Thinking big picture… about the Rules.

Before I even open my mouth please know… this is MY OPINION.

I promise that I am not leaking super secret information. I’m thinking big picture here and throwing out a bunch of “Maybes” and “What Ifs.”

I have been thinking a lot about the Poshmark “rules.”

I’m not speaking about the fundamentally wrong ones like taking transactions off the app or selling replicas… but some of the other item restrictions.

In the almost 2 years I have been a part of the Poshmark Community there have been a few items that were once taboo but are now allowed.

For instance:

  • Used swim suits
  • Pre-owned bras

Both of these were huge violations and would keep you from being a Suggested User or even getting a Host Pick.

Now you can sell them!

More and more lately I am hearing that Poshers are up in arms about the lack of rule enforcement.

I haven’t noticed it because quite frankly I mind my own business.

Just Kidding!  I write this blog so clearly I don’t ALWAYS mind my own business.

The rule infraction that bothers me is the designer replicas … I report those but I honestly don’t go back and check up on them to see if they were removed. I just trust the system however it works.

BUT, back to rule enforcing, there has been lots of talk and dissatisfaction about listings not being removed no matter how many times it has been reported. I haven’t been dissatisfied with the system because I know I personally got flagged before hosting because of a potential rule infraction AND I received the email response concerning bot activity. I feel like PMHQ (Poshmark Head Quarters) is on top of things.

So, if they really aren’t removing them immediately… WHY???


Here is my Gray Asparagus opinion:

Maybe, just MAYBE, Poshmark is about to expand their categories.

What if we got what Poshers have been screaming about for years?

What if they left up the prohibited listings to determine if they would sell, and how quickly?

What if they are researching the interest for a MENS category, or a KIDS category?!

MAYBE they are keeping the option open and are working on the site.

The computer programmers/ software engineers can’t make a huge change like that AND work out all the bugs overnight. It takes time, and is a huge process…

If my theory is true they wouldn’t want to remove all these listings. If they did that, the sellers would move to other sites and establish accounts at Totspot, Vinted, eBay… and other online marketplaces. Getting established as a seller on any platform is no easy feat.

If kicked off Posh, they may never return.


In the meantime, just in case my prediction is true… I am just going to sit here at my desk, share my closet, report those fake bags, and see what happens next!

What do YOU think?



15 thoughts on “Thinking big picture… about the Rules.

  1. I have thoughts on this!! I think they probably have a lot bigger things to worry/deal with than replicas on their site. There are many many sellers and buyers here, lots of transactions and they have to work hard to make sure those transactions go smoothly. I know just myself I’ve had about 3-4 different email conversations going back & forth with Poshmark over the past few week over a few issues. Multiply that by the millions of users they have, and they don’t have a very big staff working for them either as far as I know. I have heard or read rumors of them eventually adding mens & kids in a different portal on the site at some time, so they are looking into that. Not sure if that’s why they aren’t removing those said items that are already listed for sale and go against the current rules. As far as the replicas, HOW MANY MORE LOKAI FAKES DO I NEED TO SEE!? I swear before Christmas when I was sharing from my feed there was one for every 3 items in my feed, absolutely insane. I kept blocking and reporting those users as fast as I saw new ones pop up. There’s no way they will ever actually allow fakes or replicas of anything on their site though, it’s illegal, not just a site “rule.” I think they’d have to hire a few people to just sit on their computer 8 hours a day to delete and ban users if they were really going to get serious about that issue. I don’t worry about it too much though, just block, report, etc. And most of all, don’t ever ever ever comment and let someone know they are breaking a rule. That almost always backfires in a very bad way.

  2. I like your perspective. By the way that “just kidding” part made my chuckle, lol.

    I think it’s wonderful that Poshmark has essentially created a community that polices itself. Which is nice. But I always find it annoying when people scream “rules” at me sometimes. I don’t know.. I truly do mind my own business in this regard and plan on keeping it that way!

    Jessica ||

  3. Well…of course I have thoughts, LOL! Removing things from the site is just not all that hard. It’s a software issue. Just throw in filters that prohibit words to be typed BAM! There you have it. No little Minions sitting at the desks in Posh HQ watching feeds & sending out notes to delete that perfume or else! It’s so easy that places like Facebook and Twitter give users control over what they see. The technology exists and is being used on Posh already. Otherwise there’d be no earlier ban on typing PayPal or still Mecari. Ban words that refer to single and or certain combos of words and 🌟poof🌟 we wouldn’t see them any longer. Take tires, for instance (and I really just wish someone would) Place the filter on the description and in the title and the tires can’t post. No sales if you can’t post the first place.

    Recently, to my amazement, several people are complaining due to receiving warning emails from Posh. One very vocal person is a buyer of some perfume, the other a seller of expensive men’s basketball shoes. Hilarious actually, the complaining, as we all agree to Posh TOS or you cannot become a member. Apparently, a case of selective memory, but that’s not my point. Those were the vocal members of the BMW club complaining out loud publicly. I do mentoring quite a lot and 2 more women contacted me to review their closets before Posh carried out their threat to shut them down. I love helping and watching newbies get that sense of accomplishment when I finally say good job, you’re compliant or your pics are looking good and I’ll recommend them for HPs. However, these people, unlike most earlier mentees (2 who became SUs within the last week) have already been caught and are reluctantly asking for help and I’m getting pushback. My help is contingent on a single requirement: willingness. I don’t work for Posh & I don’t make the rules. I’m willing to entertain questions on why I think XYZ is a rule; I’m not going to argue about it. Once you know better it’s up to you to make the system work for you, not drive me insane presenting me reasons why XYZ is broken by many and you need money so you’re going to keep on selling those 2 listings of nail polish and used panties. To those people I say ‘Deuces, peace out’. Tag me when you want to play the game within the rules. It’s all good.

    I said all that to say I haven’t seen more people getting more letters as I have in the last couple of weeks. Haven’t ever known a BUYER to get busted. Maybe people are getting caught in the same way or even by the very monitoring catching bots? Maybe Posh, Big Brother edition, really IS watching now. It’s always been possible. Perhaps, measures are finally being taken to dispose of most offenders rather just a a few blatantly selling used sex toys (uh yeah, that one was taken down the same day I went on a report recruiting rampage to get PFFs to report that nut.)

    I’ve heard rumors of adding men and kids divisions. Perhaps that’s in the works, but even they’ll need monitoring to keep out the tires and rubber baby buggy bumpers😵 Probably easier to start where you are before adding 2 more groups full of recalcitrant child-like adults.

  4. B R A V O a opinion I agree with first off I’ve been a posher for over 3 years love it I do have one bone to pick with them and I’ve already picked it with POSH Headquarters LOL but i don’t waste my time if they don’t see it MY WAY my bottom line is SOLD and I’ve done quite well selling… no fake no replicas and solid good quality items i own I haven’t been selected to host a party I am a suggested user and I didn’t write them to pick me pick me….. I guess one of my PFF’s did that any whoo I think EVERYBODY should host a party eventually I don’t think the “praise” should be given to 3 times a host 4 times a party host but now that i think about it that’s ok too .. I share the heck out of closets i buy and i sell i follow game and here recently I was in “4 maybe 5 share groups I have full time job i travel with my job and I posh in my sleep well with one eye open I’ve made some great friendships and I’ve made some poshers jealous too but this is my business path and Yes i support your blog so to the predictions of selling all that sh oops yes… i think the marketplace will change but those of us that want to keep the postmark app classy quality items meet n greets and etc on point ( I was there in atlanta when I meet Mr. Manish himself great opportunity) let’s continue to be the mentors and the posters that take it serious YES things change all the time but we can be a part of it or be a diamond among the s— love love this post I’m just saying poshboutique16 closet success 🙂

  5. I’ve been SO busy Poshing I haven’t had time to reply to your glorious articles, Elle 😆
    I do have one question about replicas/fales, etc…is it allowed if you say in plain English, “this is a knock off,” not the inspired, or price reflective of authenticity? I don’t buy or sell that stuff so sadly I don’t know the difference, but when sharing I see it ALL OF THE TIME!
    I hope Posh doesn’t add catagories to be honest, I LOVE that it’s a girls rule forum. I used to sell my husband’s stuff and my kids items on Mercari but I really hate that site, I’d rather donate, and that’s what we’ve been doing. I find it rather trashy compared to the median mentality of Posh.
    I will day, the first week I stared posh, when I had like 10 listings, I sold some nail polish- I honestly did not know, I thought it was a cosmetic! And I just noticed the sign in my local post office. But I haven’t done it since and that was my only mistake as a Posher.
    I do wish posh would crack down on the pregnancy tests, tampons, motor homes, umm curtains (saw those today!), condoms, etc…that wastes my time when I’m sharing.
    I love your blog, I say it with every comment, but you truly do address all of the thoughts in my mind lol…and I Heart Kaye’s comments too lol 😂
    Thanks ladies!

    1. Hey Renee! It’s completely ILLEGAL to sell a knock-off, fake, inspired by ANYTHING. If it replicates a trademark or is a copy of a trademarked design then the problem is much bigger than any Poshmark rule. It’s trademark infringement. Yes, it is against the basic Poshmark rules, but unfortunately it’s a HUGE task to police millions of listings. Not sure how they prioritize but I’m sure its near the top. Thank you as always for your kind words- they mean a lot!

  6. I was just doing some share backs, and came across someone with multiple listings- some sold and rated!- for glass pipes. GLASS PIPES! One buyer even commented asking the seller to send it in a way so it didn’t “look like what it is, if you know what I mean.”
    I guess because I don’t buy those luxury items, real or not…I’ll take Madden or bcbg any day! Lol…this crap disturbs me much more. Glass pipes…smh…

  7. OK…that’s what I get for eating near my computer screen (my “breakfast for dinner” mouthful just went everywhere): Renee’s comment about glass pipes!! Where do people come up with this stuff? I thought used sex toys were more than enough, but with humans, you just never know.

    About replicas. Every season some major company is going to come out with things that are going to be copied by mass merchandisers everywhere. Maybe 3 years ago, the domed satchel was EVERYTHING! That’s why there are runway shows and fashion weeks around the world. So not selling a domed satchel when it’s all that and a bag of chips that season would have just been insane. So Walmart had one and Kate Spade had one and Louie V had one and mine is Coach (So not immune to a really cute fad-like item, although I’m walking around with it today) You just can’t sell your overseas look-alike and reference a trademarked manufacturer. It’s so illegal, if you’re caught, you’re going down. Just like they arrested people using that download site for music that was so popular in the early 2000’s (and shall remain nameless for fear we are being watched by satellites laying in wait for someone to just try it) I’ve been in major cities and watched street vendors selling merchandise and claiming it “looks” just like a brand name being shut down, merchandise confiscated and the vendor arrested. So you can sell a domed satchel, it can be brown with tan handles, it measures XYZ and has an orange dongle on the side. You just can’t reference any brands it looks like, works like, you’ve named it like or it even smells like. ASOS is one of my favorite brands for things that look like something someone wore on an awards show or a read carpet somewhere. They change the material, change a bow, a belt or something and often reference the fact Celine Dion wore a gown at the AMAs that is short and red and their new dress is red and short. They’re very careful to steer away from the fact it’s a darn good, affordable replica. ASOS is not trying to get shut down. Neither is Poshmark!

  8. In regards to following the rules, did anyone notice that the Host for tonight’s party has a sold coffee mug and two pillows for sale? I mean, REALLY?!
    When I first started 3 years ago I sold a bundle which included body wash. I didn’t know any better. My bad. I always hated that sold listing when I found out it was a taboo item. When I hosted my first party, PM deleted that listing so that, in their words, it didn’t look like they were condoning such things by having a host with a sale that violated rules”. I was agreeable and thankful.
    So how does one host a party with ACTIVE listings that are violations of rules? Really curious to hear that answer.
    Thanks for this blog Elle. Love your writing style.

    1. Hi Trista! Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!
      Yes, unfortunately this has happened in the past with hosts and I dare say it will happen again… My Thoughts: Last time that I hosted- I was given a date almost THREE MONTHS in advance! Can you even imagine the trouble I could cause in 3 months?? If I wanted, I could turn my closet into a men’s and kid’s theme or sell a ton using paypal! I think that sometimes users that are not as invested as “rule following” Poshers, like us, list stuff and quite frankly do not care. I do not know if they do a final check before announcing hosts to ensure they are still in compliance- but doubt they do. If this continues to happen and people complain- they may put a system in place.

  9. On that note, I have noticed that a lot actually, that hosts- AND suggested users have forbidden items, some have many, multiple listings. It kind of takes the aura of hosting and being an S.U away of it seems Ike random choices. Also, umm, how does someone who signed up in December AND sells naughty items get chosen, how does someone with 13 shares, and follows literally no one back get chosen? Again, if these rules are meant to be broken, why have them?

  10. Elle & Renee YES! My thoughts as well. I’m not trying to be some rule cop or anything, but it is SO frustrating!! I think that there really should be some consequence! Otherwise, why should anyone care?

  11. Renee’ I’ve noticed the same thing with the 400 shares and 2000 followers hosting parties and I chalked it up to those being 2nd closets (seriously! that’s what I told myself) I saw the pillow sales/host/Posher and I thought, that must be a prop! Then I realized it wasn’t. Then I think the thing that really choked me up was the nail polish that got a Host Pick in a makeup party. Why is it some people read the rules and follow, others read them and ignore and some blythely skip along doing whatever they want and don’t get caught? I just know if I put one single bottle of cologne in my closet, I’ll be shut down before the sun goes down. Maybe I’m too chicken? I prefer to think of it as being too classy! ROFL~

  12. Oh Kaye Kaye kaye…sorry I couldn’t help myself! Miss glass/crack/peace pipe still had her items listed, one had even sold since I reported. Lovely.
    Second today I noticed a sign in someone’s closet that references another certain posher via a screen shot about not pestering people about, “interested????” when someone likes your listing. This certain referenced posher has under 500 shares, follows no one back and coincidentally has hosted like 20 parties in recent history – one day, more than one!
    So listen, at this point in time I have no desire to host a party, I’m just way too busy with family, hopefully in the future. I’m not drinking haterade as I eat my dinner but I truly don’t get it. I’m fairly new, less than 6 months, but the way people lose their minds over rules…I just don’t get it.

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