The Truth about Poshmark Host Picks


Editor’s Note: The following is my opinion, from what I have seen, heard, and personally experienced and is not based on fact.

There are several major milestones for a Poshmark Closet. Co-Hosting a Party, becoming a Suggested User, and receiving a PM Editor Share to name a few. One of the very first ones that is “easiest” to achieve receiving coveted HOST PICKS.

“What are Host Picks?” you might be asking. Host Picking is the main function of a party Co-Host.

Here is how it works

When asked to Co-Host a party, you are given the task of curating the Host Pick Showroom. You and the other hosts each get to choose 50-100 items each by “sharing” them during a Posh Party. As they are shared, they are specially showcased in the Host Pick tab of the party. Shoppers go to this area to see the best of the best and to see items that best represent the theme. Browsers looking for inspiration may search this section to find new closet to follow. Meanwhile, the Hosts get to prove that they have an eye for style. That, in a nutshell, is a Host Pick. Read more