5 EASY Steps to Listing on Poshmark

Listing your clothes on Poshmark is so simple and easy. You take a few pictures, describe how fabulous your item is, name your price and DONE.

So… WHY does it get so overwhelming??

Ideally I would add a new listing every day as I decide to sell an article of clothing… but, of course, I let it pile up until I have 20+ waiting for me.

Then I like to sit and stare at the basket full of clothes, with every intention to start listing. I get overwhelmed at the thought of even trying to start.. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down. I will turn on the TV or find some other “important” activity to work on… like staring at the wall.



I have to remind myself constantly that these clothes are not ever going to sell if I don’t list them.

As I expressed in my previous post regarding Tracking Poshmark Sales, I like to find the most productive and time effective way to do things. It has taken a while, but I now have mastered a routine that makes the task of listing on Poshmark much less daunting!


Here it is….


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Think Like a Store Owner

This post is to discuss how to think like a Store Owner in regards to customer service. If you sell on Poshmark, you are a Store Owner! You are responsible for your inventory, presentation, as well as customer service. Not only that, you are also the head of operations and accounting. I would say that most people take their closet/store very seriously. With that said, it’s all too easy to take things personally as well!

There are a variety of reasons that bring users to Poshmark and why it’s so personal to us. Some have dreams of running their own boutique one day while some simply started to clean out their real closet. The addiction can be gradual, those who were just cleaning up have found themselves keeping their Poshmark Closet full of their shopping treasures. There are Poshers who have made a business out of their closets and have quit their full-time jobs to run their online store. Whatever the reason, something draws us in to the virtual world of Poshmark.

Here is a little background about me… the Gray Asparagus.

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Thinking big picture… about the Rules.

Before I even open my mouth please know… this is MY OPINION.

I promise that I am not leaking super secret information. I’m thinking big picture here and throwing out a bunch of “Maybes” and “What Ifs.”

I have been thinking a lot about the Poshmark “rules.”

I’m not speaking about the fundamentally wrong ones like taking transactions off the app or selling replicas… but some of the other item restrictions.

In the almost 2 years I have been a part of the Poshmark Community there have been a few items that were once taboo but are now allowed.

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Elle’s Guide to Natural Lighting

I believe the single most important factor to get your Poshmark listings noticed comes down to one thing:



More specifically, your cover shots. A cover shot is the first image a buyer will see when browsing your listings.

I know “most important factor” is quite a claim… Yes, sharing is of the utmost importance too … But, c’mon, we all like pretty things.
I remember when my friend first showed me Poshmark and her “closet”, I was completely blown away by her photos! She took those with her phone??

Your photos will give an immediate first impression. Much like when you first meet a person. All the other factors such as price, condition, style- that’s like a person’s personality- it keeps you around, or in this case, purchasing.

Here are a few questions that go through my mind when a listing catches my eye:

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