Meet My PFF

Meet My PFF BrieWinePosh

One of the oddest acronyms you run across when you first join Poshmark is PFF.

There was probably a moment early on when someone commented in your closet “Hey PFF!” leaving you bewildered. It was even MORE confusing after you found out what it meant!

“This person thinks we are Posh Friends Forever? What?? What do I need to do?”

For the new Posher, rest easy, it’s mostly a term of endearment. But if you have been around a while and have built these unique online friendships, it can be so much more. They become your sounding board, your support system, and your biggest cheerleader! I mean who else is going to understand the world of Poshmark?

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Hosting a Poshmark Party Update

Poshmark Party Hosting Update

There have been a few changes lately with parties that we haven’t discussed yet so it’s time for a Poshmark Party Update!

Hosting a Poshmark party is a coveted spot and one of the biggest honors you can receive on Poshmark.

I was fortunate to be able to Host this past Monday’s “Cold Weather Vibes” and I must say that the experience was slightly different from past hosting opportunities. I have previously shared a Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party

So what was different this time?

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It’s Poshmark Party Time!

I have never been so excited to host a party on Poshmark!

This party is going to be held the evening of Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

But the absolute BEST part is who I get to co-host with…

I will be teaming up with the popular fashion blogger

Jessica from Cubicle Chic.




She gives amazing advice on how to stay fashionably appropriate at work… just check out her Instagram HERE.

And, of course, her Poshmark closet CubicleChic.


Also joining us is Lisa from the amazing Poshmark Closet




Believe me, her closet really IS fabulous! You can check out her Insta Style HERE.


I guess you can see why I am so excited… However, there is ONE problem…

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Poshmark Rules: The Day I Got Flagged

There is one mistake you could be making in your Poshmark closet… unknowingly.

Something that could be stopping you from becoming a Suggested User and from Hosting a party.

How do I know?

Because it happened to me.

The warning came in the form of an email. Subject line: “Note from the Poshmark Team”.


To fully explain, I must give you the background:

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i like to party.

It’s that time again…

I will be hosting my 3rd Poshmark party on January 22, 2016!

I won’t go over all the details about hosting because I already have HERE.

Once I find out the theme I will update everyone and finalize my host pick selections.

Wondering how to get a host pick, or what that even means??? Click HERE to read my past post about that…

I will say, when you post a “party announcement” in your closet, you get hundreds (if not thousands) of closet suggestions. It is incredibly difficult to go through every single one.

SO, if you are reading this post and you would like for me to look through your closet… Read more

Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party




Editor’s Note: This is not an official guideline. This is merely an opinion piece based on my experiences and how I personally organize and manage hosting a Poshmark Party! Timelines will vary and experiences will differ for everyone.


The day has finally come! The dream of hosting a Poshmark party going to be a reality. You opened up your email and there it is:

“You’re Invited to Host a Poshmark Party!”

In this blog installment I will go in-depth with what to expect every step of the way When hosting a Poshmark Party. All based on my multiple co-hosting experiences. Read more

… and the Theme is…


The party is this Saturday, March 7th, and I am SO excited about this theme! Although I would not describe my personal style as “RockStar”, I do appreciate so many elements of the theme. It is going to be a blast to help curate this showroom…


Now, let’s get down to business!

Each host is allowed to choose a maximum of 100 listings to have showcased in Saturday’s Party.

I am on the HUNT!! No time to waste!!

Please feel free to TAG me @vance289 in a listing you would like to have considered. It’s not a promise I will choose it, but it will certainly help me see closets I may have otherwise overlooked!

Please note: I am unable to choose if you have unsupported items listed (i.e. bathing suits without tags, make up that has been used/tested, perfume or alcohol based products, the list goes on- check out the Poshmark official blog post Here

I look forward to browsing through all of your fabulous closets!

Are you new to Posh? Check out my “Poshmark” tab on my blog menu and have fun reading through my tips and opinions!



The Truth about Poshmark Host Picks


Editor’s Note: The following is my opinion, from what I have seen, heard, and personally experienced and is not based on fact.

There are several major milestones for a Poshmark Closet. Co-Hosting a Party, becoming a Suggested User, and receiving a PM Editor Share to name a few. One of the very first ones that is “easiest” to achieve receiving coveted HOST PICKS.

“What are Host Picks?” you might be asking. Host Picking is the main function of a party Co-Host.

Here is how it works

When asked to Co-Host a party, you are given the task of curating the Host Pick Showroom. You and the other hosts each get to choose 50-100 items each by “sharing” them during a Posh Party. As they are shared, they are specially showcased in the Host Pick tab of the party. Shoppers go to this area to see the best of the best and to see items that best represent the theme. Browsers looking for inspiration may search this section to find new closet to follow. Meanwhile, the Hosts get to prove that they have an eye for style. That, in a nutshell, is a Host Pick. Read more