Are You a Poshmark Seller Stylist?

Poshmark Seller Stylist

Twitter Google+ The new Poshmark Dressing Room feature got me thinking about the features that have been added over the past couple of years. Also, the constant reference to sellers as “Stylists”. Which makes me wonder… are YOU a Poshmark Seller Stylist? Am I? The answer for me is simple. No, I am not. I […]

How to be a SUCCESS on Poshmark

Success on Poshmark

Twitter Google+ Everyone wants to know how to be a SUCCESS on Poshmark.   You may have read articles about Poshmark sellers achieving success by making five… six… SEVEN FIGURES (!!!) from their closets. Some will read these news articles and take it as motivation and some will immediately assume personal defeat. After hearing about […]

Poshmark Retail and the Boutique Feature

Twitter Google+         My Thoughts on NWT, NWT Retail, and the Boutique feature …on Poshmark (If you do not have Boutique feature yet, update your app. The Android update will come in the next few weeks. If you still cannot view the feature- you can read about it on the Poshmark Blog […]