Sharing your Poshmark Closet

Twitter Google+ It’s 5:30 am on the East Coast. I am awake and sharing my Poshmark Closet. Some might say sharing your Poshmark closet this early is a waste of time because the majority of Poshmark users are not awake let alone shopping their feed (it’s 2:30 on the West Coast!!). But this is all […]

Are You a Poshmark Seller Stylist?

Poshmark Seller Stylist

Twitter Google+ The new Poshmark Dressing Room feature got me thinking about the features that have been added over the past couple of years. Also, the constant reference to sellers as “Stylists”. Which makes me wonder… are YOU a Poshmark Seller Stylist? Am I? The answer for me is simple. No, I am not. I […]

Never Forget a Poshmark Customer

Never Forget a Poshmark Customer

Twitter Google+ Often I will run across a Poshmark username and it just looks soooo familiar. I hate when I cannot remember why! Then all these scenarios run through my head… Did they make a crazy offer before? Did this person buy a huge bundle? Wait, they gave me a host pick didn’t they?   […]

How to Compare Yourself to Others

How to Compare Yourself to Others

Twitter Google+ “Are sales slow for you?” This question is asked approximately every 5 seconds on Poshmark. Ok, I totally made up that statistic. BUT, I personally get asked this all the time. Honestly, I find myself asking my friends this question too! There are times I see people posting photos on Instagram of all […]

Poshing Around the Christmas Tree

Twitter Google+ It’s that time of year again! I absolutely love the holiday season. I love the weather getting colder, the excitement in the air, and all of the festivities! We all know that with the holidays comes stress too… long lines, traffic, and a few Scrooges. But what does Christmas, Hanukkah, and the whole […]

The Importance of Descriptions on Poshmark

Twitter Google+ We talk all the time about the importance of powerful and attention-grabbing covershots. But sometimes we ignore the importance of descriptions on Poshmark! Unfortunately, accurate and responsible describing is often overlooked by even the most experienced Poshers. Some closets have such stellar reputations that you know what you are getting will be nothing […]

The Men and Kids have arrived!

Twitter Google+ If you are an iPhone user, go update your app and see the new  feature! THE MENS AND KIDS FEATURE IS HERE!   If you use an iPad or Android then your update will come later. So if you are one of those who cannot update yet… here is what it looks like… […]

Poshmark: A Family Affair

Twitter Google+   Please note, all opinions expressed are solely my own. I have no insider knowledge nor claim to… I am just a seller on Poshmark. If you watch any large online company you will see it dramatically change as it evolves with its users, whether it is a marketplace or social media. Take […]

Selfish Sharing

Twitter Google+   If you aren’t interested in reading yet another person’s manifesto about the importance of sharing… I don’t blame you. From the moment you sign up on Poshmark, the term and “importance” of the action is shoved down your throat. Sometimes I view sharing like I viewed Lentil Stew as a child…  I […]