Think Like a Store Owner

Twitter Google+ This post is to discuss how to think like a Store Owner in regards to customer service. If you sell on Poshmark, you are a Store Owner! You are responsible for your inventory, presentation, as well as customer service. Not only that, you are also the head of operations and accounting. I would […]

Thinking big picture… about the Rules.

Twitter Google+ Before I even open my mouth please know… this is MY OPINION. I promise that I am not leaking super secret information. I’m thinking big picture here and throwing out a bunch of “Maybes” and “What Ifs.” I have been thinking a lot about the Poshmark “rules.” I’m not speaking about the fundamentally […]

Elle’s Guide to Natural Lighting

Twitter Google+ I believe the single most important factor to get your Poshmark listings noticed comes down to one thing: PHOTOS.   More specifically, your cover shots. A cover shot is the first image a buyer will see when browsing your listings. I know “most important factor” is quite a claim… Yes, sharing is of […]