Happy GOLDEN Birthday Poshmark!

Poshmark's Golden Birthday

It’s Poshmark’s GOLDEN Birthday!

It has been 6 years since Poshmark first began… time flies, huh?

I was not among the first.

Back in 2011, I was using my Blackberry Pearl… then my Blackberry Curve, and then my amazing Blackberry Bold!

I didn’t get an iPhone until 2014. Heck, I’m still using my 5s.

This is how my Poshmark story started…

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What’s REALLY in My Bag

Contents of my Handbag



There is an overwhelming obsession in magazines and blogs to find out “What’s in her bag!” Typically it is a celebrity or other woman-of-the-moment.
I can remember being in high school and reading Seventeen Magazine (or was it YM?) and there was a supermodel who was sharing the contents of her bag. Unfortunately I have no clue who it was. What stuck out to me was how vastly different her bag was from my own. She had chapstick (check!) , a wallet with important cards (check!), a disc-man and favorite CDs (hmmmm), and a white t-shirt (WHAT??). She went on to describe that of course she needed that white t-shirt because you never knew when you needed a white t-shirt. The shirt she had was probably worth more than my whole purse and contents. I wanted to be that cool but couldn’t bring myself to actually stick a white t-shirt in my bag. sigh.
I didn’t need a white t-shirt.

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Sometimes you need a Posh Break


This is just for fun today because it’s a Monday!

But seriously, sometimes I spend so much time on Posh that I neglect normal things like doing the laundry or going to the grocery store. Also, I have been making a more conscientious effort that when I hang out with friends… that I am PRESENT. Which means, putting away the phone!!! Sounds tough right??? It is. I have to know what’s going on in my closet (and on instagram, emails, texts etc…).

I made the “Posh Break” definition a while back and posted it to my Instagram account. @elle.phantie

Remember, if you start to feel burned out- it’s okay to take a “Posh Break”!

Have a great Monday!!!



The Crazy Cat Lady



First off, nothing makes me more excited than society’s sudden acceptance of all things CAT.

Look around you, shirts are adorned with the word “Meow!” and kittens dressed as astronauts. Also, the coffee world has embraced the market’s demand for kitty themed mugs. Pure bliss for a cat lover such as me!

But can we ever get away from the stigma of “Crazy Cat Lady”???

Long ago I decided to embrace it. Why? Well, you have probably decided that this mythical woman is nuts and must be avoided. Maybe it’s time to meet her… Read more

Top 10 Things no one warns you about when you join Poshmark

Poshmark Warning

Poshmark should come with a warning.

Even if you read the “terms and conditions” they do not mention what really happens after you join.

This is your Poshmark warning.

Top 10 Things NO ONE Warns You About When You Join Poshmark:


1. You will become obsessed

2. You will decide Poshing is more important than sleep

3. You will start talking to your PFF more than your BFF

4. You will find that you have nothing to talk about at the dinner table other than what happened today on Poshmark

5. You will start avoiding your friends who don’t Posh, clearly you are growing apart

6. You stop shopping at the mall

7. You can’t remember the last time you were at a mall

8. “Full Price” is the new F’word

9. You live in regret over all the NWT clothing you got rid of over the years

10. Staying home on a Friday is the new “going out”