Meet My PFF

Meet My PFF BrieWinePosh

One of the oddest acronyms you run across when you first join Poshmark is PFF.

There was probably a moment early on when someone commented in your closet “Hey PFF!” leaving you bewildered. It was even MORE confusing after you found out what it meant!

“This person thinks we are Posh Friends Forever? What?? What do I need to do?”

For the new Posher, rest easy, it’s mostly a term of endearment. But if you have been around a while and have built these unique online friendships, it can be so much more. They become your sounding board, your support system, and your biggest cheerleader! I mean who else is going to understand the world of Poshmark?

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Poshing Around the Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again! I absolutely love the holiday season. I love the weather getting colder, the excitement in the air, and all of the festivities! We all know that with the holidays comes stress too… long lines, traffic, and a few Scrooges.

But what does Christmas, Hanukkah, and the whole holiday season mean for your Poshmark closet?

I gave tons of tips last year in the post How to Posh During the Holidays without Losing Your Mind

Everything from strategy to winterizing your packaging…

I was optimistic last year, but this year I think that sales will be even better!

Why do I feel this way?

This year is all about the SHOPPERS.

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Your First Week on Poshmark

Your first week on Poshmark


So you have downloaded the Poshmark App … now what?

This is a question that seasoned Poshmark users get asked daily… with good reason! It can be overwhelming and downright confusing! I had a friend who introduced me to Poshmark and the basics on how it works… I think I stared at the app for a week before listing something. After reading everything I could about it and all the fine print, I gave it a shot.

Then, eventually,  I had a couple of super friendly users take me under their wing and answer questions along the way.

The rest was trial and error. As you read my blog posts you will find they are mostly tales of mistakes I have made and lessons I have learned.

Here is a quick and simple 5 step guide for your first 7 days…

I hope you read the guidelines in the menu portion of the app. I know, the fine print isn’t the most fun to read, but DO IT. You need to know the rules, trust me.

Let’s get to it:

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What the heck is a PFF? Didn’t we stop the FF stuff in 8th Grade?

I can’t begin to imagine what a Poshing “newbie” thinks the first time they see the acronym “PFF” on this site where you sell clothes…

All I have to say is… if you don’t know what a PFF is, then you are in desperate need of a PFF!

A PFF by definition is a Posh Friend Forever. Before you panic and think “Between work, my family, my pottery class, my annoying REAL best friend… How am I going to have MORE FFs???”… calm down.

In reality, a PFF is a term of endearment and says- “Hey girl, you are cool, I like your closet, I’m gonna share the crap out of it when I have time, and let’s form an alliance.”

Why do these friendships matter, you ask? I mean, you have sold on eBay for years and never met a soul.

That’s one of my FAVORITE things about Poshmark… you can talk to other sellers… actually talk to your customers… and affect your success by the amount of work your put in.

This is something I learned early on… the benefit these friendships can bring and how much fun they can be!

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