Happy GOLDEN Birthday Poshmark!

Poshmark's Golden Birthday

Twitter Google+ It’s Poshmark’s GOLDEN Birthday! It has been 6 years since Poshmark first began… time flies, huh? I was not among the first. Back in 2011, I was using my Blackberry Pearl… then my Blackberry Curve, and then my amazing Blackberry Bold! I didn’t get an iPhone until 2014. Heck, I’m still using my […]

Meet My PFF

Meet My PFF BrieWinePosh

Twitter Google+ One of the oddest acronyms you run across when you first join Poshmark is PFF. There was probably a moment early on when someone commented in your closet “Hey PFF!” leaving you bewildered. It was even MORE confusing after you found out what it meant! “This person thinks we are Posh Friends Forever? […]

Celebrating Two Years of the Gray Asparagus

Two Years of the Gray Asparagus

Twitter Google+ It’s the Gray Asparagus’s Two Year Anniversary!   It’s been TWO YEARS? I cannot believe that TWO YEARS have passed since launching The Gray Asparagus. Let’s back up… I started keeping a diary at the age of seven. It held the basic secrets of a seven-year old… who I thought was cute and […]

Sharing LOVE

Sharing Poshmark Love

Twitter Google+ Oh… SHARING. Sharing makes the Poshmark world go ’round! Love it or hate it- it is part of what keeps Poshmark from being just another online retailer. It allows us to see listings we wouldn’t normally see, helps us make sales we may not otherwise have, AND it connects us to each other. […]

Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party

Twitter Google+       Editor’s Note: This is not an official guideline. This is merely an opinion piece based on my experiences and how I personally organize and manage hosting a Poshmark Party! Timelines will vary and experiences will differ for everyone.   The day has finally come! The dream of hosting a Poshmark […]