Poshmark Basics: Shipping

Shipping on Poshmark

I distinctly remember my first Poshmark sale. Now, I don’t remember getting the “Congrats!” alert or even how much it sold for off the top of my head… what I do remember is the anxiety of shipping. What do I do?!?!

Seems silly now, but from comments and questions I get (even from my friends making their first sale) I know I am not alone in the immediate panic.

But take a deep breath… it’s super easy! Right?

  • ┬áPrint the label Poshmark emailed you
  • Put item in box or mailer
  • Attach label to outside
  • Take to post office

What could possibly go wrong???

Not a whole lot, but beyond the basics of how it works, there are many extras you can do and it can be confusing what is required.

So here are the Required, the Extras, and the Gray Area.

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Poshmark Basics: Listing on Poshmark

Poshmark Basics Listing on Poshmark

Listing on Poshmark is easy they say. Poshmark advertises that it takes 60 seconds. I haven’t timed myself but I probably could throw a basic listing up in a minute. Poshmark walks you through how to list- and it really is just taking a few pictures and filling in the blanks- no major decisions about shipping choices or anything of that sort. It IS simple and easy.

But, if you have stumbled onto this blog, I would guess you want to know how to take it to the next level.

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Poshmark Basics: Likes on Poshmark

Likes on Poshmark

One of the most basic of all functions and often the most misunderstood are Likes on Poshmark.

New sellers may be baffled: Are they about to purchase? Should I thank them? Should I wait around to see if they have questions?

Before you can decide what to do when you receive a like on your listing, first we have to discuss the basic functionality and then possible reasons someone may be liking an item.

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