It’s Time to Get Dressed for the Party….

I just received the most important Poshmark Party detail!
Our theme for the night of Friday, January 22, 2016 is….



I am so excited about this theme, and I am ready to start searching closets for Host Picks!

But, what IS classic chic???


My interpretation of CLASSIC CHIC:
Staple classics mixed with an on trend, eye-catching piece. Stylish but not too trendy.


What do you think? How would you describe “Classic Chic”?

Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you think you have a closet full of Classic Chic, leave your closet name in the comments here.

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I will be live tweeting during the party! Let’s have fun with this!


Twitter: @vance289

Instagram: @theGrayAsparagus


See you there!!



7 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Dressed for the Party….

  1. What a fun blog! I am a SU on Poshmark and have really enjoyed growing my closet. I especially enjoyed your previous post about getting flagged. I sell a lot of Anthropologie items and branding is an issue just loke with UO (which I also sell). I love classic chic which reminds me of fashion icons like Jackie O, Hepburn, Grace Kelly, et al. I recently posted two gorgeous J Crew Collection pieces and a Kate Spade Saturday dress that are very Classic Chic. I look forward to reading more of your blog. if you ever come to Vegas, be sure to reach out to me (@believebig). I love connecting with other Poshers.

  2. Congrats on your Classic Chic party! I would love it if you had a moment to check out my closet
    @italia1grl. Thank you 🙂

  3. I feel like classic chic is something that was in style 40 years ago, today and 40 years from from. I imagine crisp button downs in eye catching patterns, versitle sweaters in vibrant colors and of course those one of a kind pieces that you build your outfit around. I’m super excited for your party!! Yay Elle, perfect category for you!

  4. I think Classic Chic is something that has and always will be on trend forever! I’m thinking crisp white button down shirts, black pumps, A-line and pencil skirts, red lipstick, denim jacket with a sequin black tank underneath, black fitted jacket, LV purses, pearls, stacked bracelets, great fitting denim, & diamond studs just to name a few. Have fun Elle! Xoxo

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