What’s Up with the Suggested User Program?

suggested user program

It’s time for a little update on my opinions and experiences with the Suggested User Program on Poshmark.

I have previously explained the program in my own words: Becoming and Being a Poshmark Suggested User

… and given my opinions on how this program could be stronger: Suggested Updates to the Suggested User Program.

While I have no insider knowledge (no friends at PMHQ)… a few Posh- friends that went to PoshFest last September did inform me that the SU program was addressed and that updates were in the works but not available yet. I’m sure an overhaul of that magnitude takes quite some time for programmers to perfect.

So moving on… Due to the volume of questions I still receive on the subject, I feel like I need to make some comments on how my experience has changed since I first became an SU.

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Hi, I’m @GrayAsparagus

Like many of you, when I first downloaded the Poshmark App, I had NO CLUE what was about to happen.
I didn’t know that almost 2 years later I would still be buying, selling, and now blogging about it!
When I signed up and had to quickly choose a closet name, I didn’t think much of it… I didn’t think ahead to having a little store, making friends, networking on social media…

To be honest, some of us ended up with really odd names. With that said…

My Poshmark Closet name has changed!

@vance289 is now…



Have you been considering a closet name change?

There are a few things we should talk about…

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Your First Week on Poshmark

Your first week on Poshmark


So you have downloaded the Poshmark App … now what?

This is a question that seasoned Poshmark users get asked daily… with good reason! It can be overwhelming and downright confusing! I had a friend who introduced me to Poshmark and the basics on how it works… I think I stared at the app for a week before listing something. After reading everything I could about it and all the fine print, I gave it a shot.

Then, eventually,  I had a couple of super friendly users take me under their wing and answer questions along the way.

The rest was trial and error. As you read my blog posts you will find they are mostly tales of mistakes I have made and lessons I have learned.

Here is a quick and simple 5 step guide for your first 7 days…

I hope you read the guidelines in the menu portion of the app. I know, the fine print isn’t the most fun to read, but DO IT. You need to know the rules, trust me.

Let’s get to it:

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The Real Deal: Becoming and Being a Poshmark Suggested User

Suggested User

If there is one ultimate goal in Posh World- it is to be a Suggested User.

At least I know it was mine.

Early on when I learned that this status existed…  It was the Land of Milk and Honey. A place where sales flowed easily and Poshers vied for you attention by sharing your page for hours on end. Of course, Manish and staff probably emailed often just to make sure you were happy.

So far, since becoming a Suggested User, I am NOT a “Six Digit Seller”, my closet gets shared based on how much I share, and strangely enough- PMHQ hasn’t called me for advice.

So what’s so great about being “Suggested”? I will get to that in a few.

But, first coffee … let’s get to the basics! Read more

Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

I once ran across a comment from one Posher to another where Posher A was blasting Posher B for not “following” a lot of closets.


I looked at the scenario, Posher B had tens of thousands of followers but was only following a few hundred closets. The accuser had much fewer followers and was following tons of closets. She went on to tell Posher B that she was not being a positive community member because she did not support others by following them. I was shocked by the bold accusations. I, too, only follow a few hundred! Am I doing something wrong???

To explain my opinion on this matter, let me tell you about my Poshmark following journey: Read more

The Poshmark Police

The Poshmark Police


Please Note: The following is my opinion. I am just telling ya like I would tell a friend over coffee. Please see Poshmark blog link listed or email Poshmark Support with any questions regarding specific rules and regulations and how they apply to you.



If Poshmark had a #trending section… “Follow Posh Rules” would be trending day after day, hour after hour.

What is the big deal?

Let’s talk about. The what and why of it all. Read more

The Sharing Controversy

Sharing Controversy

SHARING is quite possibly one of the most controversial topics amongst the Poshmark Community. I previously explained in my “Sharing is Caring” Post (found Here) the basics of sharing and how it benefits your closet and others. Today I will go more in depth with sharing styles and give my thoughts on those closets that seemingly don’t share.

I don’t think there is a “correct” number of shares that you should have under your belt. Some ladies simply do not have the time that some do. There are closets that serve as a Poshers full-time job. There are closets that belong to those who work long shifts at their regular job, and they struggle to even drop their sales off at the post office during business hours. So many factors in life effect our time that we have to dedicate to Poshmark- I can only imagine the juggling some Poshers do to balance work, family, kids, dating, preparing meals, taking care of loved ones, etc. and still have time to share! We all have our unique situation. We have all picked up our own sharing technique based on what works for us.

Let me recap a few styles that I have done/do/observed: Read more

If I hear “sharing is caring” one more time, I will give you the Care Bear Stare

Just kidding.

Although you will hear and read this over and over.

Is sharing really important? Where do my shares go? Why do I want to promote someone else’s closet when I have my own stuff to sell???

I know it seems like you are passing out someones virtual “business card” by hitting that share button… but here is what really happens:

When you hit “share” on your own listing or another Posher’s listing you are making it appear in the “feed” of your followers. It doesn’t mean that all your followers will see it, they have to be scrolling their feed to see it (much like a twitter or instagram feed- you miss a lot of what is posted). This is why you want your listing shared as often as possible.

So why share another closet? Two main reasons: friendship and sharing back. Read more