The New Poshmark Ambassador Program

Poshmark Ambassador Program

Twitter Google+ Poshmark has long been promising an update to the Suggested User Program. Today Suggested Users (and possibly others) received an email from the Poshmark CEO informing us that they that they are rolling out the new Poshmark Ambassador Program. I am updating this post as we find out more! Twitter Google+

How to Be a Mentor on Poshmark

Twitter Google+ One very important aspect to the Poshmark Community is the role of the Mentor. It’s part of what makes the Poshmark atmosphere unique and sets it apart from other selling platforms. It helps us to lift one another up and to keep each other motivated! If you have just signed up in the […]

Thinking big picture… about the Rules.

Twitter Google+ Before I even open my mouth please know… this is MY OPINION. I promise that I am not leaking super secret information. I’m thinking big picture here and throwing out a bunch of “Maybes” and “What Ifs.” I have been thinking a lot about the Poshmark “rules.” I’m not speaking about the fundamentally […]

Poshmark Rules: The Day I Got Flagged

Twitter Google+ There is one mistake you could be making in your Poshmark closet… unknowingly. Something that could be stopping you from becoming a Suggested User and from Hosting a party. How do I know? Because it happened to me. The warning came in the form of an email. Subject line: “Note from the Poshmark […]

The Real Deal: Becoming and Being a Poshmark Suggested User

Suggested User

Twitter Google+ If there is one ultimate goal in Posh World- it is to be a Suggested User. At least I know it was mine. Early on when I learned that this status existed…  It was the Land of Milk and Honey. A place where sales flowed easily and Poshers vied for you attention by […]

Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

Twitter Google+ I once ran across a comment from one Posher to another where Posher A was blasting Posher B for not “following” a lot of closets. Really??? I looked at the scenario, Posher B had tens of thousands of followers but was only following a few hundred closets. The accuser had much fewer followers […]

The Poshmark Police

The Poshmark Police

Twitter Google+ Please Note: The following is my opinion. I am just telling ya like I would tell a friend over coffee. Please see Poshmark blog link listed or email Poshmark Support with any questions regarding specific rules and regulations and how they apply to you.     If Poshmark had a #trending section… “Follow […]