Best Lighting for Your Poshmark Photos

Best Lighting Poshmark Photos

Twitter Google+ No one denies the importance of a great covershot on Poshmark. It makes even the most mundane cardigan look like the answer to all your life’s problems. Or at least promises to fill the gap in your wardrobe. Not only do we know that covershots are important but we know that lighting is […]

Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram

Twitter Google+ I am a huge advocate of promoting your Poshmark Closet on Instagram. Yes, there are so many Social Media platforms to promote with… Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are just a few. When you make (or edit) a listing there is even an easy share option:   Or if you are just sharing the […]

Your First Week on Poshmark

Your first week on Poshmark

Twitter Google+   So you have downloaded the Poshmark App … now what? This is a question that seasoned Poshmark users get asked daily… with good reason! It can be overwhelming and downright confusing! I had a friend who introduced me to Poshmark and the basics on how it works… I think I stared at […]

Elle’s Guide to Natural Lighting

Twitter Google+ I believe the single most important factor to get your Poshmark listings noticed comes down to one thing: PHOTOS.   More specifically, your cover shots. A cover shot is the first image a buyer will see when browsing your listings. I know “most important factor” is quite a claim… Yes, sharing is of […]

What to do when you have done it all

Twitter Google+ You are sitting at your computer and your finger is tired of clicking the mouse to share listings. So, you switch to your iPad or phone. Click, share. Click, share. Now you absent-mindedly check your Instagram to see if you have any likes… Now back to Poshmark. Click, share. Click, share. Oooooh… Facebook…. […]

Elle’s Guide on how NOT to take awful photos

Twitter Google+ “Use natural lighting!” “Have amazing cover shots!” “Make sure your pictures are clear!” Yeah, yeah, we all have read this advice and we know it’s true. A great cover shot is the best way to get your item noticed and ultimately SOLD . But what does this advice really mean? Well, I can’t […]