Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

Twitter Google+ Seeing the Poshmark alert “Congrats! Your Bundle of …. has sold!” on my phone screen is on of the most beautiful sights! Now that shoppers can make an offer on bundles there is more potential to see it! I started out editing my original post Bundles: Strange Behavior Decoded… but I decided to […]

Packing and Shipping your Poshmark Sales

Poshmark Shipping Tips

Twitter Google+ I have never been a cutesy girl. I do not wear the color pink, I HATE glitter, and the idea of sitting around with friends painting our nails makes me want to gag. So what the heck does this have to do with Poshmark shipping? Well, I have done my share of shopping […]

New Shipping Rates on Poshmark

Twitter Google+ UPDATE: As of 2/8/2017, Shipping rates on Poshmark have increased to $6.49 for Priority Service. Although this blog post post is about the rate change from the same month in 2016… my opinions remain the same.   Well, my friends… I expect today to be a slow day. New Shipping Rates on Poshmark […]