Switching Out Seasonal Clothing on Poshmark

When it comes to your online inventory, a big decision you have to make is when you should be switching out seasonal clothing on Poshmark.

Some sellers are compelled to keep their closet stocked with only season appropriate clothing.

Of course you can’t rely on calendar dates like the first official day of summer or follow traditional Labor Day outfitting rules. By the time the season has officially changed, most shoppers have already made their big seasonal purchases. I see this shopper every year… she just bought a fabulous pair of boots, a plaid scarf, and the perfect heavy leather fall bag. She is so excited about her purchase and can’t wait to wear it on her next outing and its 80 degrees out.

When switching out seasonal clothing on Poshmark, I follow one simple rule in my closet…

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Poshing Around the Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again! I absolutely love the holiday season. I love the weather getting colder, the excitement in the air, and all of the festivities! We all know that with the holidays comes stress too… long lines, traffic, and a few Scrooges.

But what does Christmas, Hanukkah, and the whole holiday season mean for your Poshmark closet?

I gave tons of tips last year in the post How to Posh During the Holidays without Losing Your Mind

Everything from strategy to winterizing your packaging…

I was optimistic last year, but this year I think that sales will be even better!

Why do I feel this way?

This year is all about the SHOPPERS.

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It’s time to go on VACATION mode!

Ladies (and gentlemen too)… this is probably the most excited thing to happen on Poshmark this year!

We now have….



Yes! It’s finally here! No longer do you have to make a post, tell your friends, and risk low feedback for shipping time. You can actually set ALL of your listing to “NOT FOR SALE” all at once!

Let me walk you through the process…

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How to Posh during the Holidays without Losing Your Mind


Last year was my first time buying and selling on Poshmark during the holidays. I was unsure what to expect. Was it going to be extremely busy? Would I even have time to pack up all the sales?

Based on my observations and experience I want to prepare you for what you may see this year during the holidays.


Let’s go back to last year… I am by nature a record keeper. I keep detailed records of my Poshmark activity on a daily basis. I even keep an account of how much sharing I do to see if there is a connection between how much I share and the impact on my sales (It’s no secret that Yes, they are directly connected!). Last holiday season, right around this time, my closet took a nose dive. I almost closed my closet down with the intention of opening back up in January. I didn’t though. I stayed open and continued to share and only had a few sales in November and December. I was completely shocked and hadn’t expected such a drastic change.

My plan was that this year I would close up shop for the month of December… I have since change my mind. I expect this year to be MUCH different.

Here’s my 3 thoughts on why…

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