Poshmark Shipping Organization

Poshmark Shipping Organization

You just shipped out several packages and are feeling really good about the money that is about to show up in  your account. The packages are safely at the Post Office and you are now cleaning up the supplies. Wait, isn’t that blue skirt that I was supposed to ship to Meghan… or was it Tara?… why is still at my house? What did I just ship?

Oh $^*% !!

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Packing and Shipping your Poshmark Sales

Poshmark Shipping Tips

I have never been a cutesy girl.

I do not wear the color pink, I HATE glitter, and the idea of sitting around with friends painting our nails makes me want to gag.

So what the heck does this have to do with Poshmark shipping?

Well, I have done my share of shopping on Poshmark and the fabulous packaging I have encountered has been quite intimidating! If you are like me and “cute” does not come naturally, it can be a bit overwhelming! The adorable  wrapping paper- thank you cards- burlap bows- gingham accents- charms- the beautiful handwriting- and the FREE GIFTS!

I will never live up to this pinterest inspired standard!

If you started to have a panic attack just thinking about it- this post is for you!

Let’s talk about packaging and shipping!


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New Shipping Rates on Poshmark


As of 2/8/2017, Shipping rates on Poshmark have increased to $6.49 for Priority Service. Although this blog post post is about the rate change from the same month in 2016… my opinions remain the same.


Well, my friends… I expect today to be a slow day.

New Shipping Rates on Poshmark are now in effect!

Overnight it was announced that standard Priority Shipping on purchases weighing up to 5 lbs will now be $5.95 $6.49 (updated 2/8/2017)

Only a few short years ago, the rate was $6.99 so it could be worse… right???

I have already stated my case in the post Are You Talking Ship? so I will not regurgitate my stand.

Take note of Posher comments in the post- very good examples are listed.

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Your First Week on Poshmark

Your first week on Poshmark


So you have downloaded the Poshmark App … now what?

This is a question that seasoned Poshmark users get asked daily… with good reason! It can be overwhelming and downright confusing! I had a friend who introduced me to Poshmark and the basics on how it works… I think I stared at the app for a week before listing something. After reading everything I could about it and all the fine print, I gave it a shot.

Then, eventually,  I had a couple of super friendly users take me under their wing and answer questions along the way.

The rest was trial and error. As you read my blog posts you will find they are mostly tales of mistakes I have made and lessons I have learned.

Here is a quick and simple 5 step guide for your first 7 days…

I hope you read the guidelines in the menu portion of the app. I know, the fine print isn’t the most fun to read, but DO IT. You need to know the rules, trust me.

Let’s get to it:

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How to Posh during the Holidays without Losing Your Mind


Last year was my first time buying and selling on Poshmark during the holidays. I was unsure what to expect. Was it going to be extremely busy? Would I even have time to pack up all the sales?

Based on my observations and experience I want to prepare you for what you may see this year during the holidays.


Let’s go back to last year… I am by nature a record keeper. I keep detailed records of my Poshmark activity on a daily basis. I even keep an account of how much sharing I do to see if there is a connection between how much I share and the impact on my sales (It’s no secret that Yes, they are directly connected!). Last holiday season, right around this time, my closet took a nose dive. I almost closed my closet down with the intention of opening back up in January. I didn’t though. I stayed open and continued to share and only had a few sales in November and December. I was completely shocked and hadn’t expected such a drastic change.

My plan was that this year I would close up shop for the month of December… I have since change my mind. I expect this year to be MUCH different.

Here’s my 3 thoughts on why…

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Are you talking SHIP?



I was not around in the Poshmark world when shipping was $6.99… I joined just after it had been drastically dropped to $4.99 for packages less than 5 lbs.

Sounds pretty reasonable right?

Apparently not.

Ever since Poshmark has spoiled us with 0.99 promotional shipping… things seemed to have changed… shifted.

Have you experienced this scenario?

  • Posher is interested in your item… asks for it to be modeled… You model. Then she asks for measurements… you measure. She asks if you will take less… you discuss a deal. Then she says, “Do you mind holding this until the next 0.99 shipping day???”

Or maybe this one…

  • You have item listed at $40.00.  Posher asks, “Will you take $15???” You reply, “No, sorry that is too low.” She comes back with “But if I pay $15 plus $4.99 shipping then I will still be paying $20!”

Yes dear, you think to yourself, that is how math works.

Now, I certainly do understand a budget… and I am not referring to those of us who need to stick to a dollar amount for this week’s outfit addition. I am referring in this post to the mentality that $4.99 shipping is a rip-off.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when sites offer free shipping. Every company these days offers free shipping when you spend a certain amount… why can’t Poshmark offer it on a consistent basis too???

I do not know the financial business model for Posh nor is any of my opinion based on actual behind the scenes knowledge.

But I do know my basic math.

Let me explain how I see it….

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Ratings: Elle’s Guide to the Stars



(This post has been updated on April 16, 2016 with some new content and tips)


Nothing can start a more heated debate than the simple word ratings.

Receiving a perfect rating can make your day! On the other hand, a rating that we feel is unjust can ruin your weekend.

In this post I will address the system, my opinion of how it works, decoding the stars, and then I will give full disclosure on my own personal ratings. Read more