high in my sunny Southern state should be 84 degrees. My friend is flying home from San Francisco today where she has been lows in the 50s. Last week when I was in Vegas, I dressed for 100+ degree weather.

If I were to stock my Poshmark closet based on the local temperature in my small corner of the world, I could potentially be missing on sales!

Also, consider this, when people cannot find a bathing suit in a department store for their tropical Christmas getaway… they will probably turn to an online search. If you are planning a skiing trip, you might be shopping off season too.

If you are in the process of gathering new inventory, definitely focus your purchasing for the season. Even though I don’t switch out clothing, I am certainly listing more cardigans than tank tops right now. I just don’t remove out-of-season listings just for the sake of removing them. Not only could you be missing a potential sale, but the name brands and key item searches could bring people to your closet.

For a more in depth discussion about brand searches, check out Sharing Your Poshmark Closet


If you just can’t help yourself and you must switch out the season, OR if you sell wholesale and run your boutique seasonally like a regular store, here are a few suggestions…

Switching Out Seasonal Clothing on Poshmark

When do I put out new inventory?
  • Look up local consignment stores in your area. Go to their websites and see what clothing they are accepting. Check out a couple of them so you don’t miss any categories. This should be a pretty solid guideline to what you should be focusing on.
  • Walk the mall! Yes, this requires you to actually go to one of those… look at the windows and check out the latest seasonal trends. While you are there, also note what is on the clearance rack.
  • Magazines. The big ones will have seasonal preview issues- great indicator and guide as to what will be hot for the season.
  • The seasonal aisle of the grocery store. Yes, I really said that! As soon as Valentine’s Day cards and candies get stocked- it gets ingrained in the consumers mind “Must shop for Valentine’s!” So, it is a good sign to list those red dresses and heart shaped necklaces. Same goes for other holiday themed items like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween costumes, etc.
What do I do with the old?
  • You could have a sale. Yes, you might move a few pieces with markdowns, however, you shouldn’t always take a hit on your investment unless it’s super trendy (i.e. chokers, outdated phone cases, eclipse glasses). A great classic leather jacket or designer sandals should hold their value until next season.
  • Delete and Relist. First, save all of your photos and copy paste descriptions (super easy now that we can list with computers!) then you can delete. When you relist next season most of not all of the work has been done for you!
  • If you are wary about deleting listings because you will lose “likes,” I get it. Sometimes I will only “like” something so I can remember the closet. If they delete the listing, there is a zero chance I will ever find the random closet again. If this is a concern of yours you could try this:


This way your closet/item will still be bookmarked but clearly noted that there is a new listing. Also, change the selling price if you will be going back to a “beginning of the season price” (prior to markdowns) or if you want to insure no one can purchase the old listing.


I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to stock your closet or manage your listings, you just have to do what feels right to you and reflects the shopping style of your client base.


How do you feel about switching out seasonal clothing on Poshmark?



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9 thoughts on “Switching Out Seasonal Clothing on Poshmark

  1. I might do this with one of my listings. I ‘liked’ my own listing so that I would get the notification when I dropped the price. I dropped the price (stupidly) by a little less than 10% this weekend and didn’t get the notification. Then I realized that I didn’t drop it enough. So I dropped it again, but not enough because PM was now going by the new low price. So basically I was an idiot and now I can’t drop the price anymore or I won’t make money on the item if it sells at the low price. So all that price dropping, no notification. I was trying to figure out what to do besides deleting the listing and starting over. So I might do what you suggested.

    Another side note/question… I don’t understand why PM does the price drop the way they do. Basically you have to keep dropping 10% off of historical low price. Which in my opinion is ridiculous. Why can’t the app just notify people anytime you drop 10% off, regardless of the all time low price? It seems like we as sellers, and PM, would rather take a higher cut if an item sold at a higher price. So if I drop a price 5 times and then someone decides to purchase, I make a low profit margin, as does PM. If I had something listed at $30 and dropped it down to say $20 to really get someone to bite, but nobody does, I take the price back up to $30. But now if I want to have a sale, I have to go way below $20 (which was my historical low price) in order for people to get notifications. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Amy! My knee jerk reaction is spam. If we didn’t have to lower further, think of how easy it would be to annoy people. If I liked a shirt that’s $30 and it’s gets marked down to $27 today, tomorrow, and next Thursday, I’m going to get annoyed. However, next Thursday if the 3rd markdown makes it about $20… it might be in my budget! It does still happen that sellers will drop below the historical low and jack the price back up for attention- but not as rampant as it could be in my opinion. I too questioned this when price dropping was first rolled out- but a sale is a sale regardless of how much Poshmark makes. Overall, I don’t find for my closet that price dropping has the same effect it used to… I rarely get a straight up sale from a markdown but rather another (lower) offer… or, I do believe markdowns bring attention to your closet as a whole and I will end up selling something else.

  2. Hi! Just started reading your website recently & I just wanted to say thanks! I’m really enjoying it! I hail from the very warm South but also need boots & heavy jackets for winter travel & outdoor adventures, and my storage space is very limited! My personal closet is 5 ft wide, 2 ft deep & 7 ft high. I’m continually reorganizing it, it seems, because I have no off season storage & also keep my shoes & bags in there! Any tried & true hints/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!! Jo @jhp511 on Poshmark

  3. I completely agree on two of your major points. #1 “Walk the Mall”. You can do this literally or if you don’t have the time, do it by looking online. Not only will you see when retailers are changing their seasonal inventory, you will also be able to take notice of what current trends are most popular and being made available in the majority of stores.
    Point #2 Notice how early your Grocery Store puts out the next Seasonal Holiday items. To give you more perspective on this point, I was a buyer for a Global Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation for years. In order for the Retailers to receive their Seasonal/holiday inventory early enough to put it out on display in their stores, the Manufacturer has to think ahead even earlier. They need time make the inventory, receive orders from the Retailer, and Deliver the inventory to the Retailer’s Distribution Center. The Retailer then has to ship the inventory to each of their stores in a timely manner in order to have that inventory be placed on the Retailer’s floor for sale.
    Basically, what I am saying is it is never too early to think about what inventory you want for not just the upcoming season but, even two season’s ahead. The more you look around at the marketplace, the more knowledge you will gain. And if you don’t nail your timing of receiving your Seasonal and/or trend driven inventory this season, Don’t Give Up! The “Supply Chain” Process is a difficult one and is constantly evolving due to technicaligical advances. Continue your quest for information by just changing your perspective. Whether that is by Physically “Walking the Mall”, Watching Retail Sites On-line and/or looking through Magazines. You will be surprised by how even noticing one factor can change the way you prepare for seasonality.

  4. Great points Elle! I absolutely agree not to go by seasonal temperatures. I’m from the south too so it’s still over 90 here most days! I would go a step further and say to depend more on the magazines than local stores for timing of new seasonal merchandise. Most stores here are starting to put summer on clearance but won’t have fall stuff for another month or so. However all my fashion magazines are already looking to fall. So even though I can’t fathom shopping for fall, across the country many people obviously are! Also great point about the Christmas cruise! I personally don’t delete or re-list off season merchandise (too much hassle!) but I do move it to the bottom of my closet.

  5. Hi Elle,
    I prefer not to take my seasonal inventory down. I live in Florida and we have customers that are all over the world. I will add some fall/winter items to my closet which I have started doing slowly but I won’t change my entire closet by season. I guess everyone runs their closets differently. The great thing about Posh you can do what you want with your closet. I think moving the out of season items to the bottom and then add some new items on top. This works for me. Once again Elle, thanks for the fabulous conversation.

  6. Excellent points Elle and Lynda, being aware of seasonal change overs is important for staying relevant and saleable. Then there are those of us who know winter comes every year and I shopped for sweaters in the closets in the July heat from the comfort of my air conditioned couch. I wanted the best available selection and shopping early before things are picked over was my plan this year because I lost 25 lbs and had to replace a my whole winter wardrobe. Whether I caught early postings or late ones, as Aundria noted by not totally changing her closet, there was something I needed when my budget allowed was also beneficial. Ok, the jig is up, I’m a Libra and like balance so I relate to sides. And being a Libra I love beautiful, quality clothes which is why Poshmark is a great place shop.

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