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If you have read any of my blog posts you might notice that I am constantly testing out different strategies. I like to hear opinions and try them so I can share my results with the  hundreds seven people who read my blog. My opinion can sometimes evolve or change.

For every strategy that a Posher swears by, you will find another who believes the exact opposite. I have posted on the subject of Sharing and how important it is… but even I go back and forth on what strategy leads to the most sales.

Once again I tried an experiment. Shocking, I know! I won’t be redundant and discuss styles and strategy. I only wanted to form a firm opinion on the topic of whether or not it’s better to share your own closet or share other closets. I am not presenting you with cold hard facts because there are so many different factors that go into this.  Factors such as: what time of day you share, how many followers you have, brands of items in your closet, and so on. Your personal results may be different.

Here is my opinion…

For an entire week I did nothing but share other closets.

In the course of 6 days, I shared approximately 7000+ listings.

My wrist is tired.

I shared my personal share list, participated in an afternoon share group, and shared directly from my newsfeed.

The results were overwhelming. I made several sales but also racked up a ton of “likes”.

How is that different?

My typical Self-Share results: When I share my own closet, my followers are my main audience.  If they are actively sharing from their feed or from a party, my items may get shared. If my listing catches their eye, they may “like”, share, or maybe purchase. Self-Sharing can also serve as a  reminder of my existence and they stop by to browse my closet and maybe share…

BUT, if I am sharing another Posher’s closet then I am most likely to get share-backs and that is when the magic happens. Suddenly I am being introduced to a different group of followers who may not have ever visited my closet and still get the self-share results… PLUS, the person sharing back is there- in my closet- sharing, “liking”, and maybe purchasing. So I have achieved what I would normally achieve sharing only my own closet with so many more added benefits and potential results. Make sense?

In a nutshell: I have concluded that if you have limited sharing time on Poshmark, it can best be used sharing other closets.

YES, I know, there are some “Power Poshers” out there who have only 751 shares and a million followers and are in the 6 figure sales bracket. But I am talking about the rest of us… who were not on Posh from day one, and who are navigating the way it works now.

So there ya go.

What have you done recently that you found helpful? If you want to read more about sharing strategy, you can continue reading this post The Sharing Controversy.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season!




23 thoughts on “The Season for Sharing

  1. I completely agree with your findings. One of my most favorite tactics is to share the top 6-9 listings in a party and update everytime the +99 listings button appears. I’ve found I get A LOT more shares likes etc and it exposes my closet to individuals I would never have found before. I don’t focus as much on host picks if I’m time limited because I feel they’re less likely to reciprocate since they’re getting so much love. I’ll usually end up going a couple of days later to share their items since the host pick high has subsided by them lol. Love your blog 🙂 @yankat22

    1. Out of the many ways I’ve shared, sharing from the main room during a live party has always given me the most return too. It introduces me to people who have never seen my closet, especially newer users (who are more eager to shop). Personally I very rarly share from my newsfeed because i get so much less activity from it, people seem to share back more during parties when they are paying attention to their accounts. I have limited time to share, so generally I share others closets exclusively during party times.

  2. I completely agree with you. I also think that sincere compliments go a long way. If you like someone’s closet, their styling, their clothes…leave comment. EVERYONE likes to hear a compliment on job well done. And here is another trick that works for me…when I share the feed and come across an item in the same style and size as my closet…I follow all the people that liked it. The chances are , they will like my clothes as well.:)

  3. I’m so happy I open to my email alerts this morning ☺ I love your blog & think your a Rock Star posher . In my experience on POSH I’ve noticed that the Posher like yourself and others who take there time to help and inform others do great.. I’ll be blasting your page tonight for sure thanks for being amazing..

  4. I totally concur. Funny that I was just thinking of this exact thing this morning as I haven’t shared in my share group for 3 days and have only made 1 sale since Thurs. Last week, I participated in my daily share group and I sold 4 things in 1 day even with the Black Friday deals elsewhere. I have concluded that I need to do the share group and my feed along with a few of my favorite Posher closets (yours included if course!) as it seems to net the most sales. As an aside, I have noticed some posher’s closet listings order seem to never change and if they were sharing their own alot, I would think you would see a variation in their closet lineup. So I’m thinking that your observation is spot on and that may be the way most successful poshers are sharing.
    Thank you for your insight and taking the time to write this blog. I truly enjoy reading your posts and others comments here!

  5. Great blog!! And wow awesome tips!!! I did notice that if you share different closets you get more love back! So yes your strategy does works!!! I wanted to ask what’s a share group? Is that something you have to get into? But honestly thank you that you’re doing this blog!! I’m with poshnark for almost 2 years but the most info I only found in your blog!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 😍😍😍

      1. Deffinantly will read!! Btw you just shared my listing (thank you so much😍) and right after you shared, your followers came to my closed and liked and shared my closet thank you so much!!

  6. I can’t tell you how hopeful your blog has been! I’m always looking forward to your tips and your experiments! In my short expience (joined Poshmark over the summer), before I joined share groups I was sharing only my closet. I was lucky to make a sale in a month. I began searching for Poshmark tips online and found that sharing other people’s listing was the way to go. I made maybe two or three sales in a month when I randomly shared other’s listings. Only when I took your advice and joined share groups my closet began selling 20+ listings a month over the past couple of months. I have under 5,000 followers and I definitely agree that the key for my closet and selling is sharing others. I’ve also done sharing of other people’s closet randomly during parties (like maybe 200-300 shares during a party) but I find that share groups give you a guarenteed share back and is a more efficent and effective way of sharing. It also builds like a community within a community! Thank you again, sorry of this message’s too long!

  7. Great post like always Elle! I agree with you completely on this. I only share my closet during a party, but even then it’s only a few listings I feel matches the party theme. Most of my time spent on Poshmark is sharing other closets. For every follow, or share I get, I share several items from that closet. During a party a try to share all the host picks time permitting. In return I get my own closet shared several times over. I guess sharing is caring lol! Keep up the awesome blog!!

  8. Great advice! Thank you for “sharing” with us. I will be trying this out this month to try to clean out my closet! I really need to try to do a share group, I just never really know how my day is going to be ahead of time!

  9. I’ve found this to be true too, Elle! I share through most of my closet once daily to get it back to the top of each brand list so if someone is searching through a brand mine wont be ten years down the feed. Otherwise, I share other people’s items! I’d say 1/2 of the time people are tempted (or feel obligated perhaps) to look inside your closet and even share a few of your items. So that’s exposure to at LEAST that one person that you share, and then THEY share your item for you. Double whammy!? Good thoughts, Elle, as always!

  10. I’ve been trying a new thing lately. followong. Don’t get me wrong, I still share but not as intensely. I share through share groups and my favorite people and I try to return as much shares as I can. The “following experiment came after I through a huge sale lowering all the prices and not selling much. I realized that I was sharing my closet to the same people who’ve seen it and don’t want it:) Lowering prices will not change their mind. So I brought prices up to the highest with room to bargain and spent a week following. I followed smart. I researched people the size I sell, went through their items that were in the same style as mine and followed people that “liked” the item. Result…I sold. I sold a few items and for the original price. These people wated what I had and the price was right because they liked the item. Something to think about. 🙂

  11. Elle, I found your blog today, and everything I’ve read so far is so helpful. I’ve been on Poshmark for about a year now, and I’m just now getting really serious about it.
    I tend to self share a lot. In the last thirday days, I’ve managed to rack up about 1000 self shares. I’m going to try out restricting myself to sharing other peoples closets and only sharing my closet if I sell something and I need to rearrange it. (I’m OCD about keeping the sold items at the bottom of my closet)

    Thank you so much for your tips!

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