Best Lighting for Your Poshmark Photos

Best Lighting Poshmark Photos

No one denies the importance of a great covershot on Poshmark. It makes even the most mundane cardigan look like the answer to all your life’s problems. Or at least promises to fill the gap in your wardrobe. Not only do we know that covershots are important but we know that lighting is the key to achieving great Poshmark photos.

This time last year I was pretty happy with my photos… I had discovered the best wall in my home to take them and was getting insane natural lighting. While they were not the best shots on Poshmark by far… I knew I was pretty much maximizing my potential. I did a full post about Natural Lighting and I felt I was good to go.

Then… we redecorated.

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Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram

I am a huge advocate of promoting your Poshmark Closet on Instagram.

Yes, there are so many Social Media platforms to promote with… Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are just a few.

When you make (or edit) a listing there is even an easy share option:

Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram


Or if you are just sharing the old fashion way:

Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram


For those who might be cynical and think “Of course Poshmark wants us to promote POSHMARK! That’s why it is easy…”

Let me tell you how this benefits YOU.

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5 EASY Steps to Listing on Poshmark

Listing your clothes on Poshmark is so simple and easy. You take a few pictures, describe how fabulous your item is, name your price and DONE.

So… WHY does it get so overwhelming??

Ideally I would add a new listing every day as I decide to sell an article of clothing… but, of course, I let it pile up until I have 20+ waiting for me.

Then I like to sit and stare at the basket full of clothes, with every intention to start listing. I get overwhelmed at the thought of even trying to start.. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down. I will turn on the TV or find some other “important” activity to work on… like staring at the wall.



I have to remind myself constantly that these clothes are not ever going to sell if I don’t list them.

As I expressed in my previous post regarding Tracking Poshmark Sales, I like to find the most productive and time effective way to do things. It has taken a while, but I now have mastered a routine that makes the task of listing on Poshmark much less daunting!


Here it is….


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Your First Week on Poshmark

Your first week on Poshmark


So you have downloaded the Poshmark App … now what?

This is a question that seasoned Poshmark users get asked daily… with good reason! It can be overwhelming and downright confusing! I had a friend who introduced me to Poshmark and the basics on how it works… I think I stared at the app for a week before listing something. After reading everything I could about it and all the fine print, I gave it a shot.

Then, eventually,  I had a couple of super friendly users take me under their wing and answer questions along the way.

The rest was trial and error. As you read my blog posts you will find they are mostly tales of mistakes I have made and lessons I have learned.

Here is a quick and simple 5 step guide for your first 7 days…

I hope you read the guidelines in the menu portion of the app. I know, the fine print isn’t the most fun to read, but DO IT. You need to know the rules, trust me.

Let’s get to it:

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Elle’s Guide to Natural Lighting

I believe the single most important factor to get your Poshmark listings noticed comes down to one thing:



More specifically, your cover shots. A cover shot is the first image a buyer will see when browsing your listings.

I know “most important factor” is quite a claim… Yes, sharing is of the utmost importance too … But, c’mon, we all like pretty things.
I remember when my friend first showed me Poshmark and her “closet”, I was completely blown away by her photos! She took those with her phone??

Your photos will give an immediate first impression. Much like when you first meet a person. All the other factors such as price, condition, style- that’s like a person’s personality- it keeps you around, or in this case, purchasing.

Here are a few questions that go through my mind when a listing catches my eye:

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What to do when you have done it all

You are sitting at your computer and your finger is tired of clicking the mouse to share listings. So, you switch to your iPad or phone. Click, share. Click, share.

Now you absent-mindedly check your Instagram to see if you have any likes… Now back to Poshmark.

Click, share. Click, share.

Oooooh… Facebook….

Must get on track… click, share.

Oh, a notification! A share back!

You keep sharing. It’s almost like being at a slot machine… the next share might be the one! The JACKPOT!  A Posher might see this listing and HAVE to bundle!

Click, share. Click, share.

Wait, where did that hour go?

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The Polite Way to Re-Posh

One of my favorite things about shopping on Poshmark is Re-Poshing!

I know, I know, there should be a dictionary explaining all the Posh terms! For those who are new to this… “Re-Poshing” is when you resell something that you purchased on Poshmark.

This can be tricky and there is certainly an unspoken etiquette guideline.

Let’s go over a few basics:

1. I am on the fence on whether or not you HAVE to say that you are re-poshing. I do. I feel it necessary just in case the seller sees the listing- I want to ensure they do not think I am trying to “flip” their clothes. If you DO state that you are re-poshing DO NOT BASH THE SELLER IN THE LISTING. (i.e. ” I bought this on Posh and the seller said it was a medium but it’s definitely a small.”) That’s not cool. Resell and move on. Read more

Elle’s Guide on how NOT to take awful photos

“Use natural lighting!”

“Have amazing cover shots!”

“Make sure your pictures are clear!”

Yeah, yeah, we all have read this advice and we know it’s true. A great cover shot is the best way to get your item noticed and ultimately SOLD .

But what does this advice really mean? Well, I can’t tell you how to take amazing flawless photos. Why? Because I am not a photographer. My photos are mediocre at best. BUT, I can tell you how not to take awful ones!

So, here it is… Elle’s Guide on how NOT to take awful photos! Read more

Hey, I like your photos!


So, you wake up and start scrolling through your Poshmark feed and you see a photo of yourself…. Wait, I thought I sold that top?

You are half asleep and very confused. Finally it dawns on you that the person who purchased that top from you has listed the item again. We call that a “re-posh.” It happens all the time- and is a great way to re-coup your money and keep your wardrobe fresh. Once you get over the disappointment that she did not end up falling in love with the top (that used to be your personal favorite until you gained 10 pounds), you realize “Hey, THAT’s ME!!!” Read more