Things I Learned from Closing My Poshmark Closet

Closing my Poshmark Closet

Closing my Poshmark closet didn’t happen on a whim. I knew I would need a break for an undetermined amount of time… I wasn’t trying to be dramatic. I just marked stuff down, deleted tons, and took a break. It felt weird… like I was quitting a job. Which, in reality is what I did. It feels like I was only gone a week, but it was two months.

I needed the time where I wasn’t constantly sharing, stressing over listing, or racing out to the post office, all the while trying to juggle my current responsibilities. Throw the holiday season in there and I was OVERWHELMED to say the least. That’s why I took a step back. Today I am waiting for the rain to stop so that I can hopefully get good natural lighting to take pictures so I can post some new listings!! But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you what I learned while I was gone.

Things I Learned from Closing My Poshmark Closet

  1. I really, really, really like Poshmark. While I was starting to getting burned out from the mundane tasks of it all… I discovered that I truly like it. I like challenging myself, achieving goals, and having fun running my “store.” It was hard to quit. I still logged in almost daily to share and shop. I have no clue that I would miss it so much.
  2. I missed the additional income. None of my other hobbies reward me with a check every few weeks.
  3. I learned to stop trying to do too much. It’s ok to be honest and take a break if you need one.
  4. Don’t chase goals that you haven’t set for yourself. I need to spend more time explaining this one…

You don’t have to hold yourself to a goal that you don’t even want to achieve.

Confused? Let me explain…

Do you find yourself looking at the closets, they may or may not be a boutique, but their listings are flying out the door… they are bundling like crazy? You know they are doing this for their full-time job… but HOW? Meanwhile, you are sitting at your computer trying to catch up returning shares so no one gets mad at you. How are they so successful??

Did you get that important point? “Closets who are full-time sellers”. You cannot expect full-time results when you are putting in part-time hours. If you have a day job that you love and that pays your bills- FANTASTIC! While you can still achieve some major Poshmark success you can’t expect immediate full-time results. Also, “full-time” results vary. Not everyone has the magic touch!

I had to ask myself if I even WANT that…

The truth? No.

I don’t want to spend hours in the afternoon into the late evening shipping out packages.

I don’t want my income to be based on whether or not Closet Clear Out is happening.

I don’t want to be constantly looking for merchandise to sell or try to figure out the wholesale game.

I don’t want to start selling on multiple platforms or start my own website.


So, what DO I want?

What I want from my Poshmark Closet

I want to list clothes that I don’t wear on Poshmark.

I want to have fun being creative with photos.

I want to share my listings (and others) in my free time.

I want to have fun.

I want to laugh (and commiserate) with my Posh friends.

I want to make money that reflects the amount of time I put in.


Closing my Poshmark closet was a tough decision, but my goal in doing this was to re-open with a new look and a new feel. Now I am here, two months later… with pretty much the same aesthetic I had before. But I made a huge change!

The change is ME.

I am going to do things slower… I’m not going to allow myself to get overwhelmed. Instead of power listing everything I have; I am going to take my time. I am going to list something everyday or every couple of days. I am going to share… but not share away my morning to the point that I get nothing else accomplished. It’s ok that I have a bin full of pieces to list… I will get to it.

I am going to be the part-time posher that I am and get amazing part-time results. I am setting realistic goals that fit my life. I will continue to challenge myself and hit my goals… but I am going to make sure it is fun in the process. If temporarily closing my Poshmark closet helped me get toΒ  this point, I am glad I did it.




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25 thoughts on “Things I Learned from Closing My Poshmark Closet

  1. You are so honest and real. Yes I have felt everything you are feeling! I had to step back and reevaluate some things as well. I was spending HOURS and HOURS sharing. I had to choose the ones that I felt benefited me the most. I chose 2 small groups for morning shares, one large group for anytime that day and one small for evening. This is working well for me and I’m not on the computer nearly as much. I love Poshmark as well. I miss it when I take a few days off. It is very addicting to say the least and I enjoy the part time money. I haven’t taken the leap in to Boutique and probably never will. Kudos to those that do though! Glad to see you back Elle. I look foward to your posts πŸ˜€

  2. Elle,
    I love this! I second everything you said. I too have been taking “mini breaks” from Posh because I was so stressed out, and realized that I want to go back to having FUN with my PFF’s and earning a little “mad money” to keep me in the cute clothes and makeup that I love to buy on Posh. I work full time off Posh now, and while I still wish that Posh was a full time job for me, I now accept that’s it’s more of a fun hobby with the priceless benefits of friendship and fun. Thanks for validating me (and I’m sure many others) you are Awesome.

    Happy Poshing and much Posh Love,
    Toni ( twinkletoestoni)

    1. Thank you Toni! Comments like this (and others!) are why I keep blogging. I figure there HAS to be someone else out that that feels all the crazy emotions! Glad that you seem to have found the perfect balance XOXO

  3. Hi Elle! I’m so glad to hear you had great Holidays and a nice break!! I love your perspective and the way you word things. I’m looking forward to your new listings and sharing for you again. ❀🌹❀

  4. Yay! You are back! Kudos to you for taking 2 months off. That’s definitely a big decision. We are all looking forward to the new listings and look!

    I agree with getting burnt out…over the holidays I took a break from listing, and didn’t share nearly as much. Now, I feel refreshed and ready for this new year! Let’s make 2017 the best year yet!

  5. Good for you! I totally agree! I have been getting bored with my closet and strongly considering to Slash Prices and delete listing by a deadline date and donating. I definitely got overwhelmed with sharing, answering questions and shipping things out over the holidays while I had company from out of town. Definitely ready for a fresh start with my closet! Happy New Year Elle!

  6. Absolutely love this! It’s so true that sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate the reasons of why we are doing something and what we can do so it works best for us and makes us happy! Happy to have you back!

  7. Could not agree more.
    To me its a hobby that allows me to be creative and “scratch” that business owner itch I always had. I would HATE Poshmark if my income depended on it. Its so unpredictable. But I LOVE having extra income for vacations and little nights out. I love shopping Poshmark without the guilt that I am buying something using my work paycheck. I buy something and the money just get deleted from some magic pot in the sky.:) I love having you as a Posh friend and looking/sharing your listings and feeling pride.

  8. I thought of doing the same lot of times , taking a break , but couldn’t convince myself . Sometimes days are short and life is stresssful but posh pals definitely bring joy to your life and gives you lot of inspiration .

  9. Thank you for sharing your personal story…just the inspiration i needed today!
    Do you mind me asking what blog site you use? I would like to create one as well to help others.

  10. My feelings exactly! Thank you for confirming that it is ok to slow down and have fun with it. One of the best things about Posh is it is such a fun and creative outlet.

  11. Elle you speak to us! It’s like you were speaking from my point-of-view. It’s hard to do this part-time without being stressed about shipping, listing, sharing…. It’s nice to see we aren’t alone in this. Great post as usual. πŸ’“

  12. so glad to read that you are back!!
    i totally understand what you mean.. i’m not a power posher by any stretch of the imagination, but it feels like i spent the entire weekend on posh, sharing and following. only saw 1 sale which is stressing me out, instead of triggering gratitude that i can sell stuff i don’t want anymore and keep it out of a landfill! thanks for level-setting for me!! <3 -Anisha

  13. You explained it so perfectly. I am glad Vicky introduced me to you via Posh right before the holidays because I was feeling the same way and reading your blogs help so much. I started Posh for the same reasons but somehow it seemed to take over me and this blog reassured me that it is “okay” to not be the Perfect Posher. Thank you Elle and I look forward to more posts! Congrats on the 2 year anniversary of the website!!!!

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